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Fit bike in trunk

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Has anyone tried fitting a road bike in the Model 3 trunk without removing the front wheel? I have a 56cm frame. Thanks!

I haven’t tried but looked at one yesterday at the Cherry Hill, NJ service center. I don’t think a road bike will fit without laying the back seats down. I usually pop both wheels off and put the bike in the trunk I don’t think that will work either, the wheel wells come too far into the trunk.


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I had to remove the front wheel AND the seat post to get my 54 road bike to fit. Length-wise, removing the front wheel probably isn't necessary, but the opening isn't large enough to fit the handlebars so they have to be rotated, which results in the front wheel being the obstruction.
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I just fit two folding "EuroMini Zizzo Via"Bikes ($300 US each) in the trunk without the seats folded down today. Really quick and convenient. I did separate the seat tube assembly from the bikes (quick release). Trunk closed without problem.
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I wonder if anyone has tried to put in the bike.. but putting the handlebars in the big well..

Yes, sort of. But gave up and used the Subaru Outback instead. The problem with the big well is that it isn't the full width of the trunk - it's in the middle, width ways. But with the front wheel still on, the handlebars are way over at the side, not in the middle so they won't fit in the well. I tried turning the handlebars so the front wheel was in the big well but that didn't work either. Taking the front wheel off makes it easy (Specialized Roubaix, 52 inch). In the end, I decided against it - my Model 3 was too new and I didn't want to mess it up. Will try again once the newness has worn off but will take the front wheel off. Don't need to remove the seatpost, but my bike frame is smallish so your mileage may vary. Oh well, another reason to buy an X or a Y to go with the 3 :)
My wife has a 56cm road bike with the seat fairly high. We can't get it in the 3 trunk unless she lowers the seat (no quick release) AND removes the front wheel. That's already more than she wants to do, plus she has a bad back so trying to lift and slide it in without damaging anything seems too much for her.

She takes her bike with her a lot, so she drives the X. (She says her S was easier, just because the load floor is a little lower).

If you want to stick with the 3 and also don't want to disassemble the bike, a hitch solution should work fine. (We had one on our first S).
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My 57cm road bike will fit in the trunk with the back seats up if both wheels are off, but the handlebars have to drop into the trunk well. It goes in crank facing up, rear derailleur fits into into the back right corner then the bars drop into the well. Cover the frame with a blanket and set the wheels on top.
With the seats down it will fit with the rear wheel on front wheel off, but it will not fit with both wheels on.
I just loaded my 57cm Bianchi Aria rear wheel first, front wheel off (like I've had to do for my most recent passenger cars). My seat post is "relatively" high, but I have several inches of clearance on both the seat side and the crank side.

My problem is that with the rear seats down and my driver's seat in its normal position, I'm crushing the rear seat head rest so I'll have to ride with the seat more forward than I like.