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  1. T

    Am I unlocking my doors wrong?

    I can't for the life of me figure out how to unlock ALL the doors on my Tesla upon entry. Right now the only way to do it that I can see is to approach the car, the driver door handle extends, I open the door, and hold down the button for all the doors to unlock. This is especially annoying...
  2. Mario Veras

    Radio volume when opening door

    Is there a way to prevent the radio volume from going down when a door opens. That can be annoying in some cases. I much rather lower the volume manually as I deem necessary.
  3. M

    Interior white doors

    I've got a Model Y on the way and I've heard many folks say a ceramic coating is not needed on the white seats because they come pre-coated from the factory. But what about the white door panels? They are a sort of cloth, are they not? My wife says I HAVE to let the kids ride in the car 😝 and...
  4. tanner

    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Doors

    I have a question pertaining to the doors on the refreshed X. The way it's worded on Tesla's site ("Automatic opening and closing front doors" -plural), it makes it sound like both of the front doors open as you approach them. Is this the case? Furthermore, do the auto opening doors work if you...
  5. X

    Model X doors don't close, 3 beeps

    When I double click the top of the key fob the driver door does not open and I hear 2 beeps. When doors are open, if I single click the top of the key fob to close all doors, nothing happens and I hear 3 beeps. There are no obstructions around. It used to work and now it doesn't. I can open...
  6. B

    Doors frozen OPEN!

    Oct 25, 2020. Left Model Y outside in light snow for several hours. When I went to move car into garage, door handles were frozen, but broke free fairly easily. Door opened, but I found I could not close doors after entering car. Widow hit cold door seal hard - felt like window would break...
  7. T

    Model 3 Door handle alignment

    Hi, I have just taken delivery on my model 3 and it looks pretty solid - paint finish looks good, couple of minor door alignment issues but looks like the service team can fix those. The one issue I am worried about is the two rear door handle are suppressed (see photo). Looks like quite a job...
  8. Ostrichsak

    How to Fix: "There are no HomeLink-enabled garage doors near your vehicle" Error in App

    For those who recently got the firmware update that allows you to access your Homelink doors via the app under "Controls" but get the following message: "There are no HomeLink-enabled garage doors near your vehicle" On your car's screen go into settings, then Autopilot and then Summon Settings...
  9. M

    Fingernail stuck in door handle

    This just happened on my 2 months old MS 100D: girl tries to open rear passenger door and fingernail goes into narrow opening behind handle, getting stuck! I had never even noticed that there is an opening there. Anyone else have this experience???
  10. S

    Anyone else find their MX unlocked when they don't expect?

    I'm just coming up on a month of ownership of a new MX and I'm concerned about the car's security. I keep coming back to the car and finding that it's already unlocked before I get there. When this happens, I come to the car and the lights don't flash/turn on when I walk up. Nor does the...
  11. David29

    Does Door Unlock Mode/Driver Only always work?

    I noticed something about my Model S’s door locks a few days ago, that might be a defect, or might be a software glitch. Tesla told me to bring it in but before I do, I’d like to see if there is really something wrong with my car, or if other people have the same experience. I decided to try...
  12. L

    FWD and dogs?

    Anyone have any issues with the Falcon Wing Doors and dogs? Just curious if you have any issues with your dog(s) when opening and closing the doors.
  13. E

    Stop slamming our legs! Pull doors open away from legs

    Doors are heavy. Most streets slope downwards toward the curb. Which makes gravity to pull the doors shut when we attempt to open them or exist a vehicle. When parked, opening doors all or half way is hard. Once you start editing, the doors might start closing, slamming legs. Build a better...
  14. vandacca

    "Doors Control" pop-up window request

    I have a new feature request... When the Model-X switches from Drive/Neutral/Reverse to Park via the "Park" button on the end of the drive-selector stalk, there is a handy little "Doors Control" pop-up window that allows one quick access to all the doors control. Once you dismiss this pop-up...
  15. engle

    Let's Lobby Tesla for 8-Year Warranty on all X Doors and Seals

    I've read so many reports of various issues with X doors and seals both here and on the Tesla Model X Owners Club on Facebook. Tesla fixes them under the 4-year warranty, which is great. But what happens after 4 years? I think we should lobby Tesla to provide an 8-year unlimited miles warranty...
  16. S

    Number of Clips for Front Door Panels?

    Hey, I think that my panel clips need to be replaced. Anyone know how many there are on each side of the front doors? I'm just going to order new clips myself and do it as process looks easy with proper tools. I'd rather order parts before pulling the door off. Thanks!
  17. remarc

    Horrible Service - 4 Service Trips No Fix Auto Present Door Handles

    Hey Tesla Fans Just needed to vent to you all and see if anyone is having an issue with Tesla Service and/or if you have a fix for me. June 1st - I received my Model S on June 1st and notices the handles did not auto present. Spoke with Tesla Service via phone and did all the usual software...
  18. Miuaiga

    Driver Door Unlock, then Opens When Placed in Park

    New experience. Built in valet. Pulled into my garage, with only 17 rated miles left after a quick trip to Fredericksburg (round trip approx. 150 miles). 17 rated miles left. Put foot on brake, push end of gear handle to place in Park. Car unlocks itself and opens driver door. Hmmmmmmm...