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  1. C

    VCSEC_a222 tire pressure monitoring system fault

    So I’ve had my model 3 LR for about three months and my back left tire just gave me a VCSEC_a222 tire pressure monitoring system fault code poped up. I checked the tire and doesn’t seem like there’s a nail or something in it and checked the pressure and it’s at 38 via my physical pressure...
  2. Y

    End of lease inspection, repair & payment

    I'm going to return the MY soon. Just had the inspection, and will be doing some repair. I'm surprised by a few things and am in need a few answers: 1. I was not surprised by the excessive wear on the wheel for curb rash ($85 each). I got a quote from Tesla center for wheel repair for $800+. So...
  3. B

    1x 19” MY Gemini wheel & tire. Anyone offering?

    Well, my family’s brand spanking new MYLR caught the worst case of curb rash I have ever seen, on the passenger side rear today. The curb (if that’s what it was) took a small piece out of the rim, and tire sidewall is peeling… literally about a 2x2” flap of rubber is hanging from the side of...
  4. R

    Tire service mileage notification

    I just opened my sevice tab and I can see Tire Service Mileage on the top right corner. What does this mean? Should I get tire servicing done? Clicking on the (i) shows this
  5. ssmacintyre

    Tesla Model Y Performance Wheels UBERTURBINE for sell

    For $1,998. Less than 5k miles on these tires and wheels. Very minor curb rash on one that is shown in the pictures. Ready for pick up in the Fairfax VA area!
  6. redcap7

    Wobble after tire replacement on Plaid

    So, I own a 2021 Model S Plaid, and usually, I keep my suspension set to medium with a comfort and soft advanced configuration for a smooth ride. Recently, I had a flat tire on the passenger side of the rear, and I got it replaced. However, after driving for about 30 minutes, I started noticing...
  7. A

    20" Cyberstream Wheel Spare Fitment Question

    I'm looking to purchase a spare wheel/tire to have on hand in case of long drives in remote areas for my '23 MX. In my search of online local classifieds, I came across a REAR wheel/tire from a 2022 MX. My question is, will the rear config (offset difference and tire size) work for the...
  8. C

    Wheel Spacers and Wheel & Tire Configuration setting

    Hey all, I am using stock 255 45 19 with oem 19" Gemini wheels but i want to use 10mm front and 15mm rear wheel spacers. After this mod, should i switch Wheel & Tire Configuration setting to "staggered" one (because of rear wheel will poke out 5mm compared to OEM) or still remain at "square"...
  9. H

    Tesla Model 3 2017-2022 Spare Tire…sold

    Tesla Model 3 2017-2022 Spare Tire. Made by Modern Spare. Fits all trim levels. Used only 1 time like new . Comes in original shipping box. This is only wheel and tire . Asking $300 or BO Ship U.S. only
  10. H

    21” arachnid wheels/tires for 2012-2020 model S - Atlanta, GA - for sale

    Set of 4 staggered black arachnids and tires for sale. Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Lots of tread left. Asking $3,250 or best offer. Hard to find. Super sharp. Some road rash in the rims. They came off of my 2019 Tesla model S performance. OEM and sold by Tesla for $6k. In Atlanta. Call or...
  11. B

    Hit a curb, please advice if tire needs replacement

    Hi, I am new to the forum. I apologize in advance if I am breaking any rules. I had stupidly hit a curb trying to perfectly parallel park in Boston street on my brand new MY. After hearing the dreading noise and a heartbreak I inspected the damage. Not sure if the tire needs replacement. I am...
  12. B

    WTT my OEM M3 19in Sport wheels for your 18in Aero wheels (2018-2020) - New York

    I just picked up a 2018 Model 3 LR RWD with 19in sport wheels. The rear tires are brand new, and while I don't know the miles travelled on the front pair, they look almost as new. I'm looking to swap them for 18in Aero wheels with hub caps. Any model year will work. Thank you!
  13. K

    FS: New 20" Uberturbine Wheels from 2023 MP3 (Lakewood, Washington)

