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  1. R

    2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ (Houston, TX)

    Hello everyone, I am located in Houston, TX. I am possibly looking into selling my vehicle to upgrade. Best offer. For more pictures, please message me. For Sale I bought it NEW from Tesla I have owned since Nov 2021 Usage: drive to work. Well kept, Wash/Wax/Detailed bi-weekly Non-smoker and...
  2. G

    Can I transfer my MYP order to save my $250 deposit? Who wants it? EDD is 6/4-7/9/22

    My wife recently changed her mind and wants to cancel her order. This order was place end of March 2022 ( before the tesla changed announce the removal of mobile chargers). EDD is currently 6/4-7/9/22. I have attached the model y build details.
  3. Y

    Bad XPEL Installation?

    Hello, Today I got my new MYP back after paying $3k for XPEL front clip PPF and XPEL tint by an XPEL certified installer. I’ve noticed a lot of dust related bubbles on both the PPF and tint and am wondering if this is normal, or if I should be contacting the installer. I also had the mirror...
  4. H

    Model 3 LR Reservation For sale VIN Assigned

    I have a reservation for a model 3 LR in blue with 19in wheels and white interior to sell. If anyone is interested in purchasing from me let me know. VIN is assigned and delivery says March 8-12. I don’t know how to go about transferring the reservation but if anyone wants to buy it and has...
  5. H

    FS: 2021 Tesla Model X Performance - Midnight Silver Metallic - 22" Onyx Black Wheels - FSD - 18k Miles

    Asking Price $112,500 Backstory Hello There, I'm selling my 2021 Tesla Model X. I took delivery of this vehicle on December 31st, 2020. I decided to place an order for a 2022 Model X Plaid which I'm taking delivery of shortly. The vehicle I'm selling is in excellent condition. The white...
  6. R

    Racing Brake XT910 Brake Pad Upgrade For M3P

    Well here goes my first ever post, so go easy on me 😅. I just swapped out the stock P3D pads for the Racing Brake XT910 pads, and I cant believe I didn't do it sooner. Living in Ontario, Canada, one of my worries was how they would perform in the cold weather, but so far there are no downsides...
  7. P

    Found a way to elimate ICE-ing

    This is only an idea but logically it would solve the issue. What we need is a 20ft Supercharging extension cord. So whenever someone tries to ICE the Supercharger spots you would pull directly behind them (blocking them in) then pull out the 20 ft extension cord and plug your car into the...
  8. Gvardaman

    M3 Dimensions for garage layout?

    Hello, I am waiting on a model 3 (due in 1-3 weeks) and want to rearrange the garage to be able to park a car in it once more. So, I was looking for dimensions so that I can make sure I leave space for the car, doors opening, etc. I will be moving some toolboxes and work tables over and there is...
  9. CaptMhack

    Started SR/SR+ Software unlock upgrade! Updating live [Nov 20, 2020]

    Hi guys, So I have a Dec 2019 MY2020 Model3 SR with 16,400 miles.. Time has come to finally get a SR+ upgrade. After weeks of back and forth with Tesla chat, local Deliver center I finally confirmed the following: - SR/SR+ Upgrade price is $5000 + tax - You will get discount if you bought EAP...
  10. A

    Long Island/Tri-state Uberturbine for Induction/Gemini Trade

    Hi all, My model Y performance is scheduled for delivery this weekend and I am looking to see if anyone is interested in trading my uberturbines in new condition for induction wheels with cash on your end. Open to gemini depending on the offer. Will update this post as I take delivery.
  11. P

    Weak Seat Motors

    Howdy y'all! I recently did a test drive of a Model Y. Amazing vehicle, but I was surprised and disappointed to find out that the seat motors for both driver and passenger are too weak to adjust the seat without me lifting myself off of them. I am a large dude (350). I've never had this problem...
  12. P

    WTB: 22” Onyx Black Turbine Wheels

    Looking to buy 22” Onyx black turbine wheels for the Model X new or used in Southern California (Orange County). Also willing to trade my 19” stock OEM rims and good tires for them + cash.
  13. N

