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Non-refundable Order Fee

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As I was exploring the new gray wheels Tesla introduced today for the M3P, I noticed that the site is no longer requiring a $2,500 deposit to place an order. Rather, there is now a $100 non-refundable order fee. Less clear was whether this was an on-top fee or whether it gets applied to your balance.
[...]you would think Tesla could construct a simple sentence clarifying a pretty obvious question here.

That’s what I was wondering. I’m suspecting that the fact that they are referring to it as a non-refundable “Fee” and not a non-refundable “Deposit” means it’s an on-top additional charge, the payment of which is NOT credited toward the car purchase. Which means that this is basically another $100 price increase. And most likely, this is only the start of what I’m sure will be a steady increase in this and other fees. Although never popular from the consumer perspective, I see the introduction of these fees as just another evolution of the business model to work toward profitability.
I ordered my 3 today and all of my final pricing documents show the $100 coming off the balance due.

I agree with Ssmtsx, I ordered mine today as well and it shows -$100.00 on the pricing Amount Due

Thanks for the info. Not to beat a dead horse, but just confirming that they didn’t add the $100 order fee to the price of your car before crediting you for the payment. Correct?