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Two Key Fobs in Car Together

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My wife and I are heading out on our first truly long distance road trip soon. Normally she does not drive the MS, only rides, and therefore doesn't carry her key fob. For the trip, I want her to do so just in case something happens with mine plus it should make it easier when she does drive as the car should move to her driver profile.

My question is, will this really work? Will the car recognize her fob - assuming it's in her pocket or otherwise on her person - and not be confused by mine sitting in the passenger's seat and vice versa? Anyone have any real-world experience with this?
No problem. As you both approach the Model S, it will recognize the first fob within range and, when the driver's door is opened, will adjust to that fob owner's profile. If it's not the right profile, just select the correct one on the touch screen. No other issues.
My wife and i do this all the time. The only issue we have is that my wife keeps her fob on her purse and if we go for a walk or a bio break while supercharging she has to remember to bring her purse otherwise the car doesn't automatically lock.
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Thanks for all the feedback. I suspected it would work but this is the first car I’ve had that just has fobs and no keys. My previous car required a button press in order to open the car and it set memory profile based on which key was used.
its no issue at all, when i bought my car a friend and i drove it from CA to NC just 3 days after i bought it. We both carried a fob in case the other was sleeping while stopped for a charge, or one came back to the car before the other, and just double safe in case something happened to one fob since the car hadn't populated on the app yet. There was no issues and everything worked smoothly for the duration of the trip.