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Wi-Fi Hotspot for Model 3?

What Wi-Fi hotspot are you weirdos using for the Model 3?

All car hotspots I'm finding utilize the OBD port which the Model 3 does not have. I guess I could use a "regular" hotspot device provided by a carrier such a T-Mobile's Alcatel Linkzone but would I then have to keep it connected to the 12V outlet similar to a dashcam's battery pack? I don't have a garage in my apartment, so I'd like to use it to provide my dashcam with an Internet connection while it's parked at home.

I actually have 2 free lines with T-Mobile, one of which I'm not using, as part of a previous promo. I thought about using an extra phone as a hotspot and keeping it connected to a powerbank but I'm worried it'd get too hot inside (I've seen the car's interior reach up to 142 degrees before). Any chance I could use a phone SIM card on a dedicated hotspot device even though it's not a data-only plan?