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Total solar eclipse in 2 years - view from Superchargers?

In 2 years -- 2017 August 21 -- there will be the first total solar eclipse to make landfall on the continental United States since 1979. I plan on getting a Model X earlier that year, and was pondering the possibility of photographing the event from a Supercharger. (I may also look for a really good natural setting, but considering the likely turnout at the most photogenic places, I'm considering other plans.)

From the current map, the following locations are in the path of totality, in case anyone else wants to try this:
  • Detroit Lake, OR
  • Baker City, OR
  • Lusk, WY
  • Columbia, MO (KC and STL are on the edge of the path)
  • Nashville, TN (Chattanooga and Knoxville are just outside the path)
  • Santee, SC

As more Superchargers come on line, you can see where they lie relative to the path of totality at

It's happens on a Monday, but... really? You're going to choose working over this? The last one was nearly 40 years ago. The next one will be in April 2024. I will be in the moon's shadow. I hope you will, too.
Cool! Any excuse for a Tesla road trip!

(I'm reminded of a quiz in middle school on which the girl next to me answered the question: "What is a solar eclipse?" with "When the sun gets in between the earth and the moon.")
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For the past few years I've been talking with my family about traveling to this event. In 2017 we'll be driving to view the eclipse with friends in South Carolina. Fond of acronyms, I've started joking that we'll be taking the Tesla to TESLA, The Earth, Sun, Lunar Alignment of 2017. Hope others will join up too, possibly in regional parts of the country. As the date approaches, the media will certainly highlight this cross-country spectacle. Prepare for the circulation of solar selfies! In 1970 I was just a kid, but still regret making no effort to view the total solar eclipse that grazed the island of Nantucket, MA. Not this time. Back then I couldn't have imagined the incredible vehicle that I'm now fortunate to drive. Really don't need an excuse, but I see a reason to celebrate the Great American Eclipse of 2017. Simply driving the car, raising awareness that the sun can provide our future with an infinite amount of clean renewable energy. This trip wouldn't be an adventure if it didn't contain a few challenges along the way. Just one stray cloud on that Monday afternoon could be cause for disappointment. However, armed with a decent weather forecast and some pocket range miles, it promises to be a great show!
Even if I have a Tesla by then (highly likely), I'm pretty sure I'll taking the airplane I'm building now (an RV-8A) to find a viewing spot. The chance of having widespread clouds wherever I chose to drive are just a little bit of a drawback to driving. I'll be finding all the airports along the path of totality (similar to the list of superchargers above) to have a list of viewing sites available. The advantage of being able to reposition at 200mph should help find a good viewing spot.