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My service experience

Discussion in 'Model S' started by derekt75, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. derekt75

    derekt75 Member

    Jul 16, 2012
    San Jose, CA
    This post details my Tesla service experiences in the last 4 months.

    The executive summary: Tesla has some nice, hard-working people in service, but they need a whole lot more service advisors in Fremont and Menlo Park.

    Specific complaints:
    There should be a higher chance of speaking to a service advisor when you call.
    Service advisors should be able to return your call at least within an hour, if not within 20 minutes.
    The ability to email a service advisor could be helpful. [email protected] doesn't seem to get through to your advisor, though.
    They seem to be lacking in some back end tools that ensure they don’t forget what they said.
    Ranger service should leave some documentation of what was done.
    I’m surprised that my car was returned with a lower SOC than when it left. Yeah, this is normal for gasoline cars, but it surprised me in this case.

    Specific things I liked:
    Even when I was persistently calling Tesla over minor concerns, they were always polite to me.
    They were willing to call me well after they should have been able to quit work for the day.
    Everyone I dealt with seemed nice.
    Pickup/dropoff was easy.
    I think being able to make an appointment 1 week in the future for a non-critical issue is reasonable.
    Washing and vacuuming the car is very nice of them. I didn’t expect that.

    And now the gory details….

    On January 22nd, I tried calling Tesla service. I got a voicemailbox, so I tried email instead. I listed the following issues:
    1) 12V battery needs service
    2) Flaky 14-50 adaptor to the UMC
    3) Left rear seatbelt doesn’t move smoothly
    4) Car not waking up happily

    I got a reply that item (1) would be fixed in FW, and that for the other issues, they’d contact me.
    I got the FW fix the next day, and it fixed problems (1) and (4). I didn’t receive a contact on the other issues before I had to reach out to service again…

    On January 23rd, (my 2nd time driving with the new FW), my car went into limp mode (“Car needs service… Please pull over”). After limping for 5 seconds or so, the car came back to life, and I drove it home. I sent an email, but after not getting a reply for a few hours, I called. I was told they were busy but they’d call back. They did call back, and said that they weren’t sure what happened, but if it was fine now, I was fine. We started talking about the seatbelt and flaky adaptor, and they said they could schedule me for service in a few weeks and they’d call back to make the appointment. They didn’t call back.

    Fast forward to March 22nd, I call the 877 Service number on Friday evening requesting service:
    1) Flaky 14-50 adaptor to UMC
    2) Left rear seatbelt doesn’t move smoothly
    3) Left rear door occasionally opens itself and occasionally refuses to open
    4) Front right speaker makes a crackling sound over Slacker/USB stick (not FM or Bluetooth)
    5) Interior cabin temperature reads about 7 degrees hot
    6) Charge port door occasionally doesn’t open
    7) P85 badge and spoiler would be nice, if available.

    My call is answered, and they ask if I’m available Thursday 3/28 @ 9am. I was having some pool work done then, so I said 3/29 would be better, so we set up ranger service on 3/29.

    Later on, I realize, hey, why not do them both on the same day? Car service and pool service, so I can be around for both… So I call the 877 service number Saturday morning to ask about switching days. I get through to the Fremont advisor who tells me he’ll check and get back to me. I wait around for a half hour, and don’t get a call, so I try calling back. He’s unavailable, so I leave a message. Two hours later I call again. He’s still too busy to check. Late Saturday, he calls me back and says he can do Thursday, just be sure to send the flaky UMC. I get confused, “send?” “yeah, when they come to get your car, send the UMC”. “Oh, I thought you were sending a ranger to me, not sending a trailer to get the car.”

    Thursday 3/28 arrives. The pool guy comes and goes, so around 10:30 I call Tesla and am told that he’s on his way. He arrived shortly after. The ranger tells me he’s not picking up the car, but will service my car at my house. We talk through the issues, and it seems that the only issue he’s prepared to deal with is items (3) and (7) above. For (1), he brought a UMC, but no adaptor. He says that they can mail me a new adaptor. Anyway, I head off to work and leave him to it. When I get back, the key is where we agreed it would be, and the car has a new badge and spoiler, but there’s no indication of what else happened.

