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  1. I

    Puget Sound Tinting

    What places could you recommend in the Puget Sound area that does exceptional tints for cheap? And what's the best percentage range for specific areas? (Trunk, Front & Rear Windows, & Upper Pano Windshield) (Mind you, this is for a 2016 X)
  2. C


    Shopping for Model S. This one is called a Wraith in the drivers display, but can’t find any info what makes it a wraith? It’s a 2015 V3 P90DL.
  3. C

    2016 Model S P90DL+ FUSC, Premium Connectivity, AP, Ceramic Coated

    Looking to sell my 2016 Model S P90DL+. Please see the details below: 2016 Model S P90D with Ludicrous + Free Unlimited Supercharging (SC:01 - transferrable) Premium Connectivity 7 Year Ceramic Coating including all glass LLumar IRX tint all around including heat reduction film on front...
  4. M

    Black 2014 Model S P90DL with + Suspension

    I'm looking to sell as I work from home now and don't need to drive much anymore. However, if I can't get requested sale price, I'll just keep it since I really do love the car. I legitimately, at minimum, perform a double-take every time I park the car. It was originally a 2014 P85D but the...
  5. V

    Buying Question: P90DL or P100D in 2022?

    So I recently sold my Long Range 3 and want to upgrade to an S. I'm looking at the used section on Tesla's site and they have two cars that have taken my interest. First is a 2016 P90DL: - 69,000 miles - Autopilot w/convenience features - Smart air suspension - Subzero weather package Priced...
  6. A

    2016.5 Model S P90DL (facelift)

    Checking the interest in my 2016.5 Model S P90DL. Car has 76.5k miles, runs and drives great with 0 issues. Here are the specs: - P90D with Ludicrous - Red with gray interior and Alcantara accents - AP1 with convenience features - Free unlimited supercharging - 72 amp charging - MCU2 upgrade -...
  7. J

    2016 Satin Black Model X P90DL

    Hi folks, Up for sale is my 2016 Model X P90D with Ludicrous speed upgrade. Car is located in Frederick, MD and has approximately 50,000 miles. I am the second owner and purchased via private party. Free Unlimited Supercharging (FUSC) will transfer with sale. This is a V3 battery car (V3...
  8. J

    FS: Satin Black P90DL Model S w/ 3rd Row Seats & FUSC

    Hi folks, Up for sale is my 2015 P90D with Ludicrous speed upgrade. Car is located in Frederick, MD and has approximately 63,000 miles. I am the second owner and purchased via private sale. Free Unlimited Supercharging (FUSC) will transfer with sale. This is a V1 battery car that has a 90% SOC...
  9. DrComputer

    2016 Model X P90DL - Six Seat - Deep Blue Metallic - 47K miles

    2016 Model X P90DL Asking Price - $67,999 It’s time to let my Model X go to make room for its replacement. I am the original owner of this always garaged March 2016 six-seat P90DL deep blue metallic beauty. It has 47,000 miles and still gets about 230 miles on a full charge. It is one of the...
  10. A

    2016 Tesla Model X P90DL | White | 64k+ miles | Tesla CPO Warranty | Maryland | 58K

    Selling my 2016 Tesla Model X P90DL Performance w/Ludicrous upgrade. Current mileage is just under 64K+. Under full bumper to bumper warranty from Tesla (purchased as CPO) until July 2023 or 90k miles. 7-seater with pretty much all options except for the subzero package. Price - $58k.
  11. Rdr4evr69

    F/S 2016.5 Model S P90DL Refresh

    I have my Lovely P90DL with just under 42K miles for sale, Pearl White/ Tan Interior. Great Pre-Owned Condition! Has every option except Sub Z and 3rd row kids seat. Free unlimited supercharging!! Tires have 300-400 miles on them Slipstreams have no Rash. Has Full warranty!! Bought “certified”...
  12. CrisCarlin

    2015 Model S P90DL Low Mileage FREE Supercharging Free LTE Data

    Up for sale is a super clean LOW Mileage late 2015 (titled Jan 2016) Tesla Mode S P90DL with 38K miles. Factory extended bumper to bumper warranty until December 2021! Upgrades: Ludicrous Speed Range Upgrade 21' Grey Turbine wheels upgrade AutoPilot (AP1) All Glass Panoramic Roof Premium...
  13. C

