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How good is the FM & HD radio?

I listen to the FM radio quite a bit, probably 50:50 phone and FM. I rarely use Tesla's streaming options. Most of my FM listening is an HD music station. I think it sounds fine, but I don't have any other HD FM equipment for comparison.

I've never noticed song data display. Either my usual station doesn't do that, or Tesla doesn't display it. I've noticed the ability to switch subchannels, but that hasn't been useful to me yet.
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Lower middle of the screen. Displays RDS or the equivalent HD information (at least from most of the FM stations here in the Bay Area).


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The FM is the BOMB!

I love HD FM, and most of my cars have it, the sound quality is astonishing.

But I REALLY love that the tuner shows ALL available stations, including call signs if they are in HD, so you don't have to scan scan scan to find what you want.

Plus unlike every other car you don't have buttons you program to your favorite stations. Like 5 or 6 or my Volvo has 10 buttons. You can just keep adding favorites. I finally got all the stations I usually like in one car stereo. I even was able to add ones I didn't know and when I realized I didn't like them I just deleted it. No having to move all my channels down one button to fill the gap.


There is RDS. Several stations I have do not always come in via HD but they still show title info. I don't know how people are hearing bad audio in HD. My Model 3 sounds amazing when the channels come in good enough for HD.

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Using my Model 3 I turn off HD and tune in a channel and eventually the broadcast data comes up on stations that support RDS. This station isn't HD at all:


Some stations made the HD transition w/o ever doing RDS. Many in the country don't have either.

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Take your Audi to a Tesla store and try their Model 3. I did find a station here that has HD info but no RDS info. No idea what your Audi is doing. Or why HD sounds bad on your Model S. It's awesome on all my cars that have it.

Unrelated to the original post. But this thread got me googling HD stations in my area. One annoyance with the purchase of the car was the lack of AM band (for sports broadcasts).
After searching HD stations available to me, I discovered both Sportsnet, and TSN radio are available via FM HD sub channels. Amazing!!
So again, sorry not related… but figured someone else might benefit.