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anyone else not too impressed with straight pipe noise anymore?

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That Ferrari looks like a lot of fun out in the hills. I've had plenty of straight piped cars (mostly diesels), but those days from my shouty youth are behind me for the most part. I still appreciate a rowdy sports car, but I much prefer the stealth quiet and smoothness of electric.

ok on a sports car is semi cool i guess or at least i have been conditioned to think so.

on a camray its rather silly.

2018 Toyota Camry XSE Growls: Just Listen

I still think the ultra quiet model s when it takes off like a bat out of hec is way cooler. Of course the s doesnt handle like a ferrari on the open roads.
Yaaawwwwnnn..The Tesla minivan smokes that F430 likes its a diesel riding lawnmower and that’s with the P90DL

For me, I still like noises. It gives a sense of connection to the car, knowing exactly what it is doing based on sound. Same goes with the steering, changing gears, etc. I love my Tesla, but it is definitely more of a feeling of isolation and less “soul”
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I love the sound of that Fcar, but the noise still makes me a little disappointed. All of that sound - no matter how great it is - is just evidence that the car is wasting performance on noise and heat and toxic fumes.
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I've never thought it was "cool," have always loathed it. However, I do think it serves a social purpose. It tells everyone within earshot "This person is a complete and utter ahole. Adjust your dealings accordingly."


We live in a very quiet neighborhood, but are straddled by two neighbors with matching Maserati's that seem specifically tuned to penetrate our windows with a tractor + lawnmower + blender + fart + chainsaw audio-mix that is irritating as hell while they broadcast their daily comings and goings to everyone within earshot.

I'll admit to putting side pipes on a 1972 Plymouth Duster 340 back in high school but I outgrew that before I hit 18. My neighbors are WELL beyond that age...