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Traditional Odometer


Nov 25, 2019
Washington, DC
Okay, had my Model 3 AWD Dual Motor for a year now and no issues -- just a great car along with the software updates and the Tesla vision. However, the Model 3 is missing a traditional Odometer -- the one that tells one how many actual miles the car has gone (in tenths of a mile) in real time -- without touching the screen or hitting any keys. Yes, one can look at trips and the mileage with a swipe, but why do I need to swipe? Doesn't anyone miss watching the car in the final milestone mile as it goes in tenths of a mile from 999.1 to 999.2 miles to 1000, or 999 to 10000 miles? Heck, we got plenty of games on the screen but we are missing the fun of watching the Odometer move to the next mileage threshold? We had a special party for my MGB when it made it to 100,000 miles, and the BMW 528i when it made it to 200,000 miles -- and I still know the location for both when that happened. With the Model 3, I passed 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and now 12,000 miles and there was no excitement as I missed those magic numbers since the Odometer is one or two layers or keystrokes away without a countdown! It can't be that hard to show the Odometer on the main screen -- and why not make it tenths of mile, or even 1/100ths for milestone miles. For more fun, make it look like an analog Odometer. I did search the forum and did not see this topic, just some thoughts for a software upgrade down the road. (And, for clarity, this comment has nothing to do with range and estimated miles.)


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Jul 6, 2019
Las Vegas
I get what you’re talking about, I recorded a couple cars passing 66,666miles and 88,888 or 100k. But the Model 3 is all digital and and whole numbers unfortunately. Maybe tweeting Elon could get a cool “toy” or widget but I wouldn’t expect it.

And please DO tell us about your rollover parties, it’s quite the achievement to 1) own a car for that long and 2) remember to plan for these things and capture them.


Jul 11, 2019
Maybe Tesla could add free Supercharger miles to our account for each multiple of 10'000 miles on the odometer and pop-up a message on screen when it's about to happen.


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Supporting Member
Apr 2, 2016
Northern Virginia, USA
The only time my odometer is looked at is by the state inspection people and I had to add a note to the instruction sheet I give them (Jack mode, etc) to tell them where to find it.

Yeah, odometer rollover/milestones were a big deal back in the day but with cars that don’t wear out so much/at all, I can see why it’s not out in the open.

And, oh yeah, the app has the odometer too, for some that haven’t noticed. I look at that version more than the one in the car! :D
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Nov 25, 2019
Washington, DC
Per the requests, the 100,000-mile MGB party was organized to coincide with my friend’s annual carriage house apartment party in Brooklyn in the summer of 1983 – a fairly wild bash that included his rooftop where we almost lost a few folks over the years with Nassau Yellowbirds being served. My MG mileage timing was off as I was about 300 miles short of the 100,000-mile mark the day before the party so decided to make a quick trip to the Shartlesville Hotel in Pennsylvania, had dinner with a friend, returning that night with a few miles left. Have some pictures somewhere, but we drove the car around Brooklyn Heights at noon, and then pushed it on Hunts Lane to my friends party – we had seven people in the two-seater for the final tenth of a mile -- and of course had to open a few bottles and spray champagne as it crossed the 100,000 mark in front of his carriage house apartment to start the party festivities with the rest of the guests. Suffice to say the MG stayed parked until the next day! About a year later, after a transfer to Hong Kong, I stored the car at a friend’s foreign car repair garage in western Pennsylvania thinking I was going to be gone for a year or two -- 14 years later, I returned to the States from London. My mechanic friends got the MGB back in action and I still have it in DC some 20 years later. Bought the BMW 528i at the end of 1997 – the 200,000-mile BMW mark was more subdued party with my 14-year-old daughter and her friend poking their heads out of the sunroof, and some neighbors and wine on my block in DC. Got the Tesla Model 3 AWD at the end of October 2018, and hopefully the photo will upload showing all three cars - the only three new cars I ever bought -- there was a a MG-F that I had in London but that was a company car and another story! As for the Tesla Odometer, I think the best suggestion is an optional odometer app, just for fun – and perhaps an excuse for another party or two for all of us to celebrate a great automobile for years to come


Jun 30, 2019
Beautiful 528i! I’m envious of folks who keep those cars in top condition.

We recently sold our 2000 540i. It had just under 98,000 miles. Unfortunately, we could not garage it, and the Southern California sun destroyed the paint. It was the best car we have ever owned.


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Feb 4, 2013
SF Bay Area, CA
The app Tesla Remote for iOS and Apple Watch does get the data feed in small fractions of miles from the odometer, for those OCD folks in need of such granularity.
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Mar 24, 2016
Nothing wrong with celebrating the turning of a new 1000 or 10000 mile number, I've been doing it since I had cars, and I even have a formal declaration speech that is announced out loud with the turning of the zeroes, but only if I am in the car alone. I'll have to make a video for my YT channel about it. It'll be weird, but I need something to greatly increase my views and subscriber numbers.

Tesla could easily add the odometer to the main screen, and being a computer display, it could include tenths, hundredths, or even thousandths of a mile, programmable in the main screen functions.

The way it is, if I know the miles are about to turn over to a new thousand, I have to scroll down to the odometer and watch and drive, constantly taking my eyes off the road. So Tesla should put it on the main screen for safety.

American Dad had an episode "Buck Wild" where Roger was driving his car and watching for the miles to turn.


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