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  1. Ivanpecuh

    Buy Chademo or wait for CCS Adapter?

    Hey guys, I just picked up my 2021 M3SR+ last week and debating whether I should buy the Chademo adapter or wait for the CCS Combo adapter to release in North America. I live in Surrey, British Columbia and the nearest Supercharger to me is a 15 minute drive whereas the closest BC hydro...
  2. S

    Chademo adapter

    Selling a used Chademo adapter (I only used it 2 or 3 times). $300 + shipping (if you aren't local). I am in the Los Angeles area. Also listed some other items for sale (please check those out if interested).
  3. Z

    WTB: Chademo adapter

    Looking for US chademo adapter Payment is PayPal Interested in near new, few times used, maybe, fully operational. Sent your offer with shipping included to NJ
  4. fsch

    Can't start heating from the app while charging at a CHAdeMO when at low range!

    My dear Californian car is silver must be blond in the inside because there are a few things she doesn't understand very well, especially about Winter. It's my 6th Winter with the car, so I'm used to it, but there are some new strange behaviors (at least to me) that must result from recent...
  5. G

    Salvage fast charge

    Hello to all forum users. Can anybody explain me from a legal point of view, why does DC charging is banned on salvage vehicles, not SC, but even CHADEMO. Why does Tesla don't leave legal ability to charge my vehicle? I think is just not right. Thanks!
  6. Californiates

    WTB: CHADEMO adapter

    Please send me an offers. New or used.
  7. J

    ChaDeMo adapter for sale

    Hi, Have a spare ChaDeMo adapter that I bought in April 2020. Selling car so not needing it anymore. Used once at EvGo so it works for sure. Asking $400. Willing to deliver in greater Washington DC area (NoVA, MD) or reasonable road trip distance :)
  8. IslandRoadster

    Need Three More JdeMO Orders--Can We Count on You?

    Hi Everyone, Many of you have been monitoring the couple threads on the JdeMO DC fast charging for the Roadster made by QC Charge. We have been trying to put together an order since they are all sold out and QC decided to stop production. QC Charge agreed to build a new batch if we could meet...
  9. Californiates

    Wtb chademo adapter

    Looking to buy chademo adapter. New or used. Pm me. thanks
  10. M

    CHAdeMO adapter for sale

    I have a Tesla CHAdeMO adapter for sale - central London location/pickup ideally, since it's pretty bulky! Only used it once, and it worked well... They retail around £400. Happy to pass this on to someone for £300 or near offer Thanks!
  11. willow_hiller

    Tesla DC V2G with a CHAdeMO adaptor

    Amid all the news that bidirectional charging is not possible via the in-built AC to DC rectifier circuit on the Tesla charging board, a lot of people have overlooked the fact that most existing V2G implementations are done DC to DC with an inverter installed outside of the vehicle (on the...
  12. SilverSp33d3r

    CHAdeMO Adapter

    I have a CHAdeMO adapter for sale. Was purchased for a road trip and used twice minor scratches from being in frunk as pictured. $400 obo. Local pickup only please. SoCal - 91750.
  13. simonsmidt

    CCS laadpoort upgrade

    Ik kreeg een mail van Tesla met het aanbod om naar een CCS laadpoort up-te-graden. Ik heb een S 90D van 2015 en ben gelimiteerd tijdens het laden tot een max van 95 kW (zie Tesla explains why it limits Supercharging speed after high numbers of DC charges - Electrek) Volgens mijn logica heeft...
  14. Seth2020

    CHAdeMO test on Model 3 (US)

    Just so I would have the extra option on long trips, I decided to splurge on the CHAdeMO adapter when they came back in stock. Today I went to my nearby CHAdeMO charging station and tried it out. This is an EVgo station and is rated 50kW 1. The CHAdeMO connector connected to the female end of...
  15. W

    CHAdeMO Adapter For Rent in Vancouver

    We have a CHAdeMO adapter and decided to offer other Tesla owners in the area to rent it. It gets around 30kW which is nice if going on a trip somewhere without superchargers around. Pick up can be arranged in either Richmond or downtown Vancouver. Please PM for rates and availability.
  16. M

    Overview table with SC times for different versions & models?

