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2014 60kw vs. 2015 60kw

I recently bought a couple MS's (one for my wife and one for me). I bought my wife a 2014 60 kw used with 13k miles and mine is a 2015 60w with 3,900miles on it. For some reason when I charge both to 80% hers is at 187 or 189 and mine is between 184-186. It also seems that hers keeps a charge better, but then again I drive a little harder. Is there a break in period for the batteries?
Maybe it is calculated by how you drive your car. If you drive more aggressive than your wife, use more kWh, it reflects to estimate.
No. The rated range is based on the EPA test cycle. It has nothing to do with how you drive your car. If you look on the energy app it will show you the estimated range based on your recent (5, 10, or 30 mile) usage along with the rated range.