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Any good places to rotate tires near MA/NH?

I picked up my T on June 30th, I've already driven 4500 miles on it. They are 19' wheels, so I saw that they need to be rotated every 6K miles.
The SC in Dedham and Watertown are still too far away, looking for a reputable place that deals with Tesla's often. Any suggestions? I'm in the Salem, NH and Andover, MA area.
I did buy the 4 yr service plan, but how many times will they rotate my tires for free? I was really just looking for a place that sells a unlimited/N-yrs tire rotation plan close by.
So there's nothing else I would need, like alignment?

Not necessary. Just a 21mm socket and torque wrench capable of ~130ft lbs. If you want to rotate diagonally, it may be a pain to have a place to put one wheel as the other one is still on the ground. Maybe someone else knows how to get 4 wheels in the air, without a lift. Swap a snow tire in/out?
The main problem when rotating (if you don't do it yourself) is that they may mess up the nuts. The nuts have a cap on them that is easily damaged.

As far as the "noise after rotation" goes, if you do a first rotation very early in the tire's life so that each tire gets a turn on the drive axle, you'll likely never encounter it. Also all tires get noisier as they wear down, so I suspect that's where most of the "louder after rotation" comes from. If something caused the tire to have an odd wear pattern, you'll get extra noise whether you rotate it or not.