    FS 2016 / Model X / P90DL / Deep Metallic Blue $59999

    Seller's description: FS $59999 - 2016 / Model X / P90DL / Deep Metallic Blue Summary 2016 Used Tesla Model X P90DL AUTOPILOT 1 LUDICROUS 6 SEAT INTERIOR All-Wheel Drive Deep Blue Metallic Paint 20” Powder Coated Satin Black Wheels Figured Ash Wood Decor Light Headliner (Tan Color Head Liner...
  14. MichaelP90DL

    Tesla Insurance Finally Fixed Its Bizarre Problem. :)

    Geico hiked the rate on my 2015 Model S P90DL from around $175 a month, to around $240 a month. I tried to sign up with Tesla Insurance but I could not reach its website directly, or through my Tesla account, in any way. That means various computers, tablet, phone, via cable Internet, with or...
  15. J

    Selling Model S P90DL for $72k - OBO Low Miles

    Selling recently purchased P90DL from Tesla CPO on 8/3/19. Selling to downsize to Model 3. Specs below: Motor 90 kWh Dual Motor Ludicrous Upgrade Premium Upgrade Package Black Tesla Premium Seats Carbon Fiber Decor Front Heated and Cooled Seats Power Liftgate Black Alcantara Headliner...
  16. G

    Tesla P90DL with Ludicrous

    Hi everyone! I am putting up my beloved Tesla Model S P90DL for sale. Bumper to bumper warranty until 93K miles or October 2022. Battery warranty until 2023. Asking for 63K. Located in Southern California, please DM or comment if interested! *57k current miles *Carbon Fiber Spoiler *Ludicrous...
  17. R

    Model S P90DL, does it come with Full Self Driving Capability ?

    Hey guys, I had a question regarding the P90DL and wondered if it ever came out with a FSD option, i know it has the autopilot with convenience features, but not sure if the later 2016 models had the FSD capability, or if has an option to install the hardware through Tesla ? Thanks
  18. DrTaras

    2016 Tesla Model X P90DL Ludicrous PIMPED-Unlimited SuperCharging-6 or 7 Psgr-TSportline 22" Wheels

    2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous PIMPED OUT 6 or 7 Passenger: TSportline Wheels Unlimited SuperCharging Transferable-Matte Black/Red Don't be hesitant to make an offer!!! This is MY car (I'm not a dealer)! Tesla Wrote Me (Warranty & SuperCharging): Super Charging: "Since your Model X was...
  19. G

    unique potential purchase situation-questions

    Hi all, I have a potential purchase of a 2016 MS P90DL from my best friend. My buddy got the car last spring from Tesla and paid around 62k with 30k miles. The car now has 40k miles on it. So... I am getting my plug hopefully installed in my garage Tuesday and our plan is to establish what a...
  20. P

    Deteriorating Range P90DL

    Range was about 255 miles in late August and several updates later I'm down to 236 miles. MX is 2016. Anyone else experience the same issue?
  21. P

    Door handle easy temporary fix, 2015 P90DL

    I made a short video of how I temporarily DIYed past a door handle issue until I get it fixed at the SC. Hope this is helpful. Steps: 1: Enter the car from the passenger side and open the door from the inside 2: Enter the car from the drivers side 3: Grab some cotton string or another...
  22. loganheinrich

    2016 P90DL, Titanium, $58,500 obo

    Well, I've finally decided that 3 teslas for 2 people (my wife and I) is too much. And although I love driving this one more than my 2014, I'm trying to extract maximum value out of the 2014 through racking up miles on it, so I am making the 2016 available. For Sale: 2016 Model S P90D...
  23. N

    2016 Tesla Model S P90DL - $68490 (refresh look)

    Tesla Model S P90DL (refresh look) 0 to 60 in 2.8s with Ludicrous Mode Free supercharging for life! Extras: tinted windows, and Suntek clear protective film on entire front half. Miles: 32,000 Autopilot 1.0 (i.e. maintains lane, following distance, summon, self parking) All glass panoramic...
  24. Dilz