    Selling my set of 20" Uberturbine wheels and Pirelli sport tires that were swapped out of my 2023 Model 3 Performance after taking delivery. Literally has less than 15 miles on them. Comes with the original Tesla TMPS Bluetooth sensors. Buyer must pay for shipping if applicable. 20 inch...
  14. D

    Rear and Front Camber Model X

    My first tesla was the Roadster, It was a little too small so I sold it but it was the only vehicle I sold for more than I paid for it. I sold it to the guy that owns the Sponge Daddy Company. He had the same car in the non sport and wanted mine so it went down the road, Wish I still had it. I...
  15. U

    Looking to swap my 19" inch geminis for inductions or uberturbines

    Can add cash on top. No shipping so if anyone in the Seattle area is interested let me know.
  16. M

    Brining jack pads to 3rd party garages necessary?

    Specifically with Discount Tire? My first tire rotation is coming up and I know lifting a Tesla is different than a regular car. Should I buy a set of jack pads and install them in the parking lot when I go somewhere like Discount Tire? My biggest fear is an employee that is rushing or doesn't...
  17. S

    Tire puncture

    I got the 4th flat tire on my MX a couple days ago because of a nail since I bought this car about 5 years ago. For 3 of the 4, tire shops like America's Tire and Costco said the injuries were too close to the wall to be patched and I had to replace the tire. This time it would cost more than...
  18. K

    Swap out stock tires?

    Maybe wrong place? Tires are exterior right? Been reading the reviews on Tirerack for the Conti ProContacts RX, seems like this tire performs terribly in the snow and freezing rain. I’m getting my MYLR soon with the 19 inch wheels and am wondering if I should swap it out to something like the...
  19. G

    FS: 20” Tesla Model 3 Uberturbine Wheels, Tires, and TPMS (from New M3P)

    20” Tesla Model 3 Uberturbine Wheels with Stock Summer Tires and Tesla TPMS Wheels and tires were taken off of 2023 Model 3 Performance the day it was purchased (2/9/23). Tires had 38 miles on them when taken off. Basically factory new with only very minor marks from factory. Includes: 4x...
  20. D

    Can't fill air in tires with Tesla tire repair kit

    I wanted to test my Tesla tire repair kit. Not the actual repair part, but simply using it to add air to tires. 1) I connected it to 12V outlet 2) Setting to pump mode (not repair mode) 3) Screwed on the "air outlet" to the tire 4) Started pump The pressure goes up to max, but no air is...
  21. G

    Directional Tire Spare Rotation & Purchase Query

    Hello all, I have a Model 3 RWD. I have a spare tire question. I need a full-size spare for times when I take road trips to remote areas with no cell phone coverage and having to avoid interruption due to tire availability. Spare: I have a new OEM 18 inch wheel and a universal TPMS sensor as...
  22. U

    M3 performance tire replacement questions

    I live in south Flordia (only mention for the hot roads, not sure it matters?) have oe Pirelli pzero 235/35 20 now. Def want to switch to PS4S. Does it really matter if they are oem with foam and the ev model? Or will the regular PS4S same size be a good substitute? Does anyone have them that...
  23. Ostrichsak

    New Trak Tire Snow Chain Kit for Model S, 3 or Y (Bought from Tesla for Model S 245/45R19)

    New Trak Sport Quick snow chain kit made to work with most common tire sizes on cars. This kit was bought new from Tesla several years ago (they sell something similar still but a different brand now) for nearly $500 after tax/shipping making this a very good deal on a set of snow chains. Note...
  24. C

    MXP 22” tire chain recommendation

    The tires dimensions are 285/35 22”. Planning to visit snoqualmie pass and need recommendation for tire chains to allow me to legally go up the pass. Konig k67 are out of stock on tesla website.. does everyone use only those chains? Dont want to risk suspension damage by using the wrap around...
  25. A

    Two incidents of new tire deflating by 50% in hours

    Model X was in-service (for about a month) waiting for new HV pack. Had new rubber placed on the car. Upon pick-up, “Low tire pressure” indicator and warning appeared. Promptly walked out of car and notified Service Manager. “Just drive it,” he says. “The warning will reset”. I’m not an expert...
  26. P

