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Windshield Washer Sprayers

My Mid 2014 MS had the stream type sprayers. Since day one they were always a pain to have to ask the SC to re-aim them. As we all know some time after that Tesla started putting the fan Spray type. There were reports of some SC upgrading cars for about $150. I was never able to get them to do it for me.

Recently I sold my 2014 MS and bout a new 2018 from Tesla which I took delivery this past weekend. This morning I had a bunch of pollen on the windshield and thought I can try out the windshield sprayers. Guess what. they are the damn stream type AND they are not aimed properly. @#$%^&*(. I can't believe they went back to these damn things.

Anyone else out there with perhaps a late 2017 or a 2018 that can report on what sprayers they have and if they are aimed properly?
We have the new fan sprays on our one year old S 100D - and they've worked great.

Our 2012 S P85 had the stream sprays - and would go out of adjustment frequently (a real pain to adjust at home, using a lot of washer fluid!). We did the fan spray upgrade, and since then haven't had any issues.

Surprising Tesla would go back to the stream sprays, unless they figured out how to keep them in alignment (which other manufacturers do in their cars).
I was told at one time if you have the cold weather package, with heated nozzles, the fan sprayer isn't available with that option. This goes back a few years, so don't know if it's still the case.

I read the same thing on this website. I have the cold weather package and I have the single stream sprayer and I agree with the OP, I much prefer the spray type, but it is not available with the cold weather pacakage.
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