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Looking for an "inexpensive" used Model S

2013 Model S with 90k for $35k?

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Hey All,
I'm looking at maybe buying a 2013 Tesla Model S60. It's a very basic car and I don't think it has nav even. Which I don't mind since I use my iPhone for gps. It looks really nice but the miles are high almost 90k.

It's gorgeous and the seller says she bought it as a CPO a couple of years ago and is selling it because she's getting a model 3.

It has warranty left until 2020 overall and 2021 for the battery and drive. I met the seller last weekend for a test drive and she is asking $35k but Blue Book says it's only valued around $30k.

Still, I can't find any other Model S near this price and I'm not a rich girl. Do ya'll think this is a good deal? What's the car really worth? Should I go for it or stay away???
Sorry no, I don't have the VIN. In case I get the VIN number, how would I find out? Is there a website I can go to?
I do know it has the regular suspension (not air). Pano roof. Manual trunk. No voice or turn by turn navigation. Unheated fabric seats. No autopilot of course. What else would you like to know?
Look at the back of the car on the bottom. Beneath the color of the back. There's a diffuser there. Is it black or chrome? If its chrome this car has the Tech package. That was a $3500 option back then. The Tech Package contains the electric liftgate. If it does not have the electric liftgate, that's another way of saying it does not have the tech package.
You don't know any of us. You don't know if our judgement for your question is sound or reckless. From your tone it sounds as if you want to buy it.

Here's what I would do. 1) If the body panels and paint look good proceed to #2, otherwise pass. 2) Call your local service center and ask them how much they will charge you to bring in a S for them to check it out and tell you if the car is in good condition and if there are any updates or warranty tech bulletins they can apply if you own it. If the cost to do this "check up" is within your budget proceed and consider it "Insurance". If the owner will not allow you to do this, even if you invite the owner to come along, then, I'd pass on the car. Because why would the owner not want you to know.
Well, I do want to buy it but I don't want to be wasting money if it's not a good deal. I'm not too concerned about the condition. The warranty service/checkup was just done just over a month ago and the owner showed me the results. Some interior trim was replaced but otherwise the car was in good shape. What I want is people's opinion on is whether $35k is a good price for a base S with almost no options other than pano roof. I'm asking because the book value puts it around $30k and I don't know if it's accurate.
The car is probably overpriced a little. When you talk about Book Value, are you referring to Kelley Blue Book? Are you looking at trade-in value vs private sale value? They are actually pretty close, with private sale naturally being higher.

We don't know each other. The only thing we know about you is that you really want to buy a Model S -- which is a great choice! If several people here tell you it is OK to buy, is that the deciding factor? The other way around? How will you feel if you could somehow magically find out the exact right price and realize you paid $1,000 too much? $2,000? Will it make your life miserable or will you think that a little bit of money was worth your happiness?

None of us know your financial situation and hopefully you do (sorry, this is my finance undergrad/grad degrees coming out) and can plan accordingly. If purchasing the car at $35,000 puts you in a bind, no, it isn't worth it, but it also isn't worth it at $30,000 if it does the same.
I have two Model S only a few months old. If the offer price is right I may be temped to sell them. They only have a few miles on them. The white one is still fresh, but the blue one does have a few scrapes, but nothing major. They are pictured on the left. Available for San Diego pick-up only.
Well, they are sweet kids. Not sure if the parents will let them go just yet, maybe when they reach their teens. They do LOVE to drive Grandpa's Teslas. It does give an incentive for them to beg their parents to bring them over for a visit. They came over Saturday and stayed until Sunday night. The first thing they ask is can they drive the Tesla. They really enjoy it. They drive around the neighborhood for an hour or so before they are ready for a break. Then out again. The one thing it is good for, it forces me to do more walking. I still have them set for Low speed. Not sure I could keep up with them if I switched to High speed.
Also if you decide to pass I have a pretty bare bones P85 with a rebuilt title for sale. It didn’t have the tech package but I retrofited navigation. It has SAS, performance leather seats, dual charges. The paint is also in great condition as basically the whole car was just painted. Pm me and we can talk more if you are interested I’m looking to get around 30k.