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  1. L

    Any Updates on Apple Music Integration?

    I got my Model Y a few days ago, and I've been enjoying the car so much. I've seen reports that Tesla is integrating other streaming services like Apple Music back in December. I was wondering if there has been any updates to that since then? Is that a feature that we should still expect? I...
  2. C

    Spotify Playlist - tracks missing

    I have 3 spotify playlists - 1 of of the play list only seems to be showing half of the tracks - anyone else had this problem - I have tried signing in and out of the account but still the same. All tracks show fine on the phone. no sure how to fix it anyone else seen this before or know how i...
  3. D

    TuneIn CNBC Not Working

    With one of the recent updates, my CNBC radio station on tunein no longer plays. The play button is greyed out. Tried a local station and works fine. CNBC used to be buggy, but now it completely does not work. In Canada. Does anyone else have this issue or a solution?
  4. Krock65

    Spotify Free or Premium?

    Picking up my Blue Beauty on Monday. I've set up a playlist for the occasion in my free Spotify account. Will I be able to access it with the account in the Y? Or do I need to upgrade my current account to make that happen? I already have SiriusXM, Amazon Prime Music, and Apple, so don't...
  5. RNHurt

    Has everyone's streaming audio been spotty lately or is it just me?

    One of the most loved features of my MY is the streaming audio. I love being able to think about a song and then request it! Lately (the past couple of weeks) I've been getting a lot of pauses and failure to play a song. With the latest firmware upgrade it's even starting to skip to the next...
  6. G

    Spotify update - where is my songs list?

    Title says it all. I updated to the latest version and the spotify app is much improved. However, i can't seem to find a place to play all my "liked" songs. I generally just shuffle play through my library for the most part. Did the ability to do that disappear? Thanks for the help.
  7. rich_g

    USB music playing and iPod - has it got any better with new SW releases?

    Hi all, as a newbie I will be getting my M3 SR+ on 25th June. Looking forward to it but was wondering about the music situation. I have an archaic iPod nano 3 which I naively was hoping just to plug into the USB and listen to music, like on my Nissan Leaf. It is windows formatted so I...
  8. rossfboyle

    Tesla Favorites - Music

    Hi friends— My wife and I were listening to Tesla Favorites in music earlier tonight while we were out for a drive. In no exaggeration, The Weeknd came on 27 out of 33 times. We actually counted. Now, I like The Weeknd as much as the next guy here, but is there a way to change, edit, or set...
  9. G

    Spotify - Bugs/Shuffle Issues

    Hi! I'm surprised I don't see forums already posted about this. I found a few chains discussing it on reddit. The Spotify integration with Tesla's UI tends to be very problematic. I noticed it freezes a lot when I use it where I'll have to tap the playlist multiple times before it actually...
  10. M

    Model S randomly starts blaring music in the middle of the night...

    Hey all, We've got a '15 Model S and a '19 P3D. In the last month the S has randomly started blaring radio music right at about 3am each time. It's loud enough to wake both my wife and I up... I contacted Tesla and they sent an update to the car hoping it would resolve itself but now it is...
  11. T

    SSD help

    I have a standard range model 3 on order here in the UK and I’m sorting a few things before it arrives ie mats USB hub SSD drive etc. It’s regards the SSD drive that I would like some advice. I plan to partition the drive to enable me to have my music stored and my dashcam footage. I know I...
  12. A

    Android connects, music title displays but does not play

    My moto X4 phone connects via Bluetooth to my car fine. I can receive calls via the phone & car successfully. When I select "phone" on the car's audio menu, and then play something from the phone via Google Play or another app, the Tesla displays the name of the track, and the play/pause...
  13. surrelmar

    Spotify Playlist voor in iedere Tesla

    Hey! Dit is mijn eerste post. Ben erg blij met mijn M3, en om software V10 te vieren heb ik een Spotify playlist gemaakt met (wat mijn betreft) goede muziek voor de gemiddelde Tesla rijder! Het is vooral meer lowkey tech, relaxed house .. etc. Doe er je voordeel mee! En ik hoor graag wat...
  14. E

    Slacker doesn't play on demand music after V10

    Before V10, when I used a voice command such as "Play Tiny Dancer by Elton John", it would then play that song without any more intervention on my part. Now what it does is bring up the keyboard and behind that is a list of artists and albums that "match" that. Even then, there's no easy way to...
  15. drewpost

    Apple Music via Browser

    Apple have just put up a new web based version of Apple Music Apple Music I have an SR+ without Premium connectivity so I can't test this myself but could you load this in the car and stream Apple Music whilst driving?
  16. Rellert

    Sound system quality

    I am not sure if it's just me, but I find the sound quality in my MX to be mediocre at best. This car was built in May 2019 so it has the latest hardware and software but the equalizer function is useless. Memory settings would be a nice start, since the settings are different depending on the...
  17. blakamp

