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UK GroupBuy for T Sportline 2012-2016 Tesla Model S Front Bumper Refresh (FBR)

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I would like to setup a special group buy deal for the T Sportline 2012-2016 Tesla Model S Front Bumper Refresh (FBR). This is a direct replacement kit with no modification to orginal body needed and completely reversible. The retail price is USD2500 / GBP1868 exclude shipping from USA. I am able to get the special deal if we can purchase 10 or more sets at one time. Do we have enough members to get it? Check it out below:

10 kits @ GBP1500/kit
20 kits @ GBP1400/kit
30 kits+ @ GBP1300/kit

Shipping cost by air courier for each kit is GBP400. Exclude any VAT or import duty.

Please write your name below if you are interested. Thanks



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I've been thinking about it too, but increasingly I'm thinking I prefer to be seen as an early-adopter, not passing the car off as new-style ...

... can't make my mind up ...
Not to add to your mental struggle, but there are 2 things that I miss from my original MS (compared to my current one) - the original RWD large frunk - and the nose cone fascia, unique to the Model S, that reminded me of the step I'd made when few others had.
the original RWD large frunk

:) although I don't have one of those being AWD ... I keep my cables in there, but wonder about that as the Frunk can be opened from outside (without fob/keys etc.) so perhaps I should n't keep anything in there, and its not ideal for shopping, so then I would only ever use it when the boot was full and I needed "more luggage space" ...

But maybe there is a use for a bigger-frunk that I'm overlooking the opportunity for? :)
I saw some somewhere on facebook an owner slagging off tsportline for the bumper as the finish wasn't right and the paint was bubbling.
He had them (Tsportline) paint the bumper and it appears that they did not prep it properly. Tsportline claims that the company that applied the ceramic coating messes it up. I have applied ceramic coatings and painted plastic bumpers before and I cannot see how that could have damaged a properly painted part.