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MG Cyberster concept EV roadster

Due to debut at upcoming Shanghai Motor Show.

Not quite Tesla Roadster performance but sub 3 second 0-62mph and 500 mile range still not too shabby.
Only a concept but still no sign of a proper folding roof. With the roadster I'd expect Musk to be driving with me to take my roof off and put it back on at that price. Maybe the MG will be right when it is released, which would be nice as the first car I ever owned was an MGB.
Looks great (bar the ridiculously large manufacturer logo).

Crap name.

Price might be difficult for some people, it's a lot of money for a car without an aspirational badge, but EVs have somewhat reset the needle on that I think.

I'm still really struggling with the idea of EV convertibles, mainly because I've been spoiled by some lovely V6 and VTEC stuff (in my yoof). Hearing the engine is as much a part of the theatre as having the top down, in my opinion.
MG used to be a sporty brand (what could have been if they had been properly managed). Recent efforts have been in the budget sector but look at Kia, from budget to mainstream (and upwards) over a decade.
I for one would like to see MG thrive.
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Seeing the price am glad my wife decided to buy herself a Z4 M40i for the same money as the 309hp MG version. Lovely in-line 6 cylinder noise provides the smiles when the roof is down.

Ideal combination as we will do low miles on the Zed with the Tesla being the daily.
Wish they'd do a coupe. Don't see the appeal of convertibles, they scream midlife crisis to me
My very first car at 25 was a convertible. But then, I came from riding motorcycles so have always enjoyed the open feeling. Either that or I’m just old for my years.

Either way, I am a big fan of convertibles and would like to have one again, in the future. The MG looks very nice at first glance and could be an option in the future as a second, fun car, however that £55k price tag does sting, somewhat…
Conertibles have a certain unique quality to them, hard to explain, like you're driving in a way that's different to everyone else. Definitely a very enjoyable thing in the right car, on the right roads, on the right days, but as said 3/4 of the year you're basically putting up with the compromises they invariably bring.
… and poor footed squirrels ...

but if they behave like rain, over 30mph they should sail right over your head…

Nothing like a convertible in bitterly cold conditions if you have a good heater. Only issues are torrential rain, rain if you can’t drive above 30, and driving into sun that just hits above the windscreen. And in modern cars, sun directly behind you that blocks out the solid state screens. Latter affects cars with panoramic roofs too.
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Wish they'd do a coupe. Don't see the appeal of convertibles, they scream midlife crisis to me
Coupe are more midlife crisis in my opinion, basically a saloon trying to look sporty, ideal for old people who can't embrace a real sports convertible. ;) You need a love of life and fun to drive a convertible. 90% of the cars I've owned are convertibles and my first car at 18 was an MGB. So I'd love to come full circle back to MG even though it is only the name not the original company. Although to be fair the original slogan of "Safety Fast" wasn't necessarily true when the MGC needed a bag of cement in the boot to try and keep it on the road when going around corners! Let's hope they haven't added that feature over to the ridiculously named Cyberster.

Not much space, but could work round most things, albeit can't take more than 2 people.
That is the best part no longer being the chauffeur! I can remember going into a dealer once with the 2 kids and looking at the 2 seat convertibles and the salesman said you do realise this is only a 2 seater, my answer was "oh no.... I thought it was a single seater". I hate being compelled into driving back seat passengers and piles of junk in my car, the smaller the better I think.

Ditching my 2 seat sports car for the M3 was a great financial suggestion from my accountant but I really crave getting into a fun 2 seat convertible EV. I don't think the MG will cut it but I can hope and the Tesla Roadster is a ridiculous.