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Train Horn in a Model S

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Looking to install this into our 2012 Model S


Couple of places I've been to for the install won't touch it because its a Tesla, but seriously, is it that hard?

Thinking of locating the tank in the rear compartment of the frunk then run the horns wherever they'll fit in the front fender.

Anyone know of a Tesla owner doing this?
Compressor in frunk directly to the 12V. Drill a hole in the frunk lid to mount the horns vertically dead centre. Then the tricky bit is glueing a piece of pipe to the roof above the drivers door and sticking out about 18 inches sideways, That has a spring loaded wire so you can stick your arm out the window and pull down hard on the wire - Woo-Woo!
For authenticity you should mount a bent picket fence around the front bumper in case of loose buffalo and drive with an open trunk piled high with logs and play authentic sounds very loud through the cars speakers.....

For tose folk that lke the idea of a steam whistle but ae short of the money you can use my personal system - a whistling kettle and a blowlamp - but it;s quite dififcult to manage both kettle and blowlamp while driving and texting. As I explained to the kind policeman who was grateful for the cup of tea.
When I was (very) young a long time ago, I had a Mercedes Diesel sedan, and thought it would be fun to have a more truck-like horn to accompany the Diesel motor. I got what was surely a much less powerful version (no compressor, just 12V) of this horn from JC Whitney and installed it. But after a few months, something went wrong one day and the horn circuit shorted to ground, turning on the horn. My wife was driving home from work in rush hour traffic and was none too pleased! There were no cell phones then, so she couldn't call me -- my vague recollection is that she got it to a gas station or maybe some other motorist helped her disable it. Needless to say, that was the end of that.

Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, and maybe a bit more world-weary, I sure hope not too many folks near me have these. There is more than enough noise in the world already. And altogether too many people who blow their horns in traffic at the slightest provocation. Like the jerks who blast a horn as soon as the light turns green because they aren't moving yet (even if they are 5 cars back from the light.) So, if you get one, please be judicious and kind!
Nothing screams red neck like a train horn on a car.

Speaking of redneck reminds me of a funny new country song Rednecker...

...And my truck's louder than your truck
And my collar's a little more blue
You might think that you're redneck
But I'm rednecker than you..

Great song!
If you know what all the references in this song mean without looking it up, I guess you're more redneck than me!
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I've run Hella air horns on my Miata for close to 2 decades. They're great, but are much smaller. The compressor is smaller than a can of beer, and there are only two trumpets to mount. The fact that this cluster of trumpets has an integrated manifold may restrict where you can mount it. The air compressor/tank should have no problem being mounted inside the frunk, though you will need to route the air line to the trumpets.

You'll surely want a relay to power the compressor, switched via the normal horn circuit. Since the battery is also located up front, that should not be a problem either.

If you relay (heh) to the shop that this is normal 12v equipment and can be tied into your 12v battery and switch just like a normal ICE car, they may be more accepting of the job, but I have a feeling you'll have an issue locating the trumpets regardless. There are probably other kits with individual trumpets that would be easier to mount.
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Affixing a train horn to your car to combat coal-rolling is the absolute wrong way to go about things. They only do it to get a reaction. ANY reaction. This means that if you react, they win. If everything started completely ignoring these idiots they'd quickly grow tired of doing it. Instead, we've empowered this morons by reacting. Dedicating resources to something like a train horn may seem clever but it's playing right into their hands.

We all need to be a better ambassador of the Tesla vision even if Tesla itself is slowly losing sight of this through recent changes. I go out of my way to not be a "typical Tesla owner" and fuel that narrative. If we all did this it would help the Tesla owner image immensely among the masses.

Summary: adding train horns has got to be one of the most childish immature things you can do... right next to coal-rolling.