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Long, Semi-Grouchy review

I almost didn't make it past the overly long title sequence. I watched for a couple more minutes of him saying basically nothing before thinking, "how long is this thing anyway." 1h40m! Sorry I can't comment on the content.

It's really only about 40 minutes (which I only skimmed through, I'm not watching that whole thing!). The rest of it was him tinkering with the diagnostic port and seeing what sort of data he could get from it.
I dipped in and out.. OMG... you'd think someone that spent half the time with a timeclock running would get the date right. Not impressive at all. Especially the opening sequence. Cute, but I expect things I'm going to watch repetitively to have an opening sequence of about ten seconds.
If you plan on watching this, here's a tip, watch it at least at 1.25x normal speed. You're welcome. Actual review of the car is actually the first 40 min. He is pretty tough on the car and at Tesla at times but I respect the guy's knowledge and experience with all things battery/electric and I do find his "crotchetiness" actually kinda funny...like grumpy ol' grandpa. My favorite quote, talking about rear seats: "For kids it'll be fine. You wanna drive around with 5 adults, you got too many friends. You need to get rid of a few."