    Red Tesla Model 3 - Standard Range Plus For Sale

    Red Tesla Model 3 - Standard Range Plus For Sale - $42,495 (Hauppauge, NY - Long Island) Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I’m selling my barely used Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. The car had very little miles (6,482) and is in excellent mint condition. Its never been in any accident...
  14. AdamMacDon

    FS: Model 3 Aero Covers

    I'm selling my aero covers since I now have aftermarket rims. 50 USD plus shipping costs, or pick up from me in Victoria, BC. No scuffs or damage. Barely used, since I couldn't stand the look of em, haha. Kitchen knife not included in sale ;)
  15. AdamMacDon

    WTB Model 3 Performance Brakes

    Looking to buy the entire brake setup for a Model 3 Performance, not too worried about the condition of the pads, I'll probably replace them, but rotors need to be in decent shape without any obvious scoring or warping. I'll also consider buying only one axle if that's all you have. I need at...
  16. B

    Modified Tesla Model 3s

    Hi everyone! Lately I have been seeing a lot of people personalizing their Model 3s, If you have a modified Model 3 Post a picture on this thread. So we can get inspired by each others builds!
  17. Ostrichsak

    Like New OEM Tesla Model S Black Carpet Floor Mats in Northern Colorado

    Carpeted floor mats for the front and rear floor areas of the Tesla Model S. Should fit all Tesla Model S years as I'm not aware of any changes that would affect floor mat fitment. These were removed after taking delivery of our car and are in like-new condition. We removed them in favor of all...
  18. G

    Someone got a temporary Model X?

    Hey there folks, I was just wondering if someone got a temporary Model X while your model 3 was in repair. The most common car that you get while your car is in repair is a model S (Older model S). Anyone? :) ~Gerben
  19. NCM3

    Pre-Owned Location

    Anybody else bought a used Tesla that isn't actually located where the website stated at the time of purchase? I'm trying to buy my wife a pre-owned Model S as a placeholder until her Y is built. We ordered a 2016 MS on 12/31 showing it was 2 hours away in Charlotte, NC. Great, I'll rent a...
  20. S

    Got delivery date not sure when the VIN will be sent

    Hi All, New to the forum. I am glad I found it!!. So many questions and no answers from Tesla Customer Service. That gets pretty frustrating. Looks like living in CA is really a disadvantage, judging from the spreadsheet. I received my delivery date but no VIN yet. Any idea how many days...
  21. K

    2010 Tesla Roadster Model 2.5 for Sale

    This 2010 Tesla Roadster Model 2.5 is in great condition with only 50,906 miles on it! Not only is it helpful for your pocket with gas money but great for the environment. It has only been with one owner for the whole time! No problems at all! Super smooth ride with a kick that is very...
  22. DucaTinus

    M3: Strange sleeping behavior when parked at home

    Hi Some of us European model 3 owners see some strange sleeping behaviors that we con not explain.. When parking on route on or favorite and taged locations the cars goes to sleep after 12m-15m When parked at home it takes the car always 2:05h -2:07h to get to sleep. Meanwile it spoils energy...
  23. M

    Sleutels gevonden ''s Graveland model S

    Ik heb een sleutels bos gevonden met een Tesla model S sleutel eraan er hangen ook nog ander sleutels aan. Tesla is al gecontact maar kunnen geen info geven. De sleutel is gevonden aan het einde van het zuidereinde in ''s Graveland. Graag zou ik deze bij de rechtmatige eigenaar willen krijgen!
  24. Tes*la*rosa

    Hot Wheels id Tesla Model S - NIB (location SoCal)

    Model S, red - limited run collectible ”Uniquely Identifiable Vehicle’s” series Sealed, new in the box. $15 firm - local meet up in IE/LA/OC
  25. S

    Model 3 Scratches All Over And What Tesla's Tech Said

    Im sending these pics about a new model 3 thats been purchases 6 months ago. I had a Kia Soul for 10 years and when I sold it the paint was in better condition than my current Model 3. Im curious if you guys experience a similar situation. The strange this is that the tech in Tesla mtl...
  26. G

