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Long time Tesla owner with a few questions about the New Model X

Hi guys, I’ve owned 4 Tesla’s, a ‘16 MX, ‘18 MS, ’20 M3, and a ’21 MS. I’ve been away from Tesla for a couple years (Lucid for the last year) and have a few questions about the ’23 MX. I see you can get a steering wheel again (hated my friend’s MS with a Yoke) but if I’m understanding it doesn’t have a signal stalk, wiper control, or gear lever as the previous non yoke cars did? How are the signals activated? How is the heat in the winter? My MX was TERRIBLE, but became tolerable with software updates. My other 3 were all pretty good. I understand the MX now has a heat pump and not a resistive heater, wondering how that works in below zero temps? (I live in Montana). How is the autopilot doing now? I’ve lived with every iteration of it for several years, when I first received my HW 2.0 MX I didn’t even have cruise control. Does it finally work really well on the interstate, or is it still leaving something to be desired? I’m not overly concerned with in town performance. How often do you have to wiggle the damn wheel to let it know you’re still paying attention? (my last MS would nag me every .8 mile, quite annoying on long straight stretches when I truly am holding the wheel and paying attention). And finally, how is the range? I ask coming from 200k of EV experience so I understand wind, weather, speed, blah blah…. My MX would NEVER achieve rated range, my M3 was usually about 80-90%, and both of my MS’s were really close to their rated range for typical 75mph good weather driving, I even beat it a few times without really trying on long trips. I’m looking at the LR MX which says 348, is it pretty easy to get 300-325 or no? (for those curious my Lucid Air Grand Touring rated at 503 barely gets 400 down hill with a tailwind provided I skipped breakfast at 75mph, I don’t see any way you’d ever achieve rated range in it unless you were babying it at maybe 55mph on the highway)

Thanks all! And yes, I could have spent countless hours searching trying to come up with individual answers to each question, but come on, help a guy out, I’ve been a member here for years and owned multiple Tesla’s, I’ve paid my dues. LOL. ;)
I don't have a new Tesla but I think:

.Stalkless: Correct. S/X/3 are now stalkers. You can look for the signal logos on the steering wheel and push to turn on.

.Autopilot: it should be the same as you knew it and you still have to deal with the nags. Since it's Vision only, there have been complaints of unintentional slowdowns (phantom brakes).

.Energy consumption: It still depends on all those factors just like before. If you train yourself to be a hypermiler, I am confident that you can beat EPA.

.Heat pump: There were complaints when switching from resistance to heat pump but it seems to be fine lately.
We have a Y and just traded our 3 for a X Plaid with a steering wheel and 20 inch wheels. Took advantage of the free FSD transfer this quarter. I didn’t like the yoke so went with the steering wheel. Still trying to get used to the turn signals since my wife and I alternate cars depending on who drops off the kiddo. I actually really like the on screen gear selection - it usually knows which way I want to go so they’re no initial selection. FSD is great on the highway but you do have to your hand on the wheel as well as be paying attention since the inside camera is monitoring so you can’t be looking at your phone or playing with the screen. They do plan on removing steering wheel nag and just use the interior camera eventually. You can get things off of eBay that makes nagging much less annoying. I drove across the country in our Y with only standard autopilot and it was amazing on highway. City driving with FSD beta is improving but not yet perfect. Still doesn’t pass the wife test consistently (especially if the lane markers are missing or some weird roundabout). Just got FSD beta back onto the X with hardware 4 and it does about the same as our Y with HW 3. Will improve once they train it more for HW 4. Range wise, it depends on how fast you like to drive. We usually stick to 10~15mph over and can get ~85% rated range. Either the kiddo, wife’s, or my bladder needs to go before we actually need to stop and fortunately there’s plenty of super chargers.
What in the world was wrong with leaving the damn turn signal stalk that has been tried, trued, proven, and is on virtually every other car being made? Oh sure, I’m certain I will “get used to it” and then I get in one of my several other vehicles and have to “get used to the old way” again. I was REALLY hoping with the steering wheel they put the turn signal stalk back where it should be too. Oh well….
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Just got a ‘23 Model X. The signal buttons are on left side of left roller control. Problem with this is when the wheel is already turned like when parked, you have to look at figure out left vs right.

Gear selector is also reversed. You slide upwards for D and downwards for R. I almost back into another car at school drop off.

Hopefully I’ll get used to it soon without incidents, but I have a ‘21 Model 3 with stalks and other ICE cars too that I drive regularly.