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How slow will our Screen get once the OS 11 cokes out that was designed for the massive GPU in the new Tesla refresh?

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I saw the new interface in some online pictures and it looks much cleaner and sleek but I am just wondering that the fact it is not designed for our orientation screen and lower GPU performance what will it will feel like? I hate slow unresponsive controls and I just got this damn thing.
any news about better AP support because of the extra GPU power On the new refresh?
I am pretty sure it’s the same, I remember someone on her saying the GPU is totally different. Can’t unfortunately back that claim up

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Ah I must’ve misinterpreted that as a separate computer for gaming and not MCU. Well that outdates my 3 month old Model S a lot 😂
interesting to me how much focus Elon places on games in the car. Would be interesting to see metrics on just how many minutes on average per month the games are actually used in the cars

I doubt very much Elon cares. Games are good for press and buzz. Personally in a house full of gamers, game consoles and gaming PCs, our total lifetime use of games in the car is less than five minutes.
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