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Model S handles grape soda spill with grace (sorry, no pictures)

Did a road trip to Detroit this past weekend and while turning on the the NY Thruway I saw a purple blob go flying into the passenger seat. Half a can of discharged grape soda later I pulled over to the side of the road and assessed the damage. After mopping up an inch deep puddle of soda from the seat (so glad I had plenty of napkins) there was nothing to indicate that there was ever anything there. No stain, no stickiness, nothing. Fortunately the spill was entirely contained in the seat and Tesla's treatment of the leather kept everything under control.

During the post mortem "discussion" with my daughter it turned out she had set the soda can on the back of the armrest while she was doing something else and forgotten about it. May be time to spring for the rear center console to get some back seat cup holders ...
No food or drink allowed in my car including coffee. Problem avoided.

I felt the same way for the first 6 months or so of ownership ... with an exception for myself, of course. But two 8 year old girls on a 14 hour road trip equals food and drink in the car :) I've put 37,000 miles on, including about 10,000 in long road trips. I'm much more relaxed about these things now. Besides, it beats the puke on the back seat floor on the way skiing one morning :crying: