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  1. G

    Sold 2024 Model Y Gemini Wheels/Tires Takeoffs (785 Miles) [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2024 Model Y Gemini Wheels and Tires (785 Miles). Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 2024 Model Y Gemini Wheels/Tires Takeoffs (785 Miles)

    For sale 2024 Model Y Gemini Wheels/Tires Takeoffs (785 Miles)

    I received this set of four factory 19" Gemini wheels and Continental tires with delivery of my Model Y on February 13, 2024. The set has 785 miles on it. No curb rash. No lug nuts. No TPMS. Tires are mounted with valves and are ready to install on your Model Y. Note that there are small...
  3. Loco_Nomad

    Expired Various Model 3/X parts [Deleted]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Various Model 3/X parts. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. C

    Model Y factory tint levels?

    I’m looking to get my new MY ceramic tinted. I was wondering what level of tint factory MYs in Australia came with for each window?
  5. Persfoto

    My Delivery Of my Model 3 Performance inside the Tesla factory

    Last week they delivered my 2021 model 3 Performance car from the Tesla Factory in Tilburg. A great experience. I made a short video of it including the ride inside the factory. The video can be found here My Model 3 Performance Normally you are not allowed to film or photograph inside, but...
  6. MattAndLou

    (3) Model 3 Performance Tires For Sale SoCal

    Hey All Had an insurance claim where they just replaced all 4 tires. These only have 10k easy miles. I say easy because I took pics of the new and old and I can’t tell the difference in tread wear. Was going to save them, but I really don’t have the space in the garage. Thought I’d pass...
  7. Brando


    Porsche assembly line in 2 hours long factory documentary created in 2020. Porsche creates Porsche 911, Cayenne, Panamera, Taycan and Porsche 992. Factory tour is from Stuttgart. posted from clips starting about 2013 NOTE: ICE engine assembly
  8. MichaelP90DL

    Apparently Ford will pass on building a battery factory....

    From Teslarati, by Joey Klender: Tesla’s battery strategy will not be adopted by legacy automotive company Ford, because Jim Hackett, the company’s CEO, says there is “no advantage” in migrating capital into owning a cell manufacturing facility. During Ford’s Q2 2020 Earnings Call in late...
  9. R

    Model 3 OEM 19” Wheels, Tires, Wheel Center Caps, and TPMS

    Set of four 19" wheels, four Continental ProContact RX tires, four wheel center caps, and four TPMS for Model 3. All are factory OEM and all are in great condition with no curb rash on the wheels. Plenty of tire left with each at about 8/32". $1900. Located in SoCal area. Willing to ship at...
  10. O

    Model Y Factory Shutdown for Upgrades

    Lots of articles popping up about a potential Fremont factory shutdown at the end of July. Curious how you all think this will affect orders already placed? I’m in Arkansas. Just ordered 07/15/20. White/White/19”/LRAWD. Wouldn’t mind waiting a little longer if the factory upgrades improve...
  11. n.one.one

    Giga Berlin Drone Videos

    Prior to this week there had been a variety of excellent drone videos of Giga Berlin on a very regular basis. This week the pace slowed. There has been nothing new from Tesla Kid and the_wolfpack_berlin posted only ground shots saying that drone videos would return. Does anyone know if...
  12. MichaelP90DL

    Tesla to build Cybertruck in Texas.

    Per Bloomberg. Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
  13. Ostrichsak

    Like New OEM Tesla Model S Black Carpet Floor Mats in Northern Colorado

    Carpeted floor mats for the front and rear floor areas of the Tesla Model S. Should fit all Tesla Model S years as I'm not aware of any changes that would affect floor mat fitment. These were removed after taking delivery of our car and are in like-new condition. We removed them in favor of all...
  14. engle

    Tesla Factory 2019 New Year's Eve Delivery Event Twitch Livestream ~ 8 pm

    I will be livestreaming the Tesla Factory New Year's Eve 2019 Delivery Event on Twitch here: (Twitch is now in our cars) Twitch @teslaruss I will tweet when my stream starts to: Russ Engle (@RussEngle) | Twitter in case you want to follow me to know when I go live, which will probably be...
  15. T

    Model 3 factory-installed Trailer hitch

    Good afternoon, I'm wondering if Tesla is planning on providing a factory installed trailer hitch or not? I thought that I had read someplace that it was supposed to happen this year. If it's not, is it still in the plans so far as it's understood? If Tesla doesn't plan to provide one, does...
  16. F

    Fremont Factory Tour

    Hi I'll be visiting the US this summer and I would love to go on a factory tour in Fremont. Since I'm just a reservation holder and not an owner they won't let me book a tour. If you or anyone you know booked or will book a tour between August 10th and August 14th I and my girlfriend would love...
  17. amerimark

    Why is my Model 3 back at Tesla’s Fremont factory while I’m in my garage in Atlanta?...

