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Warning: iPhone 6+ and Tesla Center Console


... this one goes to 11
Jan 7, 2014
Phoenix, AZ
So the other day I couldn't find my iPhone. Looked everywhere and, unfortunately, had just had the screen repaired and had forgotten to turn Find iPhone back on. I was pretty sure I had left it in the car, but couldn't find it. While I was in the car searching, a friend called and the car answered! It HAD to be in there somewhere!

I found it by disconnecting BlueTooth and having them call again - my center console vibrated, but I couldn't see from where.

Mystery Solved: Where the Tesla center console slips underneath the dash there's a small space that's about 4" deep. My phone had slipped, sideways and forward into that area and became slightly wedged at the meeting point of the 2 constructs. The rounded edge of the iphone looked just like the piping anywhere else on the dash - it look like part of the car and was almost invisible. Looking sideways into the crack (from under the steering wheel) I could just barely make it out. It's tight enough that I couldn't get a Mechanics Helper in there - I took a long knife and managed, after several tries, to pop the phone forward and get it out.

I'd say that the only fail here, was me not putting the phone in the deeper charge-dock area and having left it on smooth covers that go over the cup holders, while demonstrating to another friend how severe regen can be if you just take your foot off the Go pedal. Attached is a shot of the small slit area where the phone slipped into.


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