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  1. neilalexalover

    2020 Blue Model 3 performance with film body xpel and ceramic coating - Seattle

    Mileage -20,000 Build date - December Bought Dec 2019 Full body xpel wrap with ceramic coating ( value at $10K) Asking price - 50k Location - Seattle getting the model x refresh Hit me up if you’re interested.
  2. CheddarChiz

    Looking for Hansshow Power Trunk and Frunk installer around Seattle

    Hello, I hope I'm posting in the right subforum. I just reached out to the installer recommended by Hansshow for Washington State and they said that they are out of business. :( Does anyone know an installer around the area that is still in business? Also tried a quick search in the forum but...
  3. I

    Seattle - Model 3 OEM 18” Winter & Summer Tire Set with wheels

    Complete set of OEM Model 3 18” tires and wheels for all seasons 4 Summer OEM 18” Michelin Primacy tires 2000 miles driven - depth 8/9s - bought new for $1k Winter tire set OEM with 4 18” Pirelli Sotto Zero 3 run flats with wheels - 2000 miles driven - 8/9s - bought new for $2k (One wheel has...
  4. I

    PRISTINE OEM Model 3 18" Aero Wheels, Tires, Center Caps, TPMS

    Hey Everyone! I recently changed up my wheel/tire package on my Model 3 and am selling what was my winter set including: Four OEM 18" Aero Wheels, with Original Michelin Primacy MXM4 all-season tires, TPMS, and Aero covers, Center cap and lug nut covers (Sold Separately from Tesla for $50) for...
  5. apcautospa

    Vendor New Vehicle Delivery - White Glove Service at APC Auto Spa!

    New Tesla owners can now identify APC Auto Spa as the delivery destination to take delivery with confidence. Enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of having a professional detailer with you when your new Tesla gets delivered. We will meet you at the dealer in either Bellevue or Seattle...
  6. kimbahpnam

    2020 Model 3 LR AWD Red / Seattle Area

    Went from ‘17 MS 75 to this 2020 Model 3 LR AWD and looking to go to a Model Y primarily for the extra space. 7.5k miles. Took delivery in December. Haven’t thought of an exact price yet. Just wanted to get this up. Some small mods installed. Nothing that can’t be removed if necessary. Battery...
  7. alexhamilton71

    Black 21" Arachnid Wheels Complete Set of 4 Seattle $3,000

    Set of 21" Black Arachnid wheels for sale. No curb rash, perfect condition. Details: 4 - 21x9 Black Arachnid wheels 2 - 245/35R21 Pirelli Sottozero 3 tires (1,000 mi) 2 - 275/35R21 Pirelli Sottozero 3 tires (1,000 mi) 4 - Center caps 4 - Gen2 TPMS PM me if interested. Local pickup preferred...
  8. R

    Seattle Model 3 Delivery

    When can we expect Model 3 deliveries in the Seattle area? I’ve been seeing a lot of posts where people are getting their Model Ys but no updates on the Model 3s
  9. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Seattle, WA - Ballard Way

    Permit #: 6763164-EL Issued: 2020-01-08 What: Tesla to install 8 urban (72 kW) superchargers in the basement level of the parking garage at Ballard Blocks (Trader Joe's, Ross, etc). Address: 1416 NW Ballard Way, Seattle, WA 98107 GPS: 47.662639, -122.374975 As the work was permitted in...
  10. B

    Help checking out used Model 3 in Seattle

    Hi all! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, please let me know if not. I'm looking at a used Model 3 for sale in Seattle, but I am out of the area (CA) and would end up getting the car shipped to me. However, I'd love to have someone take a look in person just to make sure the...
  11. carter_seattle

    Tesla 2015 Model S 85D / 55k miles / Seattle, WA

    Our Model Y is on its way, so it's time to part with our family's wonderful Model S. Color - Midnight Silver Mileage - 56,979 miles Features - Tech Package with AP1, Pano Roof, Smart Air Suspension, Subzero Weather package Range at 100% SOC - 260 miles Additions - Eco Hitch, Model S Roof...
  12. RB88

    Reviews of Tesla Body Repair in Bellevue, WA?

    Hi all, Unfortunately my car got backed into some rocks at the edge of a driveway, resulting in some upsetting rocker panel and plastic moulding damage. I've been getting quotes for fixing (hoping to do it out of pocket). A Tesla approved body shop in Seattle want to charge over $3k, but...
  13. G

    Need to borrow (Seattle): Event Data Recorder (EDR) cables for 2016 MS

    Anyone in the greater Seattle area have EDR cables handy that I can borrow? Or are there any shops that have the cables/tools on hand that I can go to? I was in a very minor accident recently and was hoping that the event data could help my case in the insurance claim. I'm willing to drive a...
  14. T

    Western WA model 3 window tint? Seattle, Bellevue, etc.

