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Clear your cameras

There are two different cool ways to enjoy this great car: eyes and hands to The Power, or autopilot Let It Be. NOA keeps getting better, smoother, more like a skilled driver. Actually impressive. I use NOA on freeways > 95% of the time, with occasional autopilot on city streets. I'm looking forward to NOA on city streets ("FSD"). I don't really care about if/when Level 5. This is a very practical cooperative assist for now. IMHO well worth the money.

So? A suggestion. To minimize manual take-overs, make sure your cameras are clear. Recently I had some intermittent issues with autopilot, without any messages or explanation. I checked some dashcam footage and found out that ... my pre-flight camera dusting was way insufficient.

The first pic below is from when things were wonky. It even smears worse, like a Turner painting with a hangover, when the headlights get closer. The second image was after a gentle pass with glass wipes. Hmm. Guess which image the system computes better.



The software is relying more and more on the cameras. Give that diddle car brain (that you bought) a chance. Engage Reverse and take a good close look at the image quality. Check some dashcam footage. If after cleaning the lenses it still sux, have that camera warranty-replaced. ;)