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Driverless Tesla Model 3 Pulled Over By Police For Failure To Stop

TMC Staff

May 19, 2017
Who gets the ticket in this case? Tesla, the car or the owner? Like a lot of YouTube channels, DragTimes decided to test the presenter’s Tesla Model 3 on Smart Summon. But it did not go as expected. Brooks Weisblat did not see a police officer, ran a stop sign, and got his car pulled...
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Pretty sure this was a setup for video purposes. Notice the GoPro camera attached to the glass roof. Notice that the driver is not in the car.
The police always want you to remain in the car during a stop. Here he went to the far side of the car to get the perfect pic of the cop. The cop is smiling like he is having a good time.

Agreed. I think it's kind of irresponsible to not state the possibility that this video was a joke in the blog.

Have we seen any police reports about this event?
...Have we seen any police reports about this event?

No. But someone noticed the name of the police department on the patrol car and the Officer's name tag and called him up to confirm the event: It was staged.

The Officer was then complaining that the video should not disclose his name and his department and as a result of that, his wishes have now been honored. They are all now blurred on the video so people can stop calling the department up!
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Definitely staged to make a point, but really, that's kind of irrelevant. It occured on private property.

This has been a big topic among lawmakers and manufacturers for a few years now. Especially in determining fault in accidents.

Presently, most jurisdictions lean towards "it's your car, it's your responsibility". Which, I think, is the way it should be for now. He engaged it, didn't release the button, the situation would not have occurred without his influence.
Yes, pretty sure the law is there is no traffic law on private property. I'm glad to see though someone has thought this through, who will be getting these tickets once infractions of the law happen in the eyes of local law enforcement?

Good staging, keep up the good work. This took time to make, more time then I have on my hands these days.
You guys are 100 percent right that this is staged. I know the shopping center. There is no stop sign there, not to mention that they cop who pulled him over is not even incorporated in that part of town. It would be a Broward Sheriffs Officer to pull him over not this cop. 100 percent fake.
....no stop sign there...

The video shows that there is:

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