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  1. H

    AC settings and displayed behavior

    Hello - I set my model Y AC on auto and have observed few things. Can you please share wisdom if this is normal. * On auto settings, the fan speed continue to show low no matter what the outside and inside temperature is. Sometimes I do hear fan speed go up but there is no consistent pattern to...
  2. J

    Regen issue?

    I have had my model 3 since March of last year. I live at 7000’ in Colorado and have started having issues with regenerative braking. It works leas than half the time. I spoke to the dealership and they simply said its functioning varies based on temperature. I asked at what temperature that it...
  3. J

    Model S 2016 85D - Can charge : Won't Charge

    For the past couple of months, for most of the time, my Model S has displayed the messages 'Vehicle Systems Over Temperature' and 'Charging Unavailable'. By rebooting and power downs, sometimes multiple times, and repeatedly pressing 'Open Charge Port' I am sometimes able to trick the car into...
  4. Sebat4

    Question for people who have ceramic tint

    Hey all, I just have a questions for people who have ceramic tint on their windows. What is the max temperature inside the car that you have ever seen while the car is parked in the sun without A/C on or windows open. I'm trying to see how much of a different in temperature it is with and...
  5. Jimt29

    Winter Weather - What Is Climate Control Settings

    The temperature has been set at 69 degrees since I got the car June 4th. I ‘m wondering what you other folks have the setting and why. Jump right in and give your opinion.
  6. refjamie

    [UMC] Handle Temperature High error

    Woke up this morning to a half-charged car and a 'Handle Temperature High' warning and the charge rate restricted to 5amp. There is no debris in the charge port, but looks like one of the pins is damaged. I've scheduled the earliest service I could, but that's not until 28th Jan. As I'm...
  7. jmatero

    Regenerative braking reduced warning

    This was brought up in another thread but got way off track. I'm coming from a Model 3 to Model Y and since the temps here started dropping (in San Jose area, daily temps under 65) I've been seeing a constant "Regenerative braking reduced" warning. Rarely if ever saw that in the M3 unless...
  8. P

    Air conditioning issues

    Hello everyone, I do have issues with the air conditioning, when I set it to automatic and a set point of 24 deg C (75), I’ll be fine for 20 – 30 minutes or more. Then I get hot air and the temperature in the car goes to 25 in the app. It’s really not comfy. I have to open the windows...
  9. push2eject

    How hot should the batteries get while charging?

    I had always assumed that the battery pack required some heating before high-speed DC charging, but that once the charging got underway most of the noise the car makes was due to cooling. I had also assumed that ~25°C was best for the batteries. See this (admittedly old) post which mentions...
  10. D

    Rated Range Cold vs Warm & Charging

    The Rated Range in my 6-month old SR+ is now about 237 when warm ambient and about 227 when cold (<30 degrees F). So charging to 85% when warm gives me a little over 200 miles rated range, but 85% when cold gives about 193 miles. Is charging up to, say, 100% when cold as detrimental to the...
  11. D

    Isolation Fault

    P85D 2015. August 20 ? Firmware update scheduled. Temp controlled Garaged Ambient temperature in 70’s. Next morning dash message “ cell low voltage undriveabke call service. “ but charge “49%” then everything black. No app connection either. For several months I have been complaining about low...
  12. GolanB

    Driving with Sunshades (Top and Rear) - Keeping the Wife Happy

    Has anyone had experience driving with Sunshades (top and rear) and can comment on whether or not the reduced visibility is an issue? I've got what might be a universal issue while driving with my wife, who hates the A/C! She's totally fine without A/C in tropical weather, and I'm much more...
  13. D

    Car heating up when parked upwards of 90 degrees farenheit

    I have a Model 3 LR AWD. The car appears to heat up on some days when parked at work. When I say, heating up, it is sometimes as high as 103F when ambient temperature is sub-freezing. The service center found nothing wrong (but did confirm that the temperature was high). Tesla claims the...
  14. M

    Southern Ontario change of temperature vs. Range

    What sort of overnight loss of range are you seeing in your Model 3? The weather is getting cooler here in Southern Ontario and last night was around the freezing mark. Noticed that i lost about 18km of range overnight. Is this in line with what you are seeing with similar temperatures?
  15. plasmo

    Changing temperature using Right thumb roller button?

