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Does using Tesla Tyre Repair kit require you to pull the nail out first?

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I've never had a flat on my Tesla yet but my colleague was on vacation and she had a flat. She didn't have a tyre repair kit or a spare and had to wait for about 10 hours at -13°.

That got me to think about the Tesla Repair Kit I bought from the Tesla website.

I read the manual an it looks simple though I do have a question. Should I remove the nail out whatever that causes a puncture first before applying the sealant? Or is it as simple as just plugging it in and applying the sealant and then drive to a repair shop for replacement?
And a small nail with a slow leak is probably best just pumping up and driving carefully to the nearest shop who might then be able to properly repair the tyre.

If you use the sealant it basically sticks to the foam and makes the tyre useless.

Imo Tesla would have been better including a classic rope and poke style kit.
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Is there a specific Plug Kit you’d recommend? Also I’m assuming you plugged them yourself?

Yes I plugged the tyre myself. It was a front tyre which is a bit easier, since you can turn the wheels to fully expose the puncture. The counter-intuitive bit was reaming the puncture hole to make it bigger so that I could insert the plug. Without doing that, I could not push the plug in no matter how hard I pushed.

Plug Kits are all pretty similar from what I can tell, and not very expensive. Even the “pro” or “heavy duty” ones are about $50. They usually all come with the insertion tool, reamer tool, plugs and rubber cement at a minimum. Additional to that, it’s a good idea to get cut-resistant mechanics gloves for grip/protection, long nose pliers to remove whatever caused the puncture, and a retractable knife to trim the plug after insertion.

I got the plug kit below. You can get more expensive ones where the insertion and reaming tool have metal handles and everything comes in a pretty box.

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Is there a specific Plug Kit you’d recommend? Also I’m assuming you plugged them yourself?
I've done it a couple times, and would highly recommend a kit with T-handles on the reamer and plug inserter. Even after "lubricating" the tools with the repair liquid, it can take a lot of force to push the tools into and through the tread. My current kit is the Slime 1034-A repair kit - it's an old-style "standard" kit (not their fancy inflator/fluid gadget) with tools, plugs, and tire cement and the tool handles have held up very well.
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I don't think I'd leave any foreign object in the tyre for any length of time. It could do further damage as the wheel turns. Plug it if you can and you might save the tyre. I have driven thousands of km on a plugged tyre but did have to put up with a very slow leak.

But be careful of damage near or in the sidewall. As luck would have it my last screw puncture was at the edge of the sidewall (I had a spare so didn't have to drive on it) but the tyre place said definitely no plug for you.