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  1. P

    Inquiry Regarding New Model 3 or Model Y Long Range Purchase Decision

    Hello all, I am currently considering upgrading to the new Model 3 Long Range and have some questions about the financial aspects of the transaction. I own a 2018 Model 3 with approximately 45,000 miles with Enhanced Autopilot. I understand that I am eligible for a $7,500 credit for the new...
  2. L

    2020 model x Raven without warranty vs 2019 model x 100D with 1 year left on warranty.

    I'm in the market for a new car and have landed on a Tesla Model X. But i am torn between choosing a 2020 Long range Raven model with 105000km and therefore no warranty left or, a 2019 100D Long range model with 79000km and therefore 1 year and 20k km left with warranty. Both cars look brand...
  3. M

    Louisville, KY area Model y WTB gemini 19 wheels

    Would like to buy Gemini model y 19 wheels/tires with tpms. My MYP will arrive by month end. I have not decided yet about selling the 21 uberturbines or swap for some $. Let me know. Thanks.
  4. X

    WTB: Model S with transferable supercharging and at least 2.0 AP Hardware

    Ready to get another Tesla! I missed the experience. Looking for offers asap!
  5. B

    Is this a good deal for a used 2019 Model 3 LR w/FSD $46500 63k miles

    Seems like prices keep going up on on the used market. Put down a deposit for a 2019 Model 3 LR RWD w/ FSD with 63,500 miles with a private seller in orange county. Listed at $48500, price dropped to $47k recently. It needs 2 tires so agreed on price of $46,500. Good deal? Thank you! Some more...
  6. A

    Old/broken Powerwall, Gateway, similar products

    Does anyone in the UK (or a country near Serbia - I spend half of my year there too) have an old/broken/unused Powerwall, Gateway, or any similar products, like GivEnergy or Sonnen?
  7. M

    Looking to buy/take over your Model Y Reservation

    Hi, I’ve ordered a model Y last year in October thinking I will get my model y before my current car lease expires. But unfortunately my model y got pushed to June/July time. I’ve spoke to customer service and they said I can take over someone else’s model build exactly as mine for the same...
  8. R

    Europe Model Y - MIC or Berlin

    Hello to all For better understanding, I'm currently in Europe, Portugal. I'm in the process of closing an order on the model Y but then it hit me: Should I get now the model Y (Made in china MIC) or wait (more) for the Gigafactory to get it going with the "2.0" model y with the new battery...
  9. G

    I bought a car with FSD and...

    There are still lots of people who believe FSD does not transfer on sale. This question has nothing to do with whether its worth it, whether the seller got more for it, nor whether the computer saying its the full self driving computer or not, its simply whether the car still has after transfer...
  10. P

    Looking for a Roadster in Netherlands/ Europe #Daretoask

    Hi all, I'M LOOKING TO BUY A ROADSTER! :) I would like to buy a Tesla Roadster 2008-2012. Preferably a Founder series ;) but other beautiful Roadster models are also beautiful. Do you have a suggestion? Please message me and EARN a tip from me if it leads to the deal! Thank you in...
  11. J

    WANT TO BUY a Not a Flamethrower

    Hello, I would like to buy a Not a Flamethrower. Does anyone have one they would like to sell? Kind regards Jonathan Meier
  12. M

    WTB Tesla Model 3 White Interior

    Looking to purchase a full white interior without door panels. I have a full black interior that I am willing to trade or will purchase a white interior outright (maybe your car is a total loss and you’d like to recoup funds or from a salvage car) May consider T Sportline Uber White Synthetic...
  13. kelvin 660

    Did you buy FSD (Full Self-Driving)?

    After the Xmas update, I thought it might be interesting to get an idea of how many people purchased FSD in the UK and Ireland community...
  14. J

    HELP! New 2020 SR+ versus used 2018 MR?

    Hi, Long-time lurker here! I recently ordered a new 2020 SR+, white on black, 19'' sport wheels, partial premium interior, 30-day free premium connectivity, no FSD. Expected delivery in mid-September. Super excited and have already ordered just about every accessory available! That said, I...
  15. J

    Buying Used 2018 Tesla Model 3 LR RWD VS 2020 SR+

    Good evening! I am currently torn between buying a 2020 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus and a used 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD. The specs of the 2018 Tesla: Red, $42k, 31500 miles, and FSD. It was manufactured 02/18 and I would be buying it from Tesla itself. I was thinking that the...
  16. N

    Want: 2020 model x

    Want buy 2020 model X 6 seat. Price: 83k.
  17. Walter Nadeau

    WTB or Trade: Charging cord for Gen 2 Wall Charger. Have 8', need 20"

    Hello all, I have a Gen 2 wall charger with an 8' charging cable. I have a model Y on the way, and now I need a longer cable to be able to charge both cars without always moving them from one side to the other in the garage. I am willing to buy your long cable, trade your long cable for my...
  18. K

    2019 model 3 - 6k miles - $45990

    Very lightly used Premium Surround sound Premium Interior Autopilot 2 18" Aero Wheels Pearl White Paint Black and White Premium Interior Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range All-Wheel Drive priced to sell. email [email protected]
  19. ElectricIAC

    WTB: Gemini wheels. Model 3, or Model Y.

    Don’t really have a baseline other than the winter sets being sold on Tesla’s website but I have no need for true winter tires so if anyone wants to pull these off their Y or just has the wheels they wanna get rid of let’s talk.
  20. G

    Lease a Bad Idea?

    I ran the numbers through several different calculators and leasing seems to be a better option. SR+ with Purchase price of $42,000, $4,500 down, 36 months, 10k miles is around $430 I don't buy Model 3 would hold a residual value of 65%+ after 5 years. With model Y and Truck coming out within...
  21. S

    WTB - UK el cheapo - Model S 85/90

    could be also declared cat N/D. or maybe even cat S/C if not disabled by Tesla. also, if you know of mechanic around London UK area, willing to do rebuild for ca$h, please let me know. (already checking eBay, Auto Trader, Copart, Gumtree.) thanks!
  22. T

    Looking for X 100D 2018/2019

    Hey there! Looking to buy a used Model X 100D (Long Range) 2018 or 2019. I'm aware of what's on carsales, and that there's no demo units available at tesla.com for months now. Anyone looking to sale and upgrade to Raven? :-)
  23. D

    WTB Model 3

    Sell me your Model 3! I put a deposit on a P3D with Tesla with delivery scheduled for this Saturday, but I wanted to see if anybody wants to sell their Model 3. I'm a cash buyer. East Coast. - Any Long Range configuration, i.e. RWD, AWD or P3D. - Exterior color: Blue, Pearl White or Grey...
  24. Warm

    Hulp bij beoordeling van technische staat van occasie Model S

    Dag allemaal. Aangezien mijn budget me geen door Tesla aangeboden occasion toelaat (laat staan een nieuwe), heb ik het voorbije jaar regelmatig tweedehands sites in de gaten gehouden. De vraagprijzen van particuliere verkopers komen steeds meer in de buurt van het mogelijke. Ondanks ik redelijk...
  25. Tension

    Want to buy a used Model S

    Howdy folks, I'm looking for a Model S on a budget ($74000). Would Ideally have the following options, but anything is considered: Duel motors Smart Air Suspension Premium Interior & Lighting (mostly for the liftgate) / or Tech package Autopilot (any) Free unlimited supercharging "$74000 for...