    Hi I’m doing my research to potentially buy a second hand model s, but I’m reading that SC speeds can sometimes be very disappointing, depending on the model / version. I read about chademo, ccs and it’s not clear to me. It feels like I’ll be waiting a loonggg time at those SC during my...
  17. Californiates

    Chademo for sale

    Used once, in oem bag. 450$ shipped.
  18. Californiates

    FS: chademo adapter, NEW

    Brand new, never used, no box. 450$ shipped.
  19. Reeler

    CCS Charging in NA

    The Tesla supercharger network is getting to be unusable when you need it most (i.e., holiday weekend travel). Europe has a CSS adapter that allows charging with the non-proprietary networks (https://electrek.co/2019/04/03/tesla-ccs-adapter-first-look/) for $190. These folks sell a CSS (NA...
  20. C

    EVgo is providing Tesla CHAdeMO adapters, AAA discount for EVgo charging

    Electrek is reporting that EVgo will be providing Tesla CHAdeMO adapters at some of its fast charging stations. You are still limited to the adapter's maximum of 50 kW, but it is still much faster than Level 2 charging. "Tesla partners with EVgo to deploy Tesla connectors on their nationwide...
  21. ChooseGreen

    Third party DC fast charger switch?

    I have searched around but didn’t come across this so thought I would post in case it could help someone else. 2014 S 60 (Pre-AP) Recently purchased off of original owner (i.e. recent factory reset) Would not CHAdeMO charge despite: This car had previously CHAdeMO charged with this CHAdeMO...
  22. E

    Chademo activation

    Hello, does anyone know how activate chademo if i have root and access to Tesla GW . i already have fastChargeAllowed fastChargeInstalled Thanks
  23. P

    5% Battery Left and 1000 miles From Home: My Round-trip from Rochester, NY to Winnipeg

    Just got back from the longest road trip I've ever taken in my Model S and I decided to document my journey here. Love to hear everyone's thoughts! Overall Stats Total distance driven: 3,304 miles Total energy used: 1,027.8 kWh Average energy used per mile: 311 Wh Total Paid on charging...
  24. E

    Want to lend or lease your Chademo adapter near Montreal?

    Hello everyone, I have a trip coming soon (from Aug 30 to Sept 8) to Eastern QC and a Chademo adapter would be really helpful. I ordered one from the Tesla shop on Aug 3rd, but it hasn't shipped yet, so I'm concerned I don't receive it on time. I know that Tesla Quebec have 4 that you can...
  25. Misternt

    Want to buy chademo adapter

    Looking to take a trip in near future where there are minimal superchargers. Anyone have a chademo adapter for sale?
  26. Z

    Wanted: Chademo Adapter in Washington DC metro area

    Hello, I am looking to buy a Chademo adapter if anyone has one to sell in the Washington DC metro area. I'm in zip 20770. Thanks for reading!
  27. Padelford

    New Seattle CHAdeMO chargers

    If you have a CHAdeMO adapter, there are two such chargers at a new Nissan dealership on Airport Way just north of Spokane St. The chargers are located in the parking lot north of the main building. One was ICE'ed by what looked like a non Nissan vehicle. Access to them is pretty good...
  28. sumitkgarg

    WTB(orrow) - Need a CHAdeMO charger for next week

    Hello - is anyone willing to lend/rent their CHAdeMO charger for next week? I leave on Sunday for a trip to Sequoia National Park and it will be very helpful to carry it along. I am located in Bay Area and can pick up tomorrow. Thanks in advance!!
  29. J

    Someone A Chademo Adapter To Borrow?

    Dear all, I'm living in Amsterdam and will travel to Germany, Austria, Italia, France, Luxembourg and Belgium from 25/7 till 14/8. For France I will need a Chademo adapter, costs 509 euro for only one time to use. I think that is a little to much. Is there some who likes to borrow his...
  30. travwill

    Tesla CHAdeMO adapter - like new for sale

    One more item to sell as sold our X, the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter I have. Used it only a few times max and it works fine, looks like new, etc. Does offer some piece of mind with the ton of stations out there still, 50kWh max I believe but that is pretty quick too. Selling for $300. 33% of the...
  31. reddy

    Texas Electrify America fast charging locations

    AMARILLO Just found a surprise at the local Sam's Club at Westgate Parkway in west Amarillo. Behind a fenced off area (with dark plastic, to prevent peeking inside) were 4 Electrify American units with CCS and Chademo plugs on them. They appear to be a couple weeks from completion, and they...
  32. Californiates

