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  1. J

    No Location Services setting in iOS Tesla App - Key

    Ok, so my wife is ready to drive our Tesla Model Y into a wall. Her iPhone 11 Pro Max basically no longer works as a key for the Tesla. We have deleted the phone from the car, and set it back up. We have deleted the app on the phone, and reinstalled. Neither helped. I of course have scoured...
  2. helvio

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Wireless Charging

    Hello guys, I got my new phone with a case (otterbox magsafe). It's not too thick, neither too thin. It can be charged wirelessly, but only if I remove the phone's "foot rest" (spacer?). I suspect the extra height (not thickness) from the case misaligns the coils. I was wondering - any of you...
  3. BZM3

    AT&T Issues with Tesla App

    I have seen a few threads that make note of a potential connection, but haven't found a specific thread to this (post link if I am wrong). There seems to be a common issue recently in that AT&T users are unable to connect to their car through the Tesla app through cell service (not wifi). The...
  4. Jimt29

    Model Y And The iPhone

    In iPhone Settings/Bluetooth there is “Tesla Model Y Jim T” Not Connected. Does anyone know what might be affected by that? The iPhone Tesla app seems to work ok and the phone Key works ok.
  5. K

    Correct iPhone settings for bluetooth unlock?

    Walk-up and unlock doesn't ever work when my phone is locked and in my pocket. I always have to physically remove my phone from my pocket and then either hold it horizontally or unlock the phone itself before pulling on door handle actually unlocks the car. My guess is that the gyroscope moving...
  6. S

    method: getOnBoardingData()

    Help! Delivery day is coming up for me and I get this error code when I try to log onto the app: method: getOnBoardingData() server failed to response. Is the server running? I know I have limited access until delivery but I should be seeing video tutorials and a welcome message. How do I fix...
  7. D

    Waze Perform Like iPhone App On Model 3?

    I've seen a lot of discussion about Waze on Tesla and TeslaWaze but I haven't seen a definitive answer to my question: Is it possible to get Waze to perform like the iPhone Waze navigation app. All I've been able to get is a static map with active icons. Do I have to use my iPhone to get the...
  8. R

    iPhone Charging using Rear USB-C

    I bought a USB-C to USB-A adapter from Amazon but it won't work charging our iPhones although it worked when plugged into a PC. Aside from the official iPhone USB-C to lightning cables, has anyone have any success with adapters or 3rd party USB-C to Lightning cables?
  9. J

    Bluetooth issue

    Anyone having issue with phone calls over Bluetooth? I have MY performance and running 12.11 -my iPhone is connected with no issue, but during calls I hear in the car "clicks" on the speakers, when that happened the other side can hear me in and out.
  10. klandersnitrox

    Profile not following user - (Iphone Keys)

    So I am sure we don't have something set right but I figured this group would know immediately (Thanks for the help ahead of time) When I have been in the car last and my wife gets in the car it still try's to set everything up to my profile. She can quickly change the profile on the screen...
  11. jmatero

    Moving from my CarPlay car to new Model 3

    Expecting my new Model 3 soon and while driving to work, realized how much I have come to appreciate Apple CarPlay in my BMW (and past cars). I'm sure AndroidAuto users can relate. The things I've come to appreciate: Can open Garage door from CarPlay... no HomeLink required... even based on...
  12. mnewman

    Model S Bluetooth issues, no Siri responses, v10

    Starting with either 10.1 or 10.2, I'm experiencing Bluetooth issues with my Model S (2013 S60). 1. The volume indicator on the phone frequently pops up, switching from Bluetooth to "regular" volume. 2. Siri responses no longer sound through the car speakers. For example, when I say "Hey Siri...
  13. briancul67

    For sale: Model S/X Quick Connection iPhone Dock and / or extra Lightning cable

    Almost new complete iPhone dock for $30 including domestic shipping. I also have an extra iPhone cable for $18 including shipping. Details: Enhance the cockpit ergonomics of your Model S or Model X with the Quick Connection Phone Dock. No longer having to fiddle with loose charging cables...
  14. M

    Phone Key range to big?

    I park my M3 in my driveway about a meter outside my front door. I have Phone Key setup on my iPhone 11 and was shocked to find out last night that I could unlock the car doors while my phone was still in the house. I’ve tested this morning and noticed that I could unlock the car with the phone...
  15. longshadows

    Latest on SentryCam with iPhone

    SentryCam is great, but hard to use, especially to view recent "events" Until Tesla provides a way of viewing camera recording on the Tesla screen, we have to rely on 3rd party apps. Recently, there has been discussion about the vulnerability of thumb drives, as opposed to small memory...
  16. W

    View Sentry and Dashcam footage on your iPhone

    After getting a Model 3 about a month ago I decided to make an app so I could view my Sentry Incidents and TeslaCam footage on my phone. It uses iOS 13's support for reading USB drives. You can download it here: ‎Dash View for Tesla Cars. You can just plug in your drive, and then view your...
  17. E