    I try calling service, but struggle to get through. After a couple weeks of trying to get through, I do get a hold of Fremont service, and get a new guy. He suggests I drop off the car in Fremont. I explain that I paid for ranger service, and that would be more convenient for me. He acquiesces: okay, we can send someone out if that’s what you want. It is. So we schedule a week or two in the future, 4/18 for service.

    4/16, my wife tells me that she wants the carpool sticker car on Thursday. So I try all day Tuesday to get a hold of service to let them know to send the ranger to a different address. I finally get through on Wednesday. The service advisor has no record of the appointment I set up the previous week. He tells me that he can pick up my car on Monday 4/22.

    Sunday 4/21, 9pm, I get a call asking what address to do the pickup at. He said he thought he remembered us agreeing to pick up the car at my work (also the way I remembered it), but that his computer had them picking it up at my wife’s work. I’m glad he could remember the conversation!

    The car is picked up without a problem on Monday, 4/22.

    Tuesday, 4/23, around noon, I call to ask how it’s going and leave a message. Tuesday night, around 7pm, I get the reply:
    1) I forgot to send the bad adaptor, but they’ll send one when they return my car, anyway.
    2) They removed an extra glide that shouldn’t have been there.
    3) We’re guessing the ranger fixed this.
    4) Software bug. Wait for update.
    5) Nothing they can do.
    6) Can not duplicate. No action taken.
    He schedules delivery for Thursday 4/25.

    Thursday comes, and my car is delivered. It came with an “invoice” detailing my complaints and what they did (or didn't do) to fix them. There was still no charge cable adaptor, though. The driver took some pictures and says that they’ll mail me one. Hopefully they will this time.

    My biggest frustration has been getting a hold of someone. Maybe 10% of the time, I can talk to a service advisor. Around 20% of the time, I don't even get past the main 877 switchboard to Fremont service.
    My next biggest frustration is the way things keep changing. It's a ranger service, no it's a pickup, no it's ranger service. We'll send the adaptor. We'll send the adaptor. We'll send the adaptor.

    Yes, I'm still glad I own a Tesla, and I'm happy to cut them some slack. However, if Audi's service center seemed this overworked and disorganized, I would be disappointed that I had just bought an Audi and would do my best to avoid them except for warranty service.
  2. Mnlevin

    Mnlevin Member

    Feb 4, 2013
    South Florida
    My take is they are simply OVERWHELMED delivering new cars. I was at the Dania SC yesterday, there must have been 30 cars there waiting to be delivered, and another truck pulled in at that time. My car is coming next week (told it is on the road) but from what I can see, it will probably take 3-4 days for them to work through all the ones they have sitting there waiting to be delivered. I dont know how they can do it, there is not enough space, and maybe not enough techs either.
  3. Kleist

    Kleist Member

    Dec 26, 2012
    San Jose, CA
    Same here - very friendly but overwhelmed. I hope some of the issues will be addressed tomorrow. Also I hope they will open a service center in the South Bay soon to take some pressure off Menlo Park.
  4. Owner

    Owner Active Member

    Dec 20, 2012
    San Francisco Bay Area
    I've commented on this before. They are all very nice but totally overworked. I think they are squeezing the service folks way too much in order to be profitable.
  5. dtich

    dtich #P708

    May 31, 2012
    Los Angeles
    +1. similar experiences.

    besides being understaffed/facilitied (here in socal anyway) they are in desperate need of a serious service tracking system. i've called/emailed about similar issues as the op and had the same friendly responses several times, and after now weeks, still no resolution. the only thing i managed to take care of was a second umc, which i ordered on the web....
  6. Suzieq

    Suzieq Member

    Dec 27, 2012
    Oakland, CA
    derekt75, be sure and email this statement to the proper authorities at Tesla. Perhaps G. Blankenship... Feedback is good.
  7. Sousaphil

    Sousaphil P2,595

    Mar 2, 2012
    Denver, CO
    I am having a similarly poor service experience. I'm disappointed to hear that bad service isn't isolated to Arizona.

