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Hansshow Frunk 2021+/refresh

Call hansshow... on WhatsApp.
Thanks. They messaged me back and connected me to an “engineer” who initially spent two hours sending me close up pics of things that aren’t parts of my car or this kit and Not answering me when I asked what they are, he then tried to tell me that I hooked the blue cables up to the wrong side of the car? That instead of being connected on the passenger (RH) side they needed to be connected to the driver (LH) side, even though there’s nothing to connect them to aside from what they’re connected to. I asked a bunch of questions they didn’t get answered, and then he switched gears to telling me that the two brackets need to be aligned in a way such that the lock bracket is as high as possible and the suction bracket is as low as possible, then to follow another install video he sent that shows the motor’s release cable should be tightened while the latch is closed until the latch releases?

These things are worth a try but it’s going to be a bit before I get a chance to get to trying it.
Just to update the world on this, we got it resolved by adjusting the double latch bracket with the original bracket as high as possible (with the latch closed to relieve tension) and the Hansshow bracket as low as possible, then releasing the latch, which caused the problem that it wouldn’t close because the tension on the emergency latch was too tight.

Once that was done it was smooth sailing.

If the instructions in any way conveyed these possibilities, this entire install would have been so simple.

Also the Hansshow customer service, while they tried, just absolutely sucked. They assigned me an engineer who kept just randomly suggesting the dumbest things, like telling me to switch a wiring harness to the other side of the car where there was nothing to connect it to. This should’ve been an easy fix for them and I feel like they made it 20x harder.