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V10 Vampire drain warning: check Summon “Standby Mode” setting in car


Dec 19, 2017
I just discovered that the Smart Summon feature on V10 has a button next to it labeled “standby mode” When this is on, the car will not sleep so that it responds more quickly when you go to summon it. The problem is they default it to on. This will cause a fairly significant power drain similar to sentry mode. If you don’t want the drain, set it to off.

I hope no one updated to V10 while their car was parked somewhere for a long time! (Airport)
I notice that allowing summon to sleep removes the COME TO ME option from the app. Not a big deal I would rather keep the range.
Just to clarify, “Come to me” isn’t removed indefinitely. It’s just not available immediately after the car wakes. There’s a “warm up” period when standby mode is off. Once it’s warmed up, “come to me” will reappear on the app screen.
Will Standby Mode cause any more drain than it being on Sentry Mode? I’m guessing the systems it is using for sentry are the same systems on ready for Standby Mode.
No, I don’t think so. But I don’t use sentry mode either, unless parked someplace sketchy.

turning on the AC while packing up and getting ready to head to the car would also wake it up.
That’s helpful, but what about the poor sap that’s been successfully parking his/her Tesla at the airport for frequent multi-day business trips and doesn’t understand the change.

It's still a small sample since it's only been five days and I have Sentry/Standby off at home and work but I was looking through TeslaFi and the vampire drain doesn't look much different with Standby than when it was just Sentry - looks like it is just under 1 mile loss per hour on so on an LR model, less than 8% for a full 24 hours. Standby will turn off if battery is under 20% in case of an extended trip.

It would be nice to see the option to turn off standby on the app just like having the option to turn off sentry (even better, I would like the option of having Standby on only if I have Sentry on - I always have Sentry on except at home and work - for a long trip I will turn off sentry at the parking lot and would want both to turn off in that case).
FYI not sure if this came with the new update, but it now says "EXCLUDE HOME, EXCLUDE WORK, EXCLUDE FAVORITES" with options to checkmark each when Standby Mode is enabled.

So vampire drain at home (if checkmarked) shouldn't be an issue.