    Show off your phone dock/holder in the MX

    Pretty new 2019 MX owner (raven). Would like to see how you all setup your phone dock/holder. I bought the Tesla made quick connection dock, but it doesn't work well with my iPhone 11 (not sure if designed to hold the new model). Looking to see what you have all done (or not done) and ideas...
  18. boaterva

    iOS 13 New Paragraph Issue

    All of a sudden, new paragraphs in posts with iOS 13 do not start with initial capital letters. Minor point but a real pain to backspace and correct. The thing is, I can’t duplicate in mail or elsewhere and have no idea why it would be only in forum posts. Any ideas? examples are (right...
  19. H

    Wireless Fast Charging for Iphone

    I bought a Jeda wireless charging pad. I have an iPhone XS Max. Is there a way to configure the charger for fast charging? What equipment is needed? Thanks!
  20. polinter

    iPhone 10x...caller can’t hear me on Bluetooth

    I have a 2019 Model X. My software has the latest updates. I have been having a regular but random problem with the Bluetooth in my vehicle and my phone. The phone and the vehicle both say they are properly connected yet many times the person on the other end cannot hear me. When the phone...
  21. drewpost

    Stuttering Audio/Low FPS Rear Camera/Stuttering Alert Tones

    Hey - New M3 SR+ owner here in the UK. I am on 2019.28.3 fd63a5e. I'm having a lot of trouble with my the infotainment system right now and the issues all seem to be interconnected. It feels like when you're running an iPhone on beta software and it just gets too overloaded or an old computer...
  22. P

    How to sync with outlook calendar on iPhone

    Hi, my work have changed the setup for email and now I can't add an Exchange account on my iPhone for the email. So we have to use the Outlook-app for iOS, it works OK but not perfect. But the big problem is that I can't get my Tesla to sync to that calendar. Any tips on how to solve that?
  23. F

    Depending on whose phone the car detects first, will it select the associated driver profile?

    When the model 3 arrives I want to setup both my wife and myself for the phone proximity/Bluetooth unlocking option. If my wife and I both setup our custom profiles with our individual seating and mirror adjustments, does each profile get associated with their respective phone? Depending on...
  24. C

    Car won't unlock until I handle my iPhone

    My two iPhones have never worked properly with my 3. My brand new iPhone XS Max, for example, will fail to hands-free unlock the car most of the time. The odd thing is, however, that once I take the phone out of my pocket (waking up the screen) the car immediately unlocks. I don't have to...
  25. N

    Walk-away lock doesn't work if u open door w/foot on the brake

    I have an iPhone 8, and I almost never have a problem unlocking my Model 3 w/iPhone. However, occasionally, I see that my car doesn't lock when I walk away from the car after parking. I couldn't figure out why that was happening, but I think I figured it out. After parking the car, if I open...
  26. F

    Phone Mounts in the Model 3;

    Hi All. I was thinking of using a suction cup type of cell phone mount on either the dash or the white interior dash trim, but was wondering if that’d end up damaging the surface. The posts I’ve seen so far put these mounts on the back o the touchscreen, but I’d like it a little more centered...
  27. S

    iPHone key unlocks car, turns on, but car won't go without plastic key.

    After working well for months, my car suddenly refused to be put in drive after having unlocked the car with my iphone key. Entered the car, stepped on brake. Seat went through adjustments, screen came on and all looked like it was working. Except I couldn't put the car in reverse or drive. Only...
  28. S

    IPhone aitomatically resumes on SiriusXM app

    SiriusXM was streaming from iPhone app when I left car for the night. Worked well. App closed when l left. Upon return next morning car turned on and resumed streaming SiriusXM from the iPhone app...without me needing to open app. As if app was built into system. WOW
  29. C

    V9 audio glitches

    I'm on V9 (2018.39.7 9736c9b) and I've been experiencing intermittent audio glitches ever since. The entire audio stack cut out (usually with some static distortion as it cuts out -- think of someone pulling a 3.5mm out of a jack while actively playing off that input, that's sort of what it...
  30. M

    12V Switched Power in Rear (Radar Detector Install)

    I had initially posted a few photos of the testing I was doing on this unique Radar Detector location in the Radar Detector thread. I finally finished my Valentine One install and thought it deserved a separate thread because what I did could be used for other applications. Like a Rear DashCam...
  31. A

    Phantom iPhone music play with Firmware 9 (2018.39)

    Apologies up front as I believe this has been discussed a bunch but I could not find anything It seems when I get into my X now running v9, the music on my phone automatically starts playing in the background I can see it playing on the iPhone lock screen however the music in my X is playing...
  32. marusan

    iPhone XS Unlock

    I just swapped my iPhone X for an XS last Friday. I've noticed that it isn't keen to unlock the car unless it is also unlocked. If I walk up and the car doesn't immediately unlock, I usually just need to pop it out of my pocket and take a peek, and the car's unlocked. Doesn't happen every...
  33. eHaw

    Mysterious Bluetooth connections

    These odd Bluetooth connections appeared on my iPhone after I paired with my M3. Anyone else see anything like this?
  34. P

    Unable to access app... Should I be concerned?