    One of the features that I used a lot in Model X and S is the ability to change the cabin temperature up or down using the Right thumb rolling button. It doesn't seem to work on the Model 3. Is this something that can be enabled?
  16. R

    Displayed temp on screen not correct

    The temp where i am is currently 77deg with a nice ocean breeze (Long Beach, CA). My car is parked under a carport shade structure, however the display says 91deg outside temp and my app says the interior temp is 92deg. I just sat in the car and it is not. Do you think this is a software...
  17. C

    No fans on supercharging

    I’ve noticed that I have not heard the fans on my model S churning away during superchargering. This struck me as odd given how hot it’s been during the day lately and how when I plug in I hear other Tesla fans blasting the battery with cool air. Should I be worried? I queried it with Tesla who...
  18. N

    Temperature control

    I have my 3 now and absolutely love it. One thing it like is a way to adjust cabin temperature more easily. Currently I'm tapping the up or down arrow on the screen. Which is fine but difficult to find while driving as it's small. A slider or voice command would be better. Anyone found an easier...
  19. B

    interior temperature

    hey does anyone know where is interior temperature sensor ? i mena sensor inside car
  20. T

    HVAC temperature - changes on it's own?

    Good Evening, I have been finding over the past few days that the temperature in my car changes without me doing anything. My wife is the only other one who has access, and she's assured me she's not pranking me. I had my suspicions for the past couple of days, but today I actually caught it...
  21. fasteddie7

    Single digit temperature washing

    Just pulled in my (not heated) garage and looked at my salt covered Tesla. Forcast shows single digit temperatures for the next 10 days, just wondering what everyone is doing to keep their Teslas clean during this mess. I've used the touchless in the past around 32 degrees and other than the...
  22. D

    Colour and heat

    I am looking to buy and wondering about how much heat is generated with the large screen and glass roof. Ideally I would like a black one but I am concerned that my black dog will roast in the car. Any feedback?
  23. plasmo

    Tesla App and Interior Temperature

    On the Tesla App, I am able to see what the Interior temperature is on our Model X. But the app never shows the interior temperature on the Model S. Is this a feature that is only on the X?
  24. A

    Tesla Thermal Management System - explanation

    So I would like to explain everything I understand about Model S (very likely Model X is similar) thermal management system. Number in yellow is slightly to the left of the object it refers to. It's easier to open the picture in different window, drag it to the left screen portion while keeping...
  25. K

    Poor efficiency at high ambient temperatures

    I've collected a small amount of data using teslafi.com and noticed that efficiency tanks as the ambient temperature rises. TeslaFi.com Tesla Model S X Data Logger Temperature Efficiency Temperature Wh/Mile Efficiency % Miles Recorded 60 to 70 F 365.27 87.1 13.79 70 to 80 F...
  26. AnOutsider

    Incorrect temperature reported?

    For a while now we've suspected that our X was reporting an inflated temperature via the app and dash. Today I was able to confirm. Both the X and S were in the garage, and the X was reporting 14 degrees higher temp than the S. Anyone notice similar?
  27. Old Man Mike

    Max Power vs State of Charge and Temp

    I've been collecting data from various threads in an attempt to understand how battery Max Power varies with battery State of Charge (SOC) and temperature. Here are the results so far: Since receiving my P90DL, I've been able to add some of my own data including a test of how the max power...
  28. D

    Optimal Battery Temperature

    I am not currently a BEV owner, so I'm just trying to get a handle on how the cold will affect BEV uptake for myself, and any other people in my region (Calgary, AB) that I happen to have this conversation with. For starters, I'm a winter person. I love snowboarding - backcountry, as well as on...
  29. Matias

    Battery warranty and temperature below -30C (-22F)

    I already wrote about this in an other thread, but I guess it is better to consider this question in separete thread I noticed, that Tesla´s North American warranty (I could not find European warranty online) states ; “In addition, damage resulting from the following activities is not...