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs MXM4 efficiency

    Hey! I’m looking to replace my OEM Primacy MXM4 tires (lasted ~30k miles) with the Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4S on my Model 3 LR (18” inch wheels+aero caps) and I’m mostly concerned about efficiency of these tires. Folks who have made the switch from OEM to these tires, would you mind sharing range...
  27. G

    Pirelli Scorpion Weatheractive (new Crossclimate competitor)

    Seems as if Pirelli has launched an All-Weather competitor to the Crossclimate family. No reviews, very few posts on any forums. Only found one within the last week on a Ford Explorer ST forum which runs a 21” size. Relevant sizes for Model Y are all alternative larger sidewall sizes for stock...
  28. A

    I have

    i Have a 2013 Tesla Model S my tire size is 245/45/19 . I am looking to add some new rims and tires on my car. Do you know which tires and rims can fit on my car? I heard that 21 inch rims can fit.
  29. H

    2022 MYL winter setup

    My first post in this group. First winter with my Model Y. Just installed winters with 295 40 20’s…. Looks amazing but worried about 295 wide stance. Tire shop sold me on this setup. Anyone tried this before? I think I have about 4 to 5 mm of clearance bwt upper control arm and the front tires
  30. D

    Free Model Y 21' Pirelli Summer Tires (2), Boston Area Only

    Hey folks, I have had SC replaced my original summer tires on my MYP to all season tires, and they told me two of them still have decent tread life remaining. However, I don't have any storage left to store them, and I don't want to discard them. So I m giving them for free to anyone who might...
  31. M

    Model 3 18 inch OEM tires set - Michelin MXV almost new. 400 usd. Seattle suburbs

    I have set of OEM Michelin MXV 18 inch tires, used only 200 miles. I bought from the other guy as wheel and tire set, and used those wheels for my winter tires and now left with almost new all seasons. I live in Seattle east side suburbs and pick up only. 400 usd
  32. N

    Tesla Model Y Pirelli P Zero Tires for Sale in Las Vegas, NV

    Tesla Model Y Performance Pirelli P Zero Tires (255/35/21, 275/35/21) for Sale in Las Vegas, NV 7.500 Miles. Great condition. Just swapped for All Season. Front and Rear as a set. Local Pick Up only. $499 OBO.
  33. G

    FS: Tesla 19" base wheels + Michelin X-ice Xi3 + TPMS set of 4

    For sale is a complete set of base wheels + tpms dating from winter 2016-2017 + michelin X-Ice Xi3. Thread depth is between 7-8/32 or 6-7mm. very clean Those were my winter wheels for my 2016 model S. Very light curb rash, please see link for pics. Available in Montreal, H4K 1V7. Asking 1500...
  34. Sanderpman12

    Cheapest tire for 21inch ?

    Hi, 2013 model s p85 . Got a flat and firestone gave me continental tire for $1000 a piece. … What is the cheapest tire? I dont want to pay that much everytime i get a flat. I got a flat on a trip once, and a random hole in the wall shop gave me a tire for my 21 inch for 150$!!
  35. A

    Tire for Canada

    Looking for suggestions!! I will have a short term project in Canada (Markham area) for about 9-10 months starting from January ‘23 and I’m planning to take my 2019 Model 3 (Long Range, 19”) with me (from California, through transportation). Currently, car has regular Continental tires and it’s...
  36. M

    19-inch Gemini wheels with cover for sale

    i'm selling 4set of my Gemini Wheels. just go the my Y on August. No damage on wheel or cover 19” x 9.5” front and rear Offset: +45 Center Bore: 64.1mm Tire Spec: Continental ProContact RX 255/45-19 104W I'm asking $900 for wheels only in Los Angeles area
  37. T

    FS: Knoxville, TN 21" MYP Überturbine Wheels with Pirelli P Zero Tires & TPMS

    255/35ZR21 98W P Zero front 275/35R21 103W XL P Zero rear 21 inch Uberturbines Size: 21X9.5" Front 21X10.5" Rear 4 OEM Bluetooth TPMS installed 973 miles on tires. 1 tire picked up a small nail and patched by Discount Tire. No damage or scratches on wheels. Willing to meet within 125 miles...
  38. Klyde99

    Winter Tire for S Plaid?

