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Canadian invites coming!

I predict that once we get past this Q1 deadline and Tesla announces mediocre production numbers that miss their targets (1,500 / week?), they'll begin shipping to Canada to limit the US volume so as to extend the rebate for US buyers while pumping out cars and adding much-needed operational income. They already sell Ss and Xs here, so I can't imagine there's an inordinate amount of paperwork and / or processes to add / implement.

Sooo, any guesses when we see the first Canadian invite? I'll start:

April 20th
The consensus seems to be that it's imminent, so I'll go with July 1st too. Honestly, I would think that was fantastic! You hang around these forums long enough and you learn that what everyone thinks, tends to be too good by half to actually come true.
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I guess it depends on what you set as your chosen configuration. I set AWD and big battery so I can't see myself being invited before next year, and I'm fine with that. I can't imagine wrestling with an electric car that is RWD with all that torque. Would be a shame not to put the power down. The Model 3 big battery RWD still rips to 60 mph in 4.6-4.9 seconds. AWD 75 battery will surely be more like 4.2.