    I have been experiencing a malfunctioning panoramic roof for over two weeks.
    1) Monday, April 15 I called the ownership experience number and left a detailed message for the Inside Service team
    2) Having heard nothing from Inside Service, I called the Scottsdale retail store because we don't have a service facility here yet.Scottsdale retail put me in touch with one of the local service reps.
    3) I had a conversation with the service guy who wanted me to do a system reboot to make sure it wasn't a firmware issue before scheduling an appointment. I performed the reboot that evening to no success.
    4) Spoke with the service guy again on Thursday, April 18 morning to schedule an appointment. They were busy and couldn't fit me in until Tuesday. Tuesday was fine by me.
    5) Working from home on Tuesday so they could come and take a look at my car and/or pick it up as they stated.
    6) When no one showed up before noon, I called and left a voicemail for my service guy.
    7) When that voicemail went without response for an hour, I called back.
    8) Service guy informs me that he forgot to schedule from home day (and the associated calendar wrangling) wasted
    9) They pick up my Model S at work the next morning around 10:30. I told them if they needed it for more than 4 hours, I'd need a loaner car because I had commitments that evening.
    10) Didn't hear from them until after 5pm. They said they would need my car at least for the morning of Thursday, April 25, so I said I'd need a loaner car immediately to make a 6:30 appointment.
    11) I have the choice of a Chrysler 300 or Nissan Leaf from Enterprise. I opt for the Leaf for the HOV plate.

    12) It is now Friday, April 26 and they've had my car for over 50 hours. The roof isn't fixed yet, they needed a glass specialist to remove the roof, then they could fix the part, then they will need to have the glass specialist come back to replace the roof. They don't believe this can be finished today...

    So basically I'll have a loaner car (Nissan Leaf) for at least 5 days for a jammed panoramic roof. I first contacted Tesla about this issue on April 15 and it's looking like I may have resolution on April 29. I am not happy.

    There's a substantial gap from this to "creating the world's best service and warranty program".
  8. TitaniumOverload

    Jan 23, 2013
    Northern Kentucky
    I have to give a quick counter point out here in "fly over country". I came out to the garage Tuesday and saw the dreaded "open driver's side window" and the "red ring of doom". Called Tesla service and after a couple of calls had a Ranger out at 8 o'clock that night replacing my 12 Volt and then overnighting a new UMC, the cause of the problem. Sure I didn't have the care for the day but in about twelve hours the problem was fixed and total time I had to spend on the issue was under 30 minutes.
  9. Sousaphil

    Sousaphil P2,595

    Mar 2, 2012
    Denver, CO
    Here's the latest on my little saga.
    I still don't have the car, Tesla has had it since last Wednesday. They finished the work on the roof today and the pano is operating as intended.

    HOWEVER...they apparently dented the A-pillar somehow, and now it requires work in a body shop. I won't have my car back until tomorrow at the earliest. Body damage while in for warranty repairs? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???
  10. steve841

    steve841 Active Member

    Jan 17, 2010
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Man that sucks! I dread having my car in for any service.
  11. Plug Me In

    Plug Me In Member

    Nov 29, 2012
    Central Virginia
    One week to get what is essentially the entire roof of your car replaced doesn't sound completely unreasonable to me.
  12. Sousaphil

    Sousaphil P2,595

    Mar 2, 2012
    Denver, CO
    They didn't have to replace the roof. It was a piece of the mechanism that opens the sun roof. The glass and any load-bearing structure was perfectly fine.
  13. VolkerP

    VolkerP EU Model S P-37

    Jul 6, 2011
    There is an explanation for "damage" to the A-pillar. Look what they usually do when working on the pano roof:

  14. aaronw

    aaronw Member

    Dec 19, 2012
    United States
    I agree with the comments on Fremont service. They were not very good about calling me back and the last time I had service done they were unable to pick me up or deliver my car back to me. I ended up calling a taxi to pick up my car after they had it overnight to fix a problem with the car not automatically dimming at night or turning the headlights off during the day. Also, the service adviser (Brian) was rather clueless compared to the others I've dealt with.

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