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Winter Tire for S Plaid?

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Dec 7, 2021
Toronto, Canada
Hi, just wondering what profile of tire to run in the winter from experienced tesla owner? Mostly looking for ride comfort and pref 19", or unless 18" are good for the heavy plaid?

1. Thinking about Square set up with 19" x 9" with 245/45R19 Nokian from Kal Tire, thoughts?

2. Originally i got the Aero 19" staggered, so do i have to keep closer to this profile for similar handling? (OEM specs are 19x9.5 front, 19x10.5 rear)

3. What other things do i need to get to be prepare for winter, heavy snow, ice on the road etc.

Many thanks!
I had something similar to this on my Model S Plaid last year when I took delivery in December. Couldn’t find the winter PZeros anywhere in stock for my 19” wheels. I settled on some Winter Sotozero 3’s that matched the front but not the rear load rating. Checked the axel weight with tire rack and I had a good 600lb margin between the tire and what the axel was rated for. Discount tire wouldn’t mount them, but my own tire shop, and Tesla service did.
I had a lot of challenge locating the rear tires. When I spoke with a local tire distributor, they mentioned that the rear 285/40/19 spec is a very rare and Tesla specific spec. The 285 width is normally intended for 20-inch tires, but Tesla went with these for the 19s for the new Model S and then they go and purchase these tires in volume from tire manufacturers so they can sell them in a markup.

This is what is causing the stock 19-inch staggered setup to be very rare or not available when it comes to winter tires.
Not sure how much of this is actually true but based on my experience hunting the 19 staggered setup, I am inclined to believe in this story.
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