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Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Connections

Hi All,
Just recently purchased a 2018 MX 75D directly through Tesla. One thing that has been happening is that the car seems to forget that it has paired with Bluetooth phones and Wi-Fi networks. I then have to repair the phones and/or set up the networking. Not really sure what I am doing wrong, but I have had this happen several times.

I am able to connect our phones. Both my wife’s phone and mine are iPhone X. Works fine for that trip (able to listen to music, make/receive phone calls, etc). However sometimes when I come back to the car there are no phones listed in the Bluetooth settings for the car anymore and I need to repair.

Probably a separate issue, but I have connected the car to our home Wi-Fi network multiple times. When I get home, the car does not automatically connect to the network sometimes. When I click on the home network, it asks for the network password again. When I enter it, the car is able to connect to the network, but it does not seem to stick.

Also not sure if this is relevant, but my car has the MCU2. What gives? My old car could at least remember the Bluetooth connections.
I believe I can now reproduce this issue in my car reliably. I am running v9.0 (2019.20.2.1 5659e07). When I reboot the car, looks like both the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi are forgotten. This is not good. Guessing this is only happening to me with this software or more people would be complaining.

Just did a factory reset and problem still occurring. Sigh.