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Model 3 on Turo in Kirkland

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There's now a listing on Turo for a Model 3 in the Greater Seattle area. My wife and I are considering renting it for a day before configuring. $250/day is steep, but potentially worth it to see how the "sports sedan" suspension plays with Seattle streets.

I saw a guy at the Lynnwood supercharger the other day who did just that. Said it kinda steep to rent, $300 a day. (He probably quoted me all the dollar bills that flew out of his wallet - taxes, etc) He got the Model 3 and it wasn't totally full, but he wanted to experience the charging process too. He got it for the same reason as you, to make it a long test drive! I thought it was a pretty good idea.
I've thought about it, but for it to really be useful it would probably need to be 3 days so that my wife and I can each try a commute day (autopilot test) and then also have a day of weekend to really check it out. A grand is too much for that IMO.

I'm probably low enough on the list that there will be enough of them around that the Turo price will be down to ~100/day before my configuration date though.