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firmware update

  1. andrewsjra

    Media Touch Selection not accurate

    Has anyone experienced issues with recent updates where selecting a song on your media player is inaccurate by touch? I will try to select a song and instead it will select something 2 songs before on my list. I have to estimate and touch a song about 2 below the song I want for it to be...
  2. RNHurt

    I just upgraded from a 2020 MY to a 2020 MX and have some questions

    Our family is growing so we thought it would be good to "upgrade" to a 7-seat 2020 MX. I'm super happy with the purchase but there seem to be some things missing from the X that were super handy on the Y. No "Close Windows on Lock" feature? This was one of my most used features of the MY. It...
  3. K

    Anybody else's car get "repainted" with the latest update?

    Obviously, this is the least thing from a big deal, but with the latest update did the color of your vehicle in the Instrument Console change? I have a late 2014 build with the "Metallic Blue", a deep subtle blue that fits me quite well. Well, after the latest update, the standard car image...
  4. J

    Phantom Firmware Update?

    Stopped by a SC today for scheduled repair and almost immediately, my app told me an update was ready. I got excited because I already had 2019.32.1 53f03e4 installed which I understood to be the latest release. I thought perhaps I had been brought into the EAP as was promised so many months...
  5. O

    EMMC change troubles

    Hello. My MCU screen after restart become blank. I start to read a lot of information and understood, that my EMMC is die and I need to dump my firmware from old EMMC and write this information to new chip. But I have a problem: my old EMMC was clear. I found firmware and install/write it to my...
  6. I

    Standard Range 'downgrade'

    I just received the promised firmware update on my model 3. Here is a diff from vehicle info json. Note the new removal of perf_config, and addition of use_range_badging parameters. $ diff -u before.json after.json | grep -v timestamp | grep -v id --- before.json 2019-06-21...
  7. A

    Music / Spotify issues after 2019.12.12

    There have been some weird issues with my Music / Spotify after 2019.12.12: each time I change gear from P to D or D to R, my Spotify will stop and then Radio will play. I have to go back to Spotify and then Radio, then back to Spotify to start playing again. This will happen occasionally even...
  8. D

    Firmware 2019.12.1.2

    US, TX. Just received 2019.12.1.2. It shows more power, increased top speed, 150kw charging, battery warm up, and the new browser. No Advanced Summon.
  9. Haxster

    After 4 months, all I get is Fire and Farts

    I've been anticipating an update from 2018.42.2 since last October. Today I got one: 2018.50.6. Now I can see fire on the screen and play fart noises. Is this a luxury car or a dorm room?
  10. Penfold

    Software Update 2019.5.x

    Just seen 2019.5.2 c21b3a5 on Model 3 via TeslaFi so maybe this is the one.... how many times have we said that
  11. J

    Manual firmware update (for new charge port)

    Bought brand new charge port for P100D year 2017. Part number: 1061353-00-F. The old one is mechanically damaged, albeit charging works but in limited mode. When charge port physically changed: The car says "Software upgrade required". Port will not unlock Doesn't charge if opened via...
  12. MelaniainLA

    7 weeks and counting since last substantial software update

    So we are entering the 4th week of January 2019 and not only is there no 2019.4.x update, but there haven’t been ANY 2019 updates hasn’t been a substantive firmware release since 2018.49 — making it 7 weeks. The updates used to come in every week or two for some time. Wondering what’s up — did...
  13. ishareit

    2018.50 7e49f8a On Teslafi

    Anyone here got it yet? Release notes?
  14. S

    Waiting....Can't receive 2018.42 update....

    I am wondering anyone has the same situation as me. I am currently on 2018.39.7 and I connect to wifi every night but I am still waiting on the new update. Most of the owner already got the update right? If there any recommendation that I can try? Thank you so much!
  15. D

    Rear view camera - v9.0

    I like to keep the rear view camera always on the top half of my screen when driving. It seems like this is no longer allowed with v9.0. I can’t seem to get anything but the map on the top portion of the screen. Has anyone figured out to have something other than the map on the upper...
  16. tpedwards


    The new iPhone app - 3.6.0 refers to new features available if you have firmware 2018.39: Share to nav Allow passengers to quickly control media Start and stop software updates from the app Anyone have 2018.39 yet?
  17. pyraca

    LAN Traffic Anomaly (Model S)

    My FW sends a daily mail about traffic. I occasionally look at this to scan the obvious. My Model S's dhcp address is tied to its hardware address (x.x.13.25) in private LAN space. This is the recent traffic that was reported. 8/10/18 sent 103Mb -> driving footage for AP (?) 8/11/18 sent 120Mb...
  18. aikisteve

    Update 2018.34.1 introduces a new safety warning

    While this update has virtually no differences with 2018.32.4 (which introduced the PIN to drive feature), the latest version has introduced a new safety feature that beeps at you when you use AP on intersections that it's not comfortable handling. And that's a good thing! Now, before I get the...
  19. favo

    Software Update 8.1 2018.34.1

    I just got 2018.34.1 about 30 minutes ago. It took 20 minutes to install. My car came with 28.3 at delivery (8/28), and this is my first update. Release notes just say minor improvements and bug fixes. I did not see any changes in the UI. Haven't driven with it yet.
  20. woodisgood

    When should I ping service re: not updating?

    Got the car on 8/1, and it came with 24.7 installed. No update since then, and the car is on wi-fi every night. I have done the steering wheel reset since getting the car (mostly just to see what happened). I know updates roll out somewhat randomly, but wondering how normal it is to still...
  21. C

    Software update 28.5

    I took car in yesterday to fix a small panel alignment issue that was documented during delivery. I had 28.2 FW already installed. To my surprise, they installed 28.5 update for me after they fixed panel alignment. I didn't get a chance to look at the release notes but guess it is probably...
  22. aikisteve

    What happens to your car when you decide to not install an update?

    I was always wondering when you decide not to install an update, how does the car handle that and how the heck do you know that the next one is available? So, I decided to find out...