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2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

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I didn't say ‘leaving the problem a week because someone doesn’t care’, I said that they problem seems to have been happening for at least four weeks of production with either no-one saying anything about it or no-one doing anything about it.

Since I posted the third wave of vehicles have started being delivered and so far it looks like the problem is sorted - so maybe they did manage to spot it while the first two waves were on the way and correct the problem.

I don't know how long it takes to build (assemble?) each car in Fremont from start to finish, so maybe I am being a bit harsh. If it's four weeks then they could have only detected the problem as the first wave came out of the factory in which case it was probably too late to sort it before shipping.

Nevertheless, they had a further 4-5 weeks to figure out the best way to detect problem cars before delivery and either carry out repairs and decide on a communication strategy for those they couldn't remedy - and we know that they didn't do that bit..

I also didn't say I would reject the car if it had a faulty camera, you have me confused with another poster there.

Anyway, nice debate, it's always good to thrash through this stuff and challenge each other's assumptions.
That depends on whether the problem is as people have reported - a cable that's too short.

As it isn't happening to every car you should be able to find the source of the short cables - presumably a parts delivery that was incorrect - and make sure the "wrong" cables aren't on the production line any more.

Second, you have almost five weeks while the cars are shipping to get a supply of replacement cables (or extensions) to your delivery centres so that they can fix cars *before* customers take delivery.

At the very least you get the word out to the delivery centres so they can tell individual customers about the fault and explain to them that it will be fixed.

What you absolutely do not do in the age of social media is stay quiet and let the customers discover the problem for themselves after they get their car that they've been so excited about for months because people will complain about poor service or products much more than they will praise good service or products. Customers will talk to each other and a small problem will be blown out of proportion. See Apple's bendable phones.

Literally all they need to be doing is checking cars before delivery, then saying to customers, "You have a faulty camera, but we weren't able to fix it before your delivery. If you raise a service call through your app we'll get it sorted for you". Right now they're making themselves look like they're not on top of the problem.

Every single pending owner reading these threads is expecting to have at least one faulty camera now and not one of them has heard a thing from Tesla, nor will they.

Tesla want to re-invent the industry, this is not a good start. I'm annoyed because I want them to do well, they have so many other things right.

Much as I agree with all of the above I've also got to remember that Tesla do not think like a legacy car maker. if they did then we wouldn't have 350+ mile range BEVs on the road today. Tesla are the sole car maker responsible for where we are now. If it wasn't for Musk then we'd have the same old same old from the legacy makers and the fossil fuel industry continuing to pump $billions into lobby the governments of the world to maintain the status quo.

Much as it pains me (and I'm nervously awaiting delivery on Wednesday) it is part and parcel of the "experience". They are getting better and will continue to get better. Giga Berlin will transform the delivery experience and hopefully bring new designs and a lot more quality. Remember, Tesla is 17 years old. The other car makers have had, in some cases, over 100 years to get it right. And yet virtually none of them have tried to meet the challenges caused by their devices. Hell, even with Tesla now eating their breakfast most of them seem destined to stick with the old ways. i guess someone has to be the last horse-and-cart seller in town.

So yeah, Tesla aint perfect. These are growing pains. But they are the sole reason why we have BEVs on the road in quantity at all. I'm prepared to give them some slack.
On Friday Tesla told me that I won’t get the registration until I collect the car on the 15th. But then I see others on here getting registrations. Is it just pot luck who you speak to? Would you recommend calling again to try someone different?

Seems unlikely, most people have been getting theirs about a week before delivery - so about the 8th in your case.
On Friday Tesla told me that I won’t get the registration until I collect the car on the 15th. But then I see others on here getting registrations. Is it just pot luck who you speak to? Would you recommend calling again to try someone different?
I’m still due on the 15th and had no delay text yet. Received my final invoice and email to pay today. Invoice had my reg details on there.
My guess would be your car is on the GLOVIS CRYSTAL, for two reasons. 1) It takes a few days to unload and inspect the cars, so a car arriving on the 14th is not likely to be ready for delivery on that same day and 2) the GLOVIS CRYSTAL has been loitering for three days, causing her to arrive later than planned.
Yes it can be, i'm living in Belgium and need to pickup the car in Antwerp, that ride is not that long. We will see what happens.

Yeah, I know, but the same thing goes for the GRAND AURORA, which, last monday, delivered her cargo directly to the place where most people in the Netherlands go to pick up their cars: the Koopman Terminal. And even then it takes at least a few days. I'm not sure about this, but I think the first deliveries haven't even took place.
Hi Rab

how was the handover? Mine is coming on Thursday...was it the Tesla people or a contractor?

A contractor (based in Watford), with a flatbed; he was only doing mine on Friday, but sometimes has another on a trailer too, and sometimes does more than one trip from Chertsey.
One it’s collected, you get a text with ETA and tracking details so you can follow his progress, and he also calls. I could see him on the tracker approaching our area so was in the road to meet him and direct him to our drive (not obvious from postcode alone which sends some up the wrong way). He unloaded it, took photos to show delivery, I inspected externally, and he was away. No paperwork (but needed to sign a pdf sent via email, later). A call from a Tesla delivery guy about 3 hours later to confirm delivery - and with the incorrect plates! (he arranged for someone to attend first thing next morning to correct that!) and he switched on the app & Premium connection.
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I ordered mine in August too but through NHS Fleet and FINALLY just got my RN today. no VIN or Car Reg but have been told back end of December. Also going for an M3P in Midnight silver

Classic Tesla organisation - So I got a phone call this morning from Tesla because apparently his manager told him that I wanted to reschedule my delivery date...I have not yet received me delivery date. o_O

Asking to move from the 19th to 22nd. No thanks, I’ll keep the 19th please :p

Will be almost 4months to the day of ordering my M3P. Happy Christmas to me
What delivery date have you been given and where?
I haven't been given one yet. I managed to get my RN number from my leasing company and called Tesla. They could tell me what ship it is on but there was still something outstanding from the Tesla enterprise team (who knows what), so even though they already have my VIN they couldn't tell me anything more at the moment. At least I know it is not far away now
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