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P85 19" wheel width and max tire width?

Anyone know how wide the wheels are on a 2013 P85 19" stock wheel? What is the widest tire I can install for the rears?

I currently have 255/45 tires which fit, but I'm considering putting some 265/45 tires on the rear for better traction. Still getting some slip with max acceleration from full stop.

In case anyone comments that the front will rub, I plan to stick to stock 245/45 tires for the front, just wider tires for the rear. I don't mind the faster wear or loss in range. However I don't want to go 21" either to minimize wheel damage on bad roads (eg potholes / bumps)

Just did a little research.

I currently have Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 tires. I like them and want to stick to them.

Hankook's website shows available tire sizes I'm interested in for my rears:

255/45/19 (what I currently have)

265/35/19 (side walls too thin and small / rougher ride / more likely damaged on deep potholes?)

275/40/19 (will it fit? will it rub in the rear? actual side wall height is 110 versus 114.75 on the 255s)

So looks like I can either stick to the 255/45/19, or go to 275/40/19 if they fit stock 19" rims. I'm going to avoid the 265/35 for the same reasons I didn't want to get 21" wheels

What do y'all think?

PS I'm running springs, not air suspension, if it matters much for fitment...

PPS anyone know what the offset is for 2013 stock 19" wheels?
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If your stock rims are 8" wide, the tire widths you're listing are way too wide. The rim-to-tire width ratio is way off. Even a standard 245 width tire on a stock 19", 8" wide rim is about as wide you should go from a handling/cornering perspective. Ideally you would need wider rims if you decide to go with tires in the 265-275 width. The owner's manual lists the offsets and factory rim/tire sizes.