    So I reserved my Model 3 in December '17 and ordered on August 9th (edited order on the 23rd). I have read in multiple threads that those with a Model 3 order should have access to the Tesla app; for their referral code, support videos, etc. My order screen also says to download the app for my...
  35. M

    Phone contacts and iOS

    Wondering if anyone else has this issue and if you were able to find a solution: I have a number of different Contact "groups" on my iPhone. When opening up Contacts in my Model 3 - it appears that it has only synced 1 specific group. And it's not even the first alphabetically. On my phone...
  36. joeblau

    I'm Thinking About Making Another Mobile App

    A few weeks ago, my car locked with my phone inside and my key dead. I didn't know about the secret location between the B pillars as a way to unlock the car but it made me think that I wish the Tesla app had a watch component. Being a software engineer, I thought — Maybe I can make an app...
  37. AndrewL

    Tesla mobile app data usage

    Hi, Since I’ve had my Tesla iPhone app, my monthly mobile data usage has rocketed. I’m not sure if it’s due to the app or not, as I can’t see mobile data stats on individual apps. The app does receive data constantly while open, at least. Has anyone noticed increased data use? Can anyone with...
  38. H

    iPhone X pairing issues

    I’ve had my Tesla 100D for 8 months. Upgraded to iPhone X a few months ago and pairing is terrible. I’m so frustrated that the two most advanced products on the market don’t work well together. Speaker phone garbled. Can’t see any contacts or previous calls. Jumps from Bluetooth to handheld...
  39. K

    iPhone X and Bluetooth connectivity issues

    I just took delivery of a new Model S last week but have been having all sorts of issues connecting my iPhone X with Bluetooth. The phone will pair but the bluetooth connectivity keeps dropping every 10-15 seconds and I can't load any of my contacts or calendar. Forgetting the device doesn't...
  40. fasteddie7

    Official type c installation

    I saw Tesla finally came out with an official type c charger for the s/x! I got one and installed it easy peasy! Made a video for everyone, as if you do need to change the charger port in your console do to getting a new phone, it'll help as each one install the same!
  41. Andrew

    Longer Lightning Connectors for dock?

    I'm having a heck of a time trying to get our iPhones to fully seat on the lightning chargers in the 3's phone dock. We have cases on the phones, but they're not particularly large (I have a Mous case). The connectors are too short by just a millimeter or two. Has anyone else found a...
  42. D.E.

    Phone and iPod simultaneously?

    I have an iPhone. I also have an iPod. Both are capable of bluetooth connection. When I connect the iPod, the car seems to think it is a phone so won't use my iPhone. Is there a way to connect both simultaneously so I can use the phone and also play the music on the iPod? I know I can put...
  43. JHWJR

    iPhone Spontaneously Plays Podcasts -- Help

    I have a Model X on a several day loaner for a project while I wait for mine too arrive. (So very nice of Tesla to do me this kindness.) I've paired my iPhone to the car to listen to music and podcasts. It turns out that, as I walk towards the car, they connect and my phone, and thus the car...
  44. incinie

    Vendor Tesla Plus for iOS

    Hi everyone! Recently I launched a project I have been putting loads of time and love into. "Tesla Plus" is an iOS-app. An alternative to the official Tesla app, and the other 3rd party apps out there. It features a UI that looks much more like the UI in the car, and has additional unique...
  45. S

    Tesla car app just updated to include monitoring Powerwall and home

    If you have an iPhone, check the App Store for an update for the Tesla app -- now updated to version 3.1.0 as of today. Using the app you can now also monitor your home energy with the Powerwall's Power Flow screen.
  46. LVGhost

    Loss of recent calls function after 8.1

    Hi all, I usually access my recent calls (iphone) from the right scroll wheel. After the latest update in both my cars (ap1 and ap2), when I click on the recent calls, nothing shows up. The rest of the phone functionality still works though. I have tried resetting both screens but it still...
  47. G

    Tesla Supercharger Iphone Android Smartphone Dock Charger

    Hi, I've a Tesla Superchager phone charger left over from a series of gifts I purchased from my clients. I already have one for myself and this is extra. If needed I can include the micro-USB wire. $45 (Paypal donation) free shipping. Reasonable offers considered. PM for info. Thanks...
  48. M

    Some iPhone Contacts Not Loading

    It doesn't look like anyone has raised this issue in last year or two. Has anyone experienced a problem of the car only downloading some contacts from an iPhone? Mine only transfers the contacts with last names from A through the beginning of N. I had read somewhere that the car is capped at...
  49. efusco

    Contact list is suddenly blank-fixes?

    Have had my S for almost 4 1/2 years and one of the few things that's never been a problem before was the phone contact list updating from my phone. For the past few weeks, however, it has been totally blank. No past calls, recent calls, or full contact list at all. My calendar updates...
  50. M

    iPhone integration & DAB

    Hi When tou connect your iPhone via bluetooth can browse albums podcasts audiobooks that are on the phone to select one like you can in Volkswagens amongst others ? Do Teslas have DAB radios in the UK ? Thanks

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