    Hi, just wondering what profile of tire to run in the winter from experienced tesla owner? Mostly looking for ride comfort and pref 19", or unless 18" are good for the heavy plaid? 1. Thinking about Square set up with 19" x 9" with 245/45R19 Nokian from Kal Tire, thoughts? 2. Originally i got...
  39. K

    Installing larger tire on Geminis

    I'm looking at installing tires with taller sidewalls on my Geminis for the Toronto winter months. I'm looking at getting slightly more comfortable ride. I'm looking at Michelin X-ice snows, 255 50R19. Stock OEM is 255 45R19. Does anyone know if this will cause any issues for general driving...
  40. T

    Efficiency/Range estimates swapping to 245/40/19 on M3P

    Tesla and EV noob here so appreciate any insight, this is all very new to me. I am taking delivery on a 2022 M3P in 2 weeks, but not a fan of the 20 inch Uber wheels. Debating back and forth between and 18 or 19 inch wheel swap. My personal preference is that the 235/45R18 tire is a bit beefy...
  41. LA PYD

    OEM Tesla Bluetooth TPMS sensors (qty 4)

    Like new condition OEM TPMS. Located in Los Angeles, willing to ship at buyers expense. $280 for set of 4. Price is firm. Compatible with Model S and Model X vehicles produced in 2021+, Model Y vehicles and Refresh Model 3 vehicles.
  42. R

    22' S LR 19" Tempest Rims, Tires

    Hi all, Can you kindly let me know what tires your car was shipped with? Do you have an opinion on the tire? Are there better options than the stock 19" tire the S is shipped with? Just looking for alternatives/if is worth looking into getting other more comfortable/quieter tires (if there are...
  43. P

    Model Y Performance Tires

    Hi folks, I know there are similar threads out there about wheels/suspension setups but I'm curious about one particular thing - what tires can I put on my 21" uberturbine wheels to make the car ride better? I don't want to swap out the wheels and I don't want to change any suspension...
  44. T

    Should I replace the tire?

    Dear community, I am quite new Tesla driver. Last week I had a stupid randezvous with the sidewalk corner and made a damage to my tire (and not only) How do you think - should I replace the tire or I can use it?
  45. agw

    Model 3 aero wheels black NJ

    I have a set of aero wheels 18 painted black with matching aero covers. Asking $700 for the entire set with TPMS. Tires will come with it but only have about 4 to 5 32nd left and must be replaced. Offers considered. Please message me with any questions. Local pick up only, I'm happy to drive to...
  46. googleiscoul

    Silver Arachnid Wheels

    (Northern VA Area) Used for about 500 miles and have been laying in my garage since - one of the tires will need to be replaced as there is a slow leak. Will post pics once I get a chance to give them a wash. $3500 OBO (I believe these only fit the model S) (I am not considering shipping as of now)
  47. F

    Unable to patch Tesla Michelin tires

    Two month ago I found my right rear tire slowly leaking (~10psi drop per month). Initially I thought the Schrader valve was damaged by myself during the last air pumping, so I pumping the tire every 3~4 weeks to bring it back to normal pressure. But recently just found a nail in the tire (see...
  48. T

    18” Ev01+ (fast ev) wheels on performance model 3 - how’s the wh/mile? Are you getting the efficiency close to the long range?

    Sorry to bring up an old topic I asked... I ended up getting a 2021 LR but I had that option of a performance but now I wonder how the kw/mile would’ve been and the efficiency If I went with the ev01+ 18”s and a range focused tire. if anyone could give their average kw/mile it would be much...
  49. L

    [$2300] NEW 21" uberturbine takeoffs, Model Y - Seattle/Vancouver

    Selling unused wheel/tire/TPMS take-offs from a new Model Y Performance. Includes the pesky $300 TPMS. The wheels are undamaged, with no curb rash or whatever $2300, located in the Seattle area : )
  50. Z

    Switching Model 3P tires

    Looking to switch my model 3P from a 235/35R20 to a 245/40R20 in the front and l wider tire in the rear looking to see if anyone had done this and did you have any rubbing issues. Also look for all different variations of tires that will fit on rear and front of M3P.