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Who is playing WoW Classic?


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Mar 24, 2016
I started playing WoW after seeing the South Park episode way back in late 2006. I played pretty hardcore for 3 or so years then slowed way down. I'd run my main to max level with each new expansion, but that was about it. I couldn't tell you 10% of the lore from any part of the game. I just don't care.

Now that WoW Classic is out, I'm leveling my Dwarf Hunter again. I'm up to level 20 and having learned from past mistakes, I'm stacking +Agility gear hard, I'm currently at 91 Agility (44+47) and 19.70% Dodge rating. That's not a hunters' specialty, but it does seem to help in melee fights. I don't have any +Agility enchants. I have mining and herbalism to make money.

I've run DM a couple times but mostly have been solo questing. I'm still as antisocial in the game as I ever was.

What do you got in the game?
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I did play.

It was fun at first, but as I gained in levels I realized it wasn't as fun as it used to me. I had a group of friends I played with over several MMORPGs. It's not as fun without them.

Also, I started a new job this week so my playing time is not as it has been the last few.
One thing I don't like that I knew would be there is the 8 yard dead zone for Hunters to shoot their guns. On my 120 Hunter in the current WoW BfA version, I can fire off a Barrage right in an enemies face, zero range.

8 yards is a long way to back up in a hurry!