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Is this dModel Y Panel Gap Normal?

I went to pick up my model Y today but I wasn't sure if this panel gap was normal (so therefore, didn't take delivery today). Does this look normal to you? I've noticed that the right side looks wider than the left side panel gap.


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Mine had that on both sides. I wouldn't doubt if I asked them about it they would say within specs. Does anyone who what they are quoting about within specs? Is there a book on it or discretion on their behalf?
There are nubs that allow adjusting of the panel gaps:
How to fix trunk and frunk panel gaps on Tesla Model Y

However, it might not fix that particular gap, as not all gaps are easily adjustable. From memory, I believe that gap can only be adjusted by loosening the mounting bolts, adjusting, and tightening again (although you can try to see if the adjustment mentioned in the link above helps). On the Model 3, I know having that gap being too tight is quite dangerous (have seen the trunk clip and deform when the bolts loosen a bit and positions shifts a bit, given there is no margin for error):

In general most gaps are "within spec" from 2-5mm (even if they don't match on both sides). Most manufacturers actually do have a reference in their tech manuals for every single gap for what is the acceptable tolerance. The number may be given as an average (+/- a tolerance). For example 3.5mm +/- 1mm (AKA 2.5-4.5mm).

However, not every tech actually checks that, they just say "within spec" by default. I remember for a Model X buyer, they found that even though the tech said their falcon door was within spec, he checked in the service manual and found it was way off (and he fixed himself).
Model 3 Frunk Fit tolerance
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@ps83v18 , Tesla just called me and said that this is "within spec". If I setup a service appointment, would they fix it?
My lift-gate had a very large gap on one side and tiny tiny gap on other, I swear it looked like it was rubbing on the side panel of the car. When going over bumps my trunk made thrashing sounds too. I had misalignments on all but one door. First SC said everything spec except the one door which was fine , they said was out of spec and "adjusted it"..and made it have a gap. Grrrrr. I took car to another SC and they said everything except one item was out of spec. The door other SC adjusted ws deemed out of spec too. Second SC sent car to body shop because SC said they did not have proper equipment to adjust lift gates. Body shop ended up fixing everything even the item that was supposedly in spec...I suspect to fix another gap they had to correct the "in spec" item. Good luck. It definitely is not easy to have the car sent to body shop. I think my trunk making horrible noises when traveling over bumps helped open up the possibility of having car sent to body shop.
I know it feels disappointing to see a larger panel gap than you would like. I had a misaligned door handle on delivery and a scratch on inside of door.

That gap doesn't look horrible to me. If your not satisfied with it I wouldn't accept the car. Unless it's really bad Tesla is going to likey say "within spec" and not attempt repair.

I always tell everyone if your not happy with something do not accept the car.