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radar detector

  1. C

    Anyone with HW4 tried a MirrorTap?

    I am thinking about trying @everydaychris ’s wonderfully documented Model X camera power tap for a radar detector. However, I’m concerned that HW4 power connections may have changed. Has anyone tried this on HW4? I’d rather not take the camera housing apart just to find out it won’t work.
  2. J

    Uniden R3 radar detector

    i installed my uniden R3 on my model y last month. The volts showing on the radar is 15.4. When I run the same radar in my other cars, it says 13.5-14.4 volts. The radar works great in my non Tesla cars but when I put it model y, it doesn’t detect KA bands at all. Could it be that my model y is...
  3. D

    Switched 12v on a march/2020 model 3

    Hello, I hope someone can help me here. I know there are many posts like this but none have helped me. I am trying to hardwire a radar and am having no luck. I can’t find the normally mentioned red wire in the big loom of cables but I have a ton of pink wires. I found a thin red one not in the...
  4. A

    Rear view mirror cables ripped off

    While I was installing a blendmount wire kit for a new radar detector, I accidentially ripped off the mirror, and the blue and white wires within. Any recommendations for reatatching the wires to the mirror itself??
  5. G

    2022 model Y sets off radar detector

    So I have this really weird one: I have a valentine one radar detector and the Tesla model Y I picked up this year tends to sit off the radar detectors laser detection all the time but only under certain circumstances that I’m still confused about. Does anyone know why the Tesla model Y is...
  6. M

    21+ Refresh Radar Detector Hardwired installation

    Hey guys, I needed to hardwire the V1 in my Plaid X and couldn't really find any info on install/wiring for the refreshed models. Hopefully this post helps the next person out:) PARTS USED: -Valentine V1 (gen2) -Blendmount BV1-2035 -6Ft 14AWG red+black wire -2 Wire taps After installing one...
  7. C

    Model Y Concealed Radar

    Haven’t seen much info on concealed radar detectors (remote mount) on the forum so I figured I’d post Installed an Escort Passport 8500ci today. Will take some more pics of where I mounted/Wired everything when I open it back up to inspect. Really wanted a Max 360ci, but for $100 on eBay, I had...
  8. 4SUPER9

    12V Access: Model S 2021 Refresh

    I am creating this thread to discuss access to power for those who desire modifications to the 2021 refresh Model S, such as adding a radar detector, dashcams, additional LED lighting, etc. This is being already discussed in multiple different areas, but not consolidated anywhere. I...
  9. Sanderpman12

    What is this in my tesla?

    Hey yall so when I recently bought my tesla, previous owner installed a rader scanner. But what is this wire sticking out if the dash? What can I do with it?
  10. bigblackshaq

    Hardwiring Uniden R3

    I have been using the R3 for a few months and it has saved me on multiple occasions. It’s connected via the 12V cigarette outlet and has been sitting on one of the included suction cups on my windshield, but I decided today I want to clean it up a little bit since the wires are messy. I ordered...
  11. D

    Hard wire radar detector

    1st I've read all the forums regarding hard wiring. So far I haven't seen any info on anyone being successful at hardwiring a radar detector. I saw that there's no "customer" 12V power available like in the M3. Just want to know if anyone's cracked the code on this. I want it wired so that it...
  12. ElectricTravel

    Detailed How-To: Install a Valentine One radar detector behind the nosecone of a Model S

    This is a good solution for those who can't mount their Valentine One radar detector behind the windshield because the metal film in the windshield blocks the radar signals. Thanks to @CHG-ON for the idea. When I read about that setup, it was obvious that it was the best solution for this...
  13. lunitiks

    Let's talk radar!