    Six Upgrades for the Tesla Entertainment Experience

    Last year around this time, I wrote a detailed post with recommendations for Tesla's Entertainment System to improve the overall experience. A few items were addressed in Tesla's release in early fall of 2018, which was great. Many weren't, which is fine, though a revisit of the current...
  18. rudholm

    Maximum Number of Audio Tracks on USB Drive

    I realize there has already been a lot of discussion of the various shortfalls of playing music from a USB drive, but there's one issue I'm having that I haven't been able to find in a prior thread. I have about 400GB of music files --about 20,000 tracks (mostly FLACs from when I ripped my CD...
  19. NickDeRoo

    SR+ Bluetooth audio is terrible with windows open

    Alright everyone, there are ton's of threads on people complaining about audio in the SR+, but here's another. I'm completely shocked that in a nearly 50 thousand dollar car I can not listen to music with the windows open. Does anyone have any suggestions to make the sound quality any better...
  20. F

    Music suddenly gets louder when shifting

    So for some reason when I shift from park to reverse or drive, the music goes to a preset 5 which is too high for me. Even if it's on mute. When I'm using phone music, and I shift gear the music just stops but it's not paused. I have a 2017 model s 75d on 12.1.1 Definitely a problem and needs...
  21. F

    Music gets suddenly gets louder when shifting

    So for some reason when I shift from park to reverse or drive, the music goes to a preset 5 which is too high for me. Even if it's on mute. When I'm using phone music, and I shift gear the music just stops but it's not paused. I have a 2017 model s 75d on 12.1.1
  22. V

    [Mac] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music

    Since we already have one for PC. I thought I'd write one for Mac as well. Here you'll find step by step instructions to format and partition 1 memory card or usb drive to use for both Dashcam and Music. Background Info To use 1 card for both Dashcam and Music, you'll need to virtually "split"...
  23. D

    Keeping music on when M3 is parked with family in car

    I've only had my Model 3 for a month, so bear with me here. Situation: My wife is in the backseat with newborn and I need to go inside a store. How do I keep the music on when I leave the car? I know "Dog Mode" for AC, but I can't figure out how to keep the music on too. For other M3...
  24. evM3Sekar

    Mac: divide USB into 2 partitions (for dashcam and music)

    Inspired by the detailed post: [V9] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music [Windows] by @SomeJoe7777, I have created this post for mac. I did start out with windows, was able to create the 16gb partition for TeslaCam, and was unable to format the remainder for music because of...
  25. I

    Music/ podcasts keep skipping after 2019.8.X

    I have been having issues with playing music in general either from slacker or podcasts from tunein or songs stored on usb. The music skips or sounds distorted like a CD player would when a car goes over a bump. Having this issue since I got the dashcam update. This is very annoying especially...
  26. R

    Console freezes when switching from radio

    So I got my model 3 two days ago and noticed today that when I switch from the radio to streaming on slacker (I select "Todays hits") the entire console freezes and becomes unresponsive and after a couple of seconds the music will also stop playing, the only way to fix it is by restarting the...
  27. D

    How does the audio work?

    Getting my 3 in a couple weeks, I think. Yea! Currently have 2013 Leaf, which I've enjoyed for the most part. I listen mostly to XM in it. I understand that's not an option. But browsing the net and here can't figure out what my options will be. I can't quite figure out even what the...
  28. SomeJoe7777

    [V9] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music [Windows]

    Introduction I find the requirement for a separate USB drive for music and the v9 dashcam feature to be annoying. Without some type of work-around, that would use both USB ports in the front of the car, leaving you with no USB port for phone charging. It's been reported that you can partition...
  29. M

    Work around for albums being Split on USB Flash Drive Music

    This isn't the first time I've had to "tweak" my music library for a new car or Radio. I have about 10,000 songs 600 albums on a 128gb USB 3.0 Drive. There is a "bug" in Tesla Model 3 that splits Albums if the Artist Tag is different between tracks within an Album. I have lots of "compilation"...
  30. D

    TeslaTags (MP3/FLAC Retagger for Windows)

    Hello everyone, I have a large-ish MP3 collection I have on a USB stick that I have in my Model X that has plenty of multi-artist compilation albums and assorted random music files that the on-board MCU media library doesn't display correctly, mostly attributable to how it ignores the "Album...
  31. M

    Music--How can I prevent duplicate Categories for a single Artist?

    I have used my Apple Laptop to download a number of Albums from www.hdtracks.com to a FAT32 formatted flash drive which I am then able to insert in a USB port on my 2017 Tesla Model 3 and play music. The individual songs from each Album get put into a separate Folders on the flash drive and the...
  32. EVS Motors

    Vendor For Sale: NVX Audio B.O.O.S.T Series Powered Bass Kit for Tesla Model S *NEW*

    B.O.O.S.T. Series Powered Bass Package At NVX, we feel that an amazing car deserves an equally thrilling sound system. The Tesla Model S is certainly no exception to our line of thinking, and that is why we are thrilled to introduce the PBK-TSLAS-VCW104 BOOST Series powered bass enclosure...
  33. B