    Help on order

    hi, I’m based in the UK and I've ordered a Tesla Model 3. I was part of the reservation and ordered early May. I ordered a Long Range Version with Full Autopilot and Grey Metallic Paint. Shortly after I ordered Musk changed the options and the long range is no longer on offer, but my order...
  27. Y

    My Entire 2019 Model 3 Buying/Delivery Experience

    Hi Fellow Tesla Owners, I figure I'd share my buying experience from start to finish for my Model 3 since we ran into a few hiccups. We ordered a 2019 Model 3 with the white interior but there were some issues with Tesla having white interior available so they ended up giving us a 2018...
  28. Wazzul

    FS: 2014 S 85 w/Autopilot

    Well cared for Tesla Model S 85 built Nov 2014, delivered 1/29/15 Silver exterior with black leather interior Carbon Fiber Decor Accents Tech Package w/Autopilot High Fidelity Sound System Sunroof Twin Chargers Paint Armor Protection on front Free Unlimited Supercharging for life New tires Oct...
  29. J

    Selling December 2018 Model 3 in Arlington, VA

    December 2018 Tesla Model 3 Black, Mid Range RWD with Enhanced Autopilot Car has been sold
  30. F

    Phone Mounts in the Model 3;

    Hi All. I was thinking of using a suction cup type of cell phone mount on either the dash or the white interior dash trim, but was wondering if that’d end up damaging the surface. The posts I’ve seen so far put these mounts on the back o the touchscreen, but I’d like it a little more centered...
  31. extreme_jon

    Model 3 20" Sport Wheel and Tire Package

    Anyone interested in Model 3 20" Sport Wheel and Tire Package? I just took delivery of my Model 3 Performace 2 weeks ago. Unlike the wheel package you can order direct from Tesla, this package IS compatible with Model 3 Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive configured with the Performance...
  32. P

    Best Place to Sell my Model X??

    Hello. I read online that TMC is a great place to possibly sell my Tesla X P100D. Does the TMC community recommend this over AutoTrader, Craigslist, etc? If so, are there certain protocols or locations within the forum I should be listing it? I'd appreciate any/all advice. Thank you.
  33. M

    Alternative way to jack it up

    I'm probably gonna get lamb basted for this but here goes. I have a pet peeve of jacking up unibody cars from the body on ONE corner. This is a HUGE amount of stress. What can happen when you twist a uni-body is a weak spot weld might let go and you end up with a squeak. A squeak that you will...
  34. S

    New owner of a Brand New Model-3 (Long Range AWD with Dual Motor)

    Hello Model3 Owners, This is my first post after taking delivery today afternoon of a brand new Model-3. Am amazed at the overall handling and performance of the car. Still getting used to the overall concept of an all electric vehicle with it's "bells-n-whistles".. have driven only fifty odd...
  35. L

    Tesla Model 3 Wood Dash Panel

    I would be happy to trade a white panel for a wood panel or just buy a wood panel.
  36. D

    Model 3 Charging cost? - Significant increase in Electric bill

    Hello everyone, Has anyone been able to calculate the true cost of charging at home? I received my car on May 31 and have since put on 7250km,. I have averaged about 152 Wh/KM since i have had my Model 3. Over the last 3 years, my energy consumption for the month of June 17 to July 19 has...
  37. D

    Model S - Insurance rates?

    Hi, I currently drive a 2017 BMW 340i - I purchased it new for around $60k. (My current insurance on this car is $80/month, for reference.) I want to buy a used '14/'15 Tesla MS for around 45-50k. Can I expect insurance on the Tesla Model S to be roughly $100 or less per month? Or am I...
  38. D

    TM3 falls short of CR recommendations due to worst emergency braking

    Tesla Model 3 Falls Short of a CR Recommendation
  39. A

    2014 Tesla P85D only 8500 miles

    Hi I am selling my 2014 Tesla P85D with only 8500 miles on the car, Car is loaded! 1 Owner car, car is super clean -Ultra High Fidelity Sound -Subzero Weather Package -Black Alcantara Dashboard -LED fog lights -Performance Package -Grey Next Generation Seats (Front and Back) -Piano Black Décor...
  40. aaronbrighton

    Model S Rental in Toronto (Outside of Turo)?