    Help needed with 2015 P90DL insurance

    Hey guys, i've just purchased the above (my first Tesla), and i'm finding it impossible to get insurance on it. The only company that wants to insure it seems to be InsurMyTelsa. All other companies say that there 2015 P90D does not exist, and it is either a personal import (which i know it...
  25. S

    2016 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous Facelift

    2016 Model S with 4,500 miles on it LIKE NEW!!! Has every feature including: Dual Motors Pearl White Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 19" Slipstream wheels Black Next Generation seats Carbon Fiber Decor Carbon Fiber Spoiler Ludicrous Speed Upgrade Tesla Res Brake Calipers Autopilot Smart Air...
  26. D

    2016 Model S P90DL - For SALE - Fully loaded, rare black arachnids

    Model S P90DL $110,000 17,500 miles Took delivery in June 2016 - SLC, Utah Perfect condition, never in an accident. Garage kept. New front end. I removed the front bracket immediately so there's no residue or markings Will include the 19" wheels AND the Arachnids. Awesome for having snow tires...
  27. JohnnyG

    75D Uncorked To Overshadow P90DL V1 Battery Debacle

    Sorry, I'm feeling a bit snarky. I'm truly, honestly, excited for our 75D brothers and sisters out there! That said, for our P90DL brothers and sisters, I'm fairly certain they're never going to make things right for us and offer a 'fix' for our cars by replacing the experimental V1 Batt with...
  28. N

    2015 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous 3k miles Blue

    I am selling a blue Tesla Model S - Price is 94k 3k Miles - Brand New Condition Range Upgrade Deep Blue Metallic Multi-Coat Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 21” Silver Turbine Wheels Grey Next Generation Seats Carbon Fiber Decor Carbon Fiber Spoiler Ludicrous...
  29. jerjozwik

    P90DL battery replacement thread.

    yesterday i got the news that my February 2016 build model s p90dl needs it battery replaced. i cant help but laugh at this because of my post in the pack performance thread in January. after speaking with the SC, i find out that the P90D battery is not an on shelf item and i have X amount of...
  30. TexasTeslaRacing

    WTB MS P90DL v3

    Looking to purchase or assume a lease for a MS P90DL v3 as close to this as possible: Solid or metallic Black Body color roof Ludicrous upgrade Black leather seats (vent or base) Carbon fiber decor Black headliner 19" wheels Smart air Less than 30,000 miles
  31. spentan

    For Sale - Tesla Model X P90DL Signature Red/Tan Fully Loaded

    Hi all, As Tesla decided to get rid of unlimited supercharging, I chose to purchase 2 more Model Xes for my Work Fleet. I will therefore not be needing my personal car anymore. This vehicle has never been used in my fleet, it has only been personal use. It is a 2016 Tesla Model X P90DL...
  32. jerjozwik

    p90d tire dust buildup

    so, a while ago i saw some black buildup on the rear bumper, just above the diffuser on the right side, thought it might be some important fluid depositing on the car. so gave it a clean to monitor the situation. nothing ever showed up in that spot again but fast forward a few weeks and i see...
  33. acaciolo

    2016 Model X, P90DL Ludicrous - loaded 3100 miles

    With the disease I have, I feel the need to always have the latest and greatest. So...much to my wife's dismay, I am getting a p100dl and am trading this 3 month old X in. Because of the tax benefit of trading it, my private sales price needs to be $125k. I didn't even consider selling it...
  34. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Model X

    This is a peek at our 2015 design study for the UP Model X program. The final UP Model X is considerably evolved from this concept and is now nearing its debut!
  35. Tech_Guy

    Refreshed MC RED Blacked out Accents coated with 3M PPF

    Picked up my new MC Red P90D on Tuesday and took it directly to Elevated Auto Concepts in Pasadena. We went over what I wanted and left them to work there magic. I requested full 3M Paint Protective Film, all chrome blacked out, 3M Crystalline window tint 40% on the sides and back and some...
  36. Cr8it

    Took Delivery of our second Tesla this week - WOW!

    Monday I took delivery of my P90DL. Today we received vehicle number 2