    Minutes after my update to 42.8 (Track Mode update) my GPS is way off. Anyone else and/or explanations? Thanks!
  18. F

    Factory visit guest march 17 - 24

    Hi everybody. I´m going to San Fransisco in march 17-23 and during my stay I had plans to visit the Tesla factory in Freemont. Unfortunately I don't own a Tesla yet. I've made a reservation for a model 3(in Sweden we have to wait until 2019 to get theTM3) but that is not enough to be accepted...
  19. Blazing Whisper

    Factory tour guests for Nov. 11-19th?

    Hey folks, My wife and I are visiting the Bay Area for a job interview between Nov 11th to 19th (we're extending it into a vacation) from Toronto and we are both die-hard Tesla fans with two day one Model 3 reservations (waited in line on March 31st 2016 in the rain!) We would love for...
  20. A

    +1 for factory tour August 9th - 18th?

    Hi, I live in the Bay, my dad is in town and we'd love to go on a tour of the Tesla factory. Is there any owner who's touring the factory in any of those days and wouldn't mind having us two as their guests? It would be the highlight of my dad's trip to the US... Thanks, Ale
  21. el_tlatoani

    Birthday Wish

    Hi all, I might get a lot of hate but here it goes anyway. My birthday happens to share the date with the most anticipated Model 3 announcement. Like many people, I really want to go but sadly I have no possible way of being invited. I would like to know if anyone’s willing to take me as...
  22. engle

    Tesla Factory: 3/29/2017 vs. 3/22/2016

    My family toured Tesla Factory on 3/29/2017 with good friends who were picking up their Red Model S 60D (75D unlockable), exactly a year and a week since I toured it 3/22/2016 when I took delivery of my Model X P90D F00041X. You can't take photographs, but I can tell everyone that there is an...
  23. Clprenz

    The Factory that could of been Tesla's

    Hey folks! The Mitsubishi Motors North American plant is being sold to Rivian Automotive this month and I wanted to share the story with the Tesla Community! I believed, and still do, that this factory would be a great expansion tool for Tesla. The factory is 2.4M FT with over 590 Acres of land...
  24. G

    For Sale- Factory 20" Model X Wheels

    FULL set of Factory Model X 20" wheels. They have 400 miles on them and are practically brand new! Just ordered a set of aftermarket wheels for my X which is why I need these gone. Would prefer local buyer (Located in Austin, TX), but I will ship at buyers expense. $1700
  25. BizJet

    "Factory Gate Routing" -- What Does it Really Mean?

    Does anyone know what the status "factory gate routing" really means, and why a finished car might be stuck there for six weeks? My Model X came out of production in mid-April, and at that time my DS told me it had entered "factory gate routing" status, and would soon be put into a container to...
  26. A

    Factory Tour

    Hi, I'm a Canadian mechanical engineering student doing a road trip through the U.S. this summer, spending much of that road trip in California. I'm really keen on doing a tour of Tesla's Fremont factory, but it's my understanding that it's not open to the general public. Are there any Tesla...
  27. Gabzqc

    Model X Factory Santa's Sleigh

    Saw this on Instagram, looks jet powered :tongue: Happy Holidays! https://www.instagram.com/p/_mrqBou2i6/ https://www.instagram.com/p/_moaydkrdn/
  28. slyastro

    Exclusive pics and videos of the model during various stages of assembly!!

    Hi! I got pretty impressive pictures and videos from my friend who got a media tour of the factory and was permitted to take some pictures (we was forbidden in a lot of parts of the factory). We almost get the VIN from one of the pictures ... a P90D Ludicrous ... probably a Founders (I'm...
  29. S

    Video: Tesla Factory by Drone in 4K (Fremont, CA)

    I took a video of the Tesla factory in Fremont, CA with my Phantom 3. Enjoy! Tesla Factory by Drone in 4K - YouTube
  30. D

    Video of Priduction

    I've seen various Tesla and non-Tesla videos on the factory production of the Model S, but this one is the most complete I've seen so far, especially for the motor and gearbox manufacture. Thought it was worth a share: How its Made Dream Cars Tesla Model S - YouTube
  31. bonnie

    TESLIVE Factory Tours - Signup & Confirmed Lists

    update update update: THE WAITLIST HAS BEEN ACCOMMODATED. PLEASE CHECK YOUR NAME. THIS IS THE LIST SUPPLIED TO TESLA. NOTE: I have no doubt that I have not switched someone I should have switched or missed something else. Please be kind. I've been dealing with two family emergencies in...
  32. DavidWexler

    Going to the factory for a pick up?

    I'd love to take a factory tour, but I guess for now, the only way to do that is while you're picking up your new car. How about a fair trade? I'll give you a ride to the factory from Southern California in my Model S, if I can tag along on your factory tour as your guest. I work in L.A. and I...
  33. Babylonfive

    60KWH roll-in - B5 theory: they won't do it til after Jan1

    Perhaps, but I think that they won't even think of the 60s before the end of the year, even if everything was approved. Here's why: anything different might slow the factory, and they want to blow their delivery estimate for the end of the year out of the water - therefore reduce the risk, and...