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[UK] Model 3/Y Alcantara Dash - Wish I did it years ago!

Wanted to buy one on greendrive/Tesbros but I had a doubt whether or not it would suit a RHD? Isn't there a notch above the steering wheel or is it absolutely symmetrical?
Symmetrical as far as I could tell, Its been a while since I installed it and the sides are sided as theres a little endcap bit thats asymmetric (you can see it on some of the pictures others have posted) but I don't recall any cut out.. There's join behind the screen but you can't see that, and that would be the same for left and right hand drive cars.
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I just installed my Alcantara dash and am really thrilled! I traded my stock dash top for a covered one from RPM Tesla in California.
The dash top is super easy to R&R, it is simply snapped in place. Not sure how easy it would be to cover it yourself. I didn't make a careful enough comparison to be sure, but it looks like the woodgrain portion is heat staked to the dash cap base. I think that RPM ground/broke/melted the staking to remove the woodgrain part, covered it, and then re-staked the covered woodgrain part. Probably tedious but I would not be afraid to do it if I had time. Finding matching Alcantara is a whole other subject.
Whatever method you choose I'm sure you will be pleased with the result.


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Symons just resells the DAJ one so probably better going direct unless you live down south