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Tesla Service Center damaged Model S Plaid

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Hey All,

I was hoping someone could offer some advice for dealing with Tesla bad service.

On 12/5, my Tesla needed some warranty work, which Tesla completed. Upon inspection:

1) The tint I added was cut on driver door (picture 2)
2) Paint under replaced left side mirror was cut and "touched" up. (picture 1)

Tesla did not tell me and upon inspection at the LOT, I immediately informed the service center rep. Got his email and let him know the situation and sent pictures of damage. He said the manager would get back to me shortly...

A week goes by and they said they "do not cover aftermarket accessory damage." This included no mention of the paint they damaged and tried to cover-up.

I am trying to reasonably work on a solution, but the manager will not even call me after asking numerous times.

I will NOT drop the service center and names here yet, but pretty flabbergasted at the treatment... seems like a pretty clear case of my vehicle was not damaged before and now and it is after Tesla's service visit.

Advice please... I am no attorney and do not want to be nasty and spend a lot of time on this.

Attached are pictures.


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You just have to push it hard and insist on speaking to upper management about it and ask them for the explanation of the damage, especially for the paint part - I cannot think of a reason that they will scratch the paint to get something fixed, for the tint I can understand in some cases and angles, rubbing it hard enough may make it comes off .. I did it before.
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I don't believe it will however, it will create a paper trail via the app and some sort of resolution must be met. It is also a record keeper for all the photos and correspondence that you engage in with them.
Going to do it tomorrow. I like that idea.

I created the paper trail with service rep and then I attached the chain to the main service center email.
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I dont know about now, but back in about 2015, Mobile service came over to the house, scratched my tint in an inconspicuous spot while changing a door handle, called me to the garage, apologized and told me that if needed they would be happy to re tint the entire car since the new tint would not match. The scratch was a dot about 2mm in diameter. I told him dont worry about it.
Moral of the story is the a-hole you are dealing with is not willing to take responsibility for their actions, and I would escalate until it's resolved.

Mind you, the fact that they call the tint an after market part, then telling you they "do not cover aftermarket accessories" is a complete crock.

They ARE responsible. Escalate until its resolved.
Often it depends who you are dealing with, Tesla as a culture really don't pay attention to how much you paid for the vehicle, price may be premium but not the service. I have faced one will go extra step to get it right, then another will just say "Sir, you are not the only customer" where I just simply ask a question and it is within his ability to check, when I told him he's rude, his reply is "Thank you".

It's getting worse since the early years with their growth. You just have to insist on speaking to a live person to escalate.
On my very first visit to get the tp brakes installed, the moment I saw a huge “NOW HIRING” fedex office & print center banner hanging above their service garage, I knew straight away the third world experience I’d be receiving for ironically the best sorted tech ev on earth.

SoCal Tesla service centers are a joke. I’m always amazed at people who will take their MSPs in for xyz squeak on seemingly a whim.

Parts sourcing another bad joke. Bush league tsc employees yet another. These are the important details that view hungry YouTuber reviewer/journos do not convey, yet matter a whole lot for people who forked over $ for the ride.
unfortunately this is very common when I brought my MSP in for a frunk repair they dented the hood smeared my carpets and white seats with dirty hands and missed a bolt that freaking bolt nut was left in my door pocket and it wasn’t even that small
I don't have anything to add other than they are responsible for damage they cause to your vehicle while it is in their possession. If you had "aftermarket" tires on it and they poked a hole through one, they'd be responsible. It has nothing to do with the fact that it's aftermarket when they damage it.
I don't have anything to add other than they are responsible for damage they cause to your vehicle while it is in their possession. If you had "aftermarket" tires on it and they poked a hole through one, they'd be responsible. It has nothing to do with the fact that it's aftermarket when they damage it.
Any reasonable person would agree with that.

I was just very shocked the service rep took such a hard stance against it and pushed back after threats of legal action if I didn’t even get a phone call… which I still haven’t.
It seems to me that Tesla does what Tesla wants to do. It's very easy, from a customer service standpoint, to just ignore people. It's for this reason that my current Tesla will probably be my last one. It's also the reason why I never really wanted to get a Tesla in the first place, they just don't care about service after the sale. For a company that says it's all about sustainability they certainly don't care about keeping their vehicles on the road for as long as possible.
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I have nothing at all good to say about Tesla customer service. If I had to sum up their service in three words, the words would be “they don’t care”. They are quite literally, shockingly inept and uncaring. Guess where it comes from. Yup, Moron Muskedine himself. Good, and bad, customer service, on average, comes from the top. If the CEO is an uncaring POS, then everyone below them who does not have a moral compass, will act the same way. I expected more when I purchased my $133,000 MSP. I love my Tesla, but I despise Tesla. Guess what; they do not care that I will never purchase another Tesla either.