    Allow Calm Radio Subscription

    Since many of the 'Tesla' stations are Calm Radio, I subscribed to Calm thinking I could sign in while in the car thus avoiding the numerous and irritating commercials. Well, not so fast -- Tesla does not allow one to sign in to Calm. The Calm Radio rep suggested that if many owners 'asked'...
  34. Woody17

    Daddy, He Got a Tesla - Vulfpeck

    "This one burns clean" - Jack Stratton, Vulfpeck Band Leader I'll just leave this right here #vulf
  35. M

    I wrote a song about Mars

    Hi everyone, I'm a space travel enthusiast, a huge fan of SpaceX and Elon Musk and to express my excitement about Mars I wrote a song about it! I uploaded it to youtube, here it is: Feel free to share :)
  36. G

    media changes

    what happened to the ability to connect to radio stations around the country? Also, my Sirius quit.
  37. LastGas

    Build 2.42.40 improves USB audio

    I installed Build 2.42.40 of Version 8.0 on my Model S (refresh 60) Friday night. Its release notes say: New 8.0 Enhancements There are multiple improvements to the USB listening experience. You can now use search to quickly find a song, artist, or album on your USB. Or use the alphabetical...
  38. ldgrmnmc

    Radio and ?spotify in 8.0

    NewThe slacker app is gone in my 8.0 update and is replaced by whatever Personal Streaming Radio is. Some content such as the DNA shows is the same as or is from slacker. But it's not clear. If you look in Settings...then Apps, slacker is no longer there. It's not replaced by anything as obvious...
  39. Bgarret

    Songs that should be blocked by next Firmware update

    So there has been talk about 8.0 update being a "nanny" and autopilot promoting safety. There's even safety features for pets/kids trapped in a car on a hot day. Here's my safety tip - don't allow me to play Rage Against The Machine's "Renegades of Funk" while driving a Tesla. Elon or...
  40. fallen888

    What was or will be the first song played in your Model S?

    I'm thinking Metallica's One.
  41. J

    I Want A Tesla Model S For Christmas- Video

    This is a sing along video I made that professes my love for the Model S: Enjoy!
  42. MDMGSO47

    USB Stored Music Selection

    I have an extensive music collection on a USB drive. We have ordered a Model S that should arrive at the end of the month. How does the audio system display the albums/songs/artists on the USB, and how do you select what you want to play? Can you use voice commands to select songs/artists? Thanks
  43. igotzzoom

    Israeli Mizrahi Pop Artist recommendations?

    Hi All. I know this is a rather obscure musical genre, at least in the greater scheme of things. I've recently discovered contemporary Israeli Mizrahi pop music. I have some iTunes downloads from Sarit Hadad, Eyal Golan and Kobi Peretz. I'm a fan of the Mizrahi "oriental" sound with some of the...
  44. SimplyFoolish

    Plugging Android into USB - User Experience

    Hi All, I'm anxiously awaiting my Model S! In the meantime, what's the experience with plugging an Android phone into the USB port? Will the car scan for Music like it was a USB Flash? If so, does the scan take a long time? Does it re-scan every time? Right now, I have a Ford with Sync...
  45. N

    Spotify Deezer

    Hello, J'ai remué les forums pour trouver si nous pouvions faire fonctionner Spotify ou Deezer sur nos TMS autrement qu’a travers le Bluetooth mais il semble que non. Avez-vous des pistes ? Pour ma part, j’ai un peu de mal avec Rdio et TuneIn
  46. MBS

    SLACKER Favorites

    There are a lot of things to love about my Tesla Model S - Just one of them is Slacker Radio. While I am far from being a seasoned veteran, having owned the car since November 30, 2014, I am loving Slacker. Recently I have been binging on Miles Davis radio. Joni Mitchell, Bach, and Led Zeppelin...
  47. Maarten

    Nomination no. 1 Tesla music

    Hi all, After driving for almost a year, some 55.000 km, in my S and listening to a lot of music, there is one piece of music that to me seems to go perfect with the feeling I get when driving my S. I'd like to share that with you, so hereby my nomination for the no. 1 Tesla music! You will find...
  48. Edgewood Dome

    FLAC music playback is skipping now, anyone have a problem?

    Solved - it was my OE! FLAC music playback is skipping now, anyone have a problem? Prior to the last big firmware update (v4.5 to 5.8 for me) my music played fine using FLAC, now after the update to v5.8 it has little gaps or skips. The music doesn't skip forward, just a fraction of a second...
  49. SamGarber

    Sound isolation somewhat lacking for music and Bluetooth calls

    Half of my time spent in the MS I listen to Slacker and the other half I spend on conference calls for my job. In both cases, unless I am driving down the highway I keep my volume to 4-5 so I can hear comfortably. When I am parked I have had several people observe that they can hear the music...
  50. E

    Music from USB skips

    When I play music from a USB drive on my standard MS sound system, I am experiencing skips. I have tried two different USB drives from different manufacturers with the same result. Then I tried playing the music on my computer from the USB drive and there are no skips. So I am assuming the...

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