    Brand new Chademo adapter 399$ shipped

    Sealed box.
  33. Philinator

    Model S/X CHAdeMO Adapter

    As good as new CHAdeMO adapter. You can take advantage of the CHAdeMO stations enable charging at up to 43KW or 108km per half hour this is approximately 75 miles of range per half hour. I am selling my Tesla Model S so have no use for the adapter anymore. Having used it only 3 times it is...
  34. G

    Chademo adapter for sale

    I have a new Chademo adapter for sale. Asking for $380. Can ship anywhere in the US with a paypal payment
  35. R

    WTB Tesla CHAdeMO Adaptor

    WTB Used Tesla CHAdeMO Adaptor with a few scratches on it but in good working order for a road trip.
  36. Vawlkus

    Planning a road trip, looking for input

    I was gonna post this in the NS club, but I think I need a more broad outlook. I’m planning a road trip from Halifax NS to the Tesla service center in Montreal PQ. Lacking the supercharger network, I’m gonna have to rely on DCFCs to power this little trip. With that in mind, I’m looking for...
  37. boaterva

    CHAdeMO in Maryland/Virginia/NC in 2018

    Posting this here since I'm trying to get a sense of *current* usefulness of spending the $450 for a CHAdeMO adapter. I've read lots of the (oldish) posts on this, and many are old, many are from the PNW, where there seems to be a great network for this. But around here (NoVa, rest of the...
  38. aslam

    CHAdeMO Adapter for Sale in Vancouver, BC Canada

    I have a brand new CHAdeMO adapter for sale. I got two from Tesla by mistake. Before I call to process the return with Tesla, I thought I would see if someone wants to buy it from me. You can pay me the same that I paid Tesla which was CAD 674.24 incl tax. This has never been used and is still...
  39. M

    Chademo adaptor

    Tesla Chademo adapter for Model S, Model X, or Model 3. I bought it New from Tesla last year and used it maybe ten times. I recently sold my Tesla and am now selling the adapter. No issues. Tesla Chademo Adapter
  40. Mickie

    CHAdeMO adapter for sale, new.

    New in sealed box. $425 local pickup in Chicagoland area. I could drive probably a 30 mile radius to drop off as well. Will consider shipping, just need to get a price on your location. Thanks!
  41. Y

    How Bad are KSI Charging Stations (Ontario)?

    Past 2 weeks I did some long trips to south and north Got some chances to try the CHAdeMO at Tim Horton and Scotia Bank It's terrible I mean, why ON Gov pick such a horrible company to roll out those chargers province wide. They are SLOW ~30kwh near Niagara fall area, ~25kwh north of barrie...
  42. Mickie

    CHAdeMO adapter NIB

    Received with car, brand new in sealed box--never opened. Available for pick up or delivery in the Chicagoland area. $440 Thanks
  43. Daniellane

    Protective Case for CHAdeMO Adapter

    I was looking for a Protective Case for my CHAdeMO Adapter.and came across this youth/shotgun case that is nearly a perfect fit for around 18 bucks. Allen Shadow Shotgun/Youth Gun Case, 32" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000TV8CNW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_4Fq8zbMVAFW5G
  44. Californiates

    Chademo adapter NEW

    Brand new, factory sealed box. Same day shipping. 430$ shipped (paypal f&f)
  45. Rossy

    CHAdeMO 139mi/hr! Not a SuperCharger but Fast!

    Bought the CHADeMO adaptor and had a bad Blink experience this week(no charge). But second shot using PlugShare app and Apple Pay on the AV network. Went in to get groceries 5 things. Came out 10 min later and +25 miles! Pretty fast! 40 min to 90% from 68% Woot this is going to work for...
  46. Californiates

    Tesla Chademo adapter

    Hi i have brand new Chademo adapter, it still factory sealed. 450$ shipped.
  47. M

    Looking for a CHAdeMO adapter

    Doing some road trips and need CHAdeMO capability to ensure I have no recharge issues on the road, but they are backordered at Tesla with no estimated delivery timeframe. Anyone have one available?
  48. cheshire cat

    chademo charging with tesla adaptor

    have done some research but can't find and answer when using a chademo can the rate of consumption be manually over ridden downwards or does the car only have control ?
  49. Naonak

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    Hi everyone. I just got off the phone with Tesla with some disturbing news. My car has approximately 30,000 miles on it. I regularly use CHADeMo to charge my car, with the occasional Supercharger charge on road trips. On my last road trip, I noticed that my supercharging rate was significantly...
  50. shantastik

    Chademo Adapter in Southern California

    Want to buy Chademo Adapter. I'm in SOCAL. Hit me up if you have one to sell!

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