    Warning: Nerdy-nerdnerdynerd thread :cool: So what you're looking at is Tesla's forward radars; AP1, AP2.0 and AP2.5 respectively. (OK, not 100% precise but close enough.) Radar - Autopilot hardware 1 and 2.0 (Bosch) Tesla Model S and X with Autopilot hardware 1 and 2.0 have a Bosch...
  14. M

    12V Switched Power in Rear (Radar Detector Install)

    I had initially posted a few photos of the testing I was doing on this unique Radar Detector location in the Radar Detector thread. I finally finished my Valentine One install and thought it deserved a separate thread because what I did could be used for other applications. Like a Rear DashCam...
  15. prash

    Radar detector mirror tap

    Recently I wanted to hardwire my radar detector to the rearview mirror in my 2017 Tesla Model S . But I could not find any decent pictures or description on how to DIY(Most descriptions were for dashcam which require constant power unlike radar detector). I have no experience with car...
  16. nickb411

    Radar Detector Mount

    Hi All, I'm picking up my 2017 90D at the end of the week. Step 1 is to get my Escort Max 360 radar detector installed. Because I live in Nebraska, there is no need for a fancy Escort 9500ci because I rarely run into laser here. Normally I've just purchased the appropriate Blendmount for...
  17. N

    Shhhhhh....Where should I install my radar detector?

    White Model S, 75D delivered in March 2017. I have read everything I can to figure out which detector to consider and where to put it. The answers are all over the map. Leaning toward Radenso SE mounted remotely only because the windshield has a coating? Is that coating story accurate...
  18. Z

    Escort Passport 9500ci Radar Detector and Laser Shifters

    Selling an Escort Passport 9500ci radar detector and laser shifter/scrambler kit. This was professionally installed, removed and in perfect condition. This is the most advanced system Escort offers. GPS enabled, software can be updated via USB port. Paid over $1900 before installation, asking...
  19. tornado

    Escort 8500ci/9500ci or Beltronics STiR on a new Model S?

    Hi there, I'm selling my 2013 Model S (131,000 miles on it!) with the old nosecone that so helpfully housed my 8500ci these past 4 years, and getting a new Model S. Short question - I'm not sure where to put the 8500ci's radar/laser receiver with the new Model S lacking the nosecone! Has...
  20. KBurbridge14

    Radar Detector for the Model X

    I know there are some limitations created by the X's "special" windshield, but does anybody have a Radar Detector setup that is successful?
  21. T

    Vendor We're Now Offering Dual Dash Cam Installation

    After many requests from Tesla owners. We are now offering the BlackVue Dual Dash Cams. This cameras have many different settings. You can leave them to record 24/7, to record by motion sensors and also to just record when the car is on. This carmeras also record sound. The front camera records...
  22. C

    Radar detector options?

    I definitely don't want to have a cord hanging down to charge my radar detector, so I am wondering if anybody has successfully hardwired a radar detector to their rear-view mirror. In the Model S it seems that you can jimmy off the plastic on the rear-view mirror and connect there. I've tried to...
  23. J

    Installation of a Radar Detector and Dashcam - I found switched power!!!

    Installation of a Radar Detector and Dash-cam - I found switched power!!! I recently hard-wired my radar detector and dash-cam and wanted to share my discoveries. My toys: 1) Beltronics Pro 300. 2) Thinkware F750 Dash-cam with TWA-X500F750 rear camera First and foremost, I used the advice...
  24. L

    Radar Detector - Passport

    I know there are a lot of older posts about this. I have not seen any since the new forward looking camera was installed into the cars. Has anyone been successful in wiring up a passport to the rearview mirror? Has anyone found the sweet-spot for the windshield placement? I just got my car...
  25. Shredder

    any change to windshield coating?

    Does anyone know if newly manufactured cars still have the special coating that blocks radio signals? I am going over my options for a radar detector and tollway transponder mounting. I have no issue with a garage door opener mounted on the sun visor.
  26. nspollution

    Recommendation for Installed Electronics, Minneapolis/St. Paul?

    I want to get a radar detector and dash camera installed. I have heard of one attempt that did not go well. I was curious if anyone in the Twin Cities has a good experience with one or both?