    Greetings, Anyone know of any companies or individuals looking to rent out their Model S outside of the site Turo in Toronto/GTA? I tried renting from their only to find out at the very end of the rental request/registration process that you have to be over 30 years of age to rent. I've...
  41. A

    Novel Idea to Ease Angst of Waiting

    So I'm thinking about once that deposit's on the ledger and, of course, the wait. Flashback to that Discovery Channel, Overhaulin, show that turns hunks of classic junk into restoration masterpieces on wheels. How awesome would it be to give as like a receipt or promissory note the sketch or...
  42. EVS Motors

    Vendor New Tesla Model X AND S Wheels Released! - Vossen Wheels NV2!

    We are proud to release our second collaboration with the world renown Novitec Group and their first ever Tesla Model X program. Together we have designed the NV2 - a 22 inch staggered true directional monoblock wheel made of forged 6061-T6 aluminum that is designed exclusively for the Tesla...
  43. D

    Repair Costs For Tesla Model S

    This Tesla seems to have the wheel stock and the fender broken. Might also need new headlight. Any of you know prices for a new front bumper and headlight. And if Tesla fixes 2015 models. Also can you update to version 8.1 with the 2015 p90d?
  44. AlexG

    Sexy Tesla cars & fashion models - all for the good cause

    I hope to have you join me in support of green energy movement with a new project that I called "Green is Beautiful". It is a calendar that I am working on that will benefit the environment protection organization Earthjustice. We are featuring 13 Tesla cars, 13 fashion models and 13 beautiful...
  45. B

    Video link: benefits of electric fuel

    Check out the link to a video on the benefits of electrical fuel. Huge plus for long trips and beating the gas pump! Any feedback or suggestion would be great for future video series. Thanks Link: (electric fuel)
  46. L

    New Buyer... Need to clear up some questions.

    I am seriously looking into buying a used 2016+ face lifted model s or x. I have a few questions that I need to clear up... 1. I heard that we get Federal Tax Credit and, for me, a California Incentive when buying a new Tesla from Tesla themselves. If I were to buy a car pre-owned from Tesla...
  47. Xiao ma ge

    The correct method to escape from the falcon wing door of Model X.

    Recently, people was buzzing with the accident that model x caught on fire and the falcon wing door wouldn’t open. As a Tesla owner ,everyone should watch the video carefully to learn the way to escape from the falcon wing door ,which can save yourself at essential moment. Xiao mage highly...
  48. AlexG

    Looking for owners for "Green is Beautiful" photoshoot / project

    Hi everyone, Looking for another Tesla for my "Green is Beautiful" photoshoot in the Bay Area. This is to benefit charity and is just a fun project. We are looking for any model except for Model S in black, white, titanium and red. Please PM me for more details.
  49. sniperside

    FS: Carpet Floor Mats - 2016 Model S - Black, 3-Piece Set, $85 [Almost New]

    Tesla OEM Factory Carpet Floor Mat [Black] - 3 piece set Pull from my new MS and replaced with all weather mats. Car had about ~220 miles when the mats were removed. See pictures Price is $85 + shipping Pickup is free in NC
  50. Tsportline

    Vendor 2016 Black Tesla Model S P100D For Sale - Ferrari Rosso Interior - Gloss Carbon - Audio

    For Sale: 2016 Black Tesla Model S P100D - Ludicrous - Ferrari Rosso Interior - Gloss Carbon - Audio - One Of A Kind! Customized by T Sportline. 866 991 4776 [email protected] Asking: $185,000.00 Mileage: 500 Factory Build: 2016 Tesla Model S P100D $134,500 All-Wheel Drive Included Solid...

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