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Model 3 manufacture month on driver side door

I took delivery of VIN 88XX in Portland Oregon yesterday. On the drivers side door you can see the month your car was manufactured. Mine was 3/18 so must have been shortly after the stoppage. Of note my VIN was assigned on 3/7/18 so that’s probably not shocking it was made in March. Its just above the GVWR.
I’m guessing my 72XX being delivered on the 29th will be a March build as well. I also received my VIN on the 7th.

Surprised about the recommended tire pressure. All my previous cars have a recommended pressure of 32 psi. I guess it needs to be 42 psi since it’s such a heavy vehicle.
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Tesla probably used 42psi to get better range numbers in the federal testing. So they then have to put 42psi on the door.

I doubt that, Model S and X have PSIs all over the place between 38 and 51 PSI. If they were doing it for EPA testing they could just make all of them 44 PSI or 51 PSI depending on the tires sidewall max. Take for example


P85D 19" tire pressure recommendation is now 50psi covers one change vs that list above, but the list changes frequently.

It's pretty clear they are changing the PSI based on vehicle weight and tire (brand/style/size/weight rating) not based on EPA testing.