    Seeking a review and recommendation of a auto tinting service that tinted your Model 3 . I've read about common problems like wrinkles in the large rear window and water getting squeezed into the car body.
  15. H

    Supercharger - Seattle, WA - NE Northgate Way

    Looks like there is finally movement on getting the promised supercharger at Northgate mall. Attached is a link to the permit submittal for one of the parking garages on 105th. Permit # 6722428-CN. Fingers crossed UVillage comes next. Accela Citizen Access
  16. P

    Recommendation on Seattle detailer/ceramic coating + ceramic tint

    Bought my M3 lightly used so it came with quite a few swirl marks. I was hoping to get a good detail and ceramic coating to protect the paint afterwards. I'm not a guy who cleans his car obsessively so I'm looking for something that will make it easier to keep clean. Not really interested in PPF...
  17. apcautospa

    Vendor +☕️+ Tesla Cars and Coffee - Seattle 10/19/19

    Hello everyone! Ceramic Pro is organizing a nation-wide, Tesla focused Cars and Coffee for Saturday October 19th. As the official Ceramic Pro Seattle Auto Spa, we will be hosting the Seattle location at our shop in Woodinville at APC Auto Spa. We will have a limited supply of T-Shirts to...
  18. C

    Walla Walla - Wall Connector Location

    Hey, Seattle, Portland, Boise and other Pacific NW Tesla drivers, Cruising to Walla Walla for some wine tasting? Check out Cottonwood Canyon Farm, an estate just 10 minutes from downtown Walla Walla that sleeps up to 16 with gorgeous views, a swimming pool, and a Tesla Wall Connector in the...
  19. Padelford

    New Seattle CHAdeMO chargers

    If you have a CHAdeMO adapter, there are two such chargers at a new Nissan dealership on Airport Way just north of Spokane St. The chargers are located in the parking lot north of the main building. One was ICE'ed by what looked like a non Nissan vehicle. Access to them is pretty good...
  20. K

    Model S 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine wheels and tires (Seattle)

    Selling set of lightly-used Model S Wheels and Tires in excellent condition. These are gorgeous wheels! Includes 2 Front tires (Michelin Super Sport 245/35ZR21) and 21x8.5" rims, 2 Rear tires (Michelin Super Sport 265/35ZR21) and 21x9" rims, 4 center caps, 20 lug nut covers, plastic bags for...
  21. aslam

    Urgent Request - Need a mobile charger in Seattle/Seatac/Tacoma area for a few days

    I'm in a bit of a bind here... and I'm hoping someone in the Seattle/Seatac/Tacoma-area can help me out. The Situation: A bit more than a week ago I parked my MS 100D at the Park N' Jet 2 long-term lot close to Seatac airport with about a 25% charge still remaining. Yesterday I checked my app...
  22. geoc

    Supercharger - Seattle, WA - Union Street

    Long awaited Seattle Supercharger is in permitting stage now! Record number 6685741-EL 601 Union Street - 2 Union Square underground parking 10 Stalls Urban Superchargers 5 Tesla Destination Chargers 5 Clipper Creek Pay parking at $6 first half hour. or $9 first hour. I think this will...
  23. K

    Electify America DCFC - NorthGate Mall, Seattle

    Came across this while checking out the planned NHL Hockey facilities at Northgate Mall. Electrical Permit for 4 stations in the NE corner of Northgate Way where Key Bank is located...
  24. M

    Seattle Body/Paint Shop

    Any recommendations on a good body shop in Seattle for a simple scratch on my rear bumper? It's deep enough that I want to fill it properly, but there's no other obvious damage. Also I have a few other minor paint flaws (to pitted bubbles) from delivery that I want to take care of at the same...
  25. R1Fast

    Seattle/Bellevue waiting room

    I couldn't find a waiting room thread for the Seattle area (apologies if I missed it), so I'm starting one. I can't imagine I'm the only one who got bent over on delivery recently around here. My delivery day experience - Reserved 4/12/16 - Configured 7/11/18 - 9/6: Delivery scheduled 9/28...
  26. iamec

    PPF and Ceramic Coating Seattle Area

    Hey All! There have been a few threads here and there about this, but they seemed dead. I wanted to see if anyone has personal recommendations for PPF and Ceramic Coating in the Seattle area specifically in the King County Area. It would be great to hear via word of mouth what you did and...
  27. C

    Ceramic coating for Tesla 3 in Redmond, Bellevue, or Kirkland

    I was quoted somewhere from 900 dollars to 1300 dollars. Some do windows separately. Any suggestions of places around this area? Thanks!
  28. modamoda

    Has anyone ever been to Sunrise visitor center (Mt. Rainier) with 75D?

    Thanks to Tesla, dense Supercharger network made us possible to travel long distance and almost everywhere in US. I'm currently living in Seattle area. While ownership of X 75D, I noticed visiting nearby National Parks(Olympic, North Cascade, Rainier) are somewhat concerning for me due to...
  29. UZJedi

    My new Model 3 has faulty battery. Needs replacement...

    Each day, since I took delivery last Wednesday, I faced my morning commute with a smile on my face and preset 80% charge in my new Model 3. As a first time Tesla owner I was thrilled to be driving my dream car. Rush hour traffic is no longer a dreaded experience when you're gliding in this magic...
  30. kartkumar

    WA: Tesla Archnid/5spoke Wheels for-sale

    Tesla Archnid 19 inch wheels for sale there are brand new in condition. Take off from a CPO delivered few days ago and wrapped professionally to prevent dings/scratches. Wheels/Rims only. No TPMS or tires. would make a great second set of Model S owners, looking to put on winter tires. i dont...
  31. modamoda

    Seattle to Whistler in Single Charge? (Winter+Heat)

    I'm ski bum who is living in Greater Seattle Area :) Actually, I was waiting for Model 3 but as many of you knows, dual motor M3 might not available next ski season (2017-18) So I'm considering to jump MS. But when I calculated 75D's driving range, it's one the fence. According to Tesla's...
  32. N

    Model X dash cam and XPEL installer recos around Seattle?

    Can anyone recommend shops that have done great work wiring dash cams and applying XPEL to their Model X in the Seattle area? I just got my X last week and would like to do my "preventative" maintenance ASAP, but want to find someone reputable, reasonable, and high quality.
  33. K

    Help! Air Conditioning problems - Road Trip in Progress!

    Hi there fellow Tesla drivers! We are on an epic road trip from our home in San Diego, CA to Vancouver, BC using our 2012 Tesla Model S P85. We are currently on the northbound leg at the Corning Supercharger. Between Vacaville and Corning, we noticed the vehicle seemed to be getting hot and the...
  34. B

    Relocating to Seattle - Charging options?

    Greetings - I'll soon be relocating from the Los Angeles area to the South Lake Union area Seattle for a job with a fairly-large-online-shopping-company :biggrin:. Until we find a permanent home, we'll be living in a temporary/corporate apartment in South Lake Union area. It's not clear...
  35. wilhelmspencer

    Potential NW Model 3 Owners

    Hi Everyone, I am in the Greater Seattle area and wanted to start a thread for discussions about the Model 3. I am an EV enthusiast and have been keeping up with Tesla news since they first built the Roadster. But like many people, I don't have the financial ability to purchase either the...
  36. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Enjoy Seattle for a week in our TESLA!

    When you think of Seattle, you’d be hard pressed (much like our coffee) not think of rain and grunge music but the truth is, Seattle has become a pioneer in many more areas than it’s dated clichés. Over the last decade, the Emerald City has become a mecca for technology. From hardware to...
  37. Z

    How long does the rear defroster take to work for you?

    Been really enjoying my Model S for the past month I've had it, but now summer has left Seattle and the morning mists have started arriving, completely blanketing my car in dew (I have to park outside for now). I'm kind of missing my rear windshield wiper on my old car. Ideally the rear...
  38. Tyrel

    EV + Solar Party! July 19th, Bellingham

    Everyone and their families are invited to an EV+Solar Party at the Haveman House near Bellingham! If you have an EV or a solar array, or an interest in either, we'd love to have you over! For the most up-to-date information about this EVent, and to RSVP, please check the Facebook event...
  39. A

    Mobileye Installer in Seattle/Tacoma area

    Delivery end of June. Want to add a Mobileye as soon as Xpel etc is done. Have any of you had Mobileye installed in the area? Who installed yours, and would you recommend your installer?
  40. D

    Considering a Model S in Seattle

    Hi everyone, I currently drive a BMW M3 and I'm considering a Model S once my lease is up. I have a couple questions that I was hoping other enthusiasts in the Seattle area might be able to help me with so I can consider the Model S. What is it like to rely only on public chargers when you...
  41. Y

    Owners in Seattle, Bellingham, or Whidbey Island area

    I am looking for a Model S to rent for a few days in early December. Backstory: My significant other and I love Teslas and plan to own one someday. She is coming back from a long trip and I would like to surprise her by picking her up in a Tesla. I've been in the Navy for 10 years and am...
  42. B

    Seattle to Portland and back

    Going to take the Model S to Portland this weekend. Leaving from the Kirkland area and will do a straight shot down to Portland on Saturday via I-5. I'll do my best to monitor power usage and charging stops. I know the trip will be much different once Tesla gets